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Discussion in 'General Training' started by muskelman, Feb 25, 2011.

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    Hi there,
    I have been doing HST style training and enjoying it a lot since August last year although I have only completed one cycle pretty much unbroken. I have been keeping at it although some colds and flu and change of facilities have chopped things up.
    The facility were I train at now have been quite satisfactory until a recent event. I have been enjoying doing weighted decline crunches until last week when one of the instructors told me it was not allowed to do it with the 3 kg steel dumb bell. I was still in the beginning of a cycle and was looking forward to increase the weights as I enter into the 5s. He told me that I can use the 2 kg rubber dumb bell the reason being that the decline bench is situated in an area with a wooded floor and a metal dumb bell could scratch the floor when its put down. So I tried to tell him that I would not put the dumb bell down but keep it in my hands while exercising and while resting between sets as well. But he just said no, not allowed. Quite a bit of shock to me as I was in a real good mood before that. Having watched a hard core Dexter Jackson training video and being in the end of a pretty awesome full body HST workout.
    I took this incident up with another instructor today who personally don't seem to mind my use of a iron dumbbell and he said that he would discuss the matter with other instructors. The thing is I live in Japan and they have their own very peculiar work ethic and I think it is quite likely that the other instructors will have to follow with the rule made by the other instructor not to make him lose face...

    The thing is if it was for an understandable reason I have no problem following rules but in this case the scratching of the wooden floor by an iron dumb bell that can easily be avoided by me keeping the dumb bell in my hand. I could of course consider doing high rep work instead of adding weight but I don't feel like it and I don't like being told not do something without a good reason. So I am considering of giving the ultimatum, if you don't let me use weights for decline crunches I will change place to train.
    Not really asking for advice, just venting my frustration and hoping for some sympathy and understanding.

    What about you guys? Would you suck it up and follow their rules or look for a perhaps less conveniently located place to train?

    Stay strong and happy
  2. TunnelRat

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    Sorry, but I've been in a lot of gyms in my lifetime. You might be careful with your dumbbells, but there are plenty of dumbbells out there who are willing just to drop them on the floor.

    Unfortunately, many of the rules that make our lives difficult aren't just for us, but mainly for those thoughtless ones we see around us.
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    Will they allow you to wear a weighted vest? I use a weighted vest a lot. You can incrementally increase the weights 1 lb at a time (up to 20 lbs in mine, but I've seen 40 lb vests) and there is no chance you'll drop the weight.
  4. Totentanz

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    Can you move the bench to a different area? I agree, don't do high rep stuff for your abs, but use weight and progress just like everything else with HST.

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