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  1. stevie

    stevie New Member

    in the UK affordable supplements is by far the cheapest and best web site ive used. they deliever within a couple of days do not charge postage and are always cheaper than everywhere else. the only negative is a limited range, although they have all the essentials.
  2. marc999

    marc999 New Member

    i live in the netherlands, i buy them at

    (excellent for me since i go low carb now)
  3. Mindwraith

    Mindwraith New Member

    GNC (General Nutrition Centers) In Houston Texas. Very common stores located all around Houston. Would be good if you made your primer and driver available there, I dont buy supps off the internet because I tend to run out before they arrive, plus shipping just adds more cost I think.
  4. malampi

    malampi New Member

    I buy from Sport Nutrition Depot Canada (store, not website). It would be nice to see some there, but I will consider trying Renegade Nutrition. Any Canadians order from American sites? I've inquired, but shipping costs (not to mention customs) seem very high.

  5. adam

    adam New Member

    I buy a lot of stuff from 1fast400.com. Also DPS when they have a sale. DPS is cheaper but they always mess up my orders.
  6. Johnny Upton

    Johnny Upton New Member

  7. tai4ji2x

    tai4ji2x New Member

    i've been enamored by vitaminshoppe lately. they're full of the usual scam-oriented cr_p too, but the stuff i DO want, they usually offer at decent prices. i hate GNC, but if managed to pull that off, HSN would really make headway. oh, bodybuilding.com actually has an online store - i've found the prices reasonable and comparable to 1fast and netrition. service and shipping isn't too bad either.
  8. bswole

    bswole New Member

    I buy all my protein and shakes from vitaminplanet.
  9. cvc

    cvc New Member

    Haven't seen it mentioned specifically, but I pretty much just shop at Vitamin World at the mall, I'm not sure how many stores they have and where, but I know there are a lot. I buy the Vitamin World Brand whey and optimum most of the time, and whatever creatine they have cheapest when I need it. Only stop by there the first monday and tuesday of the month though, when they have the extra % (30?) off with their fancy little card thingy..

  10. Is there anywhere in the UK i can buy? Online?
  11. Stretchman

    Stretchman New Member

    local health food store too.
  12. johnb

    johnb New Member

    Brick and Mortar:

    I usually just go to the Vitamin Shoppe that's close to my house to get fish oil and anything I don't realize I'm out of.


    I currently order from proteinfactory.com and the HS:Store.

    I'd definitely like to see HSN products in Vitamin Shoppe B&Ms.
  13. bobbyboulders

    bobbyboulders New Member

    DPS Nutrition is the best and cheapest place I have ever seen, I almost exclusively buy from them...Also I buy my green tea extract from VItamin Shop...
  14. kube

    kube New Member

    im living in Mexico right now and its very hard to find quality supplements where i am at. the closest GNC is about 2 hours away and not very well stocked. and when you do find the stuff you were looking for youre looking at a 50% markup. peace.
  15. I buy from both www.sndcanada.com online store and the store that is in my area. I buy PH and 6-oxo from 1fast400.com if any Canadians aren't buying PH I recommend that you checkout SND.
  16. GLAlexander

    GLAlexander New Member



    Brick and Mortar

  17. LABoy

    LABoy New Member

    For the things that I can buy locally (protein, flax oil, vitamins, creatine) I buy in person from Nutrition Express they've got pretty good prices. For things like r-ala and maltodextrin, I buy online.
    I would sure like to see Primer and Driver more readily available.
  18. torelli

    torelli New Member

    I buy most of my stuff online from Life Extension foundation, not the cheapest, but for supplements, vitamens, and protein I feel the best.
  19. Tank23

    Tank23 New Member

    I buy from health stores here (Melbourne, Australia)

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