Why isn't everybody using HST?

Discussion in 'HST FAQ' started by Bryan Haycock, Aug 17, 2004.

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  1. Bryan Haycock

    Bryan Haycock Administrator Staff Member

    No offense, but if HST is the fastest way to build muscle, why isn’t everybody using it?


    No offense taken, and that’s certainly a fair question. There are several reasons that not “everybody” is using HST at this time. Let me list a few:

    1. HST is relatively new. It was introduced in October of 2000 without any fan fare or print publication.

    This is the foremost reason why everybody isn’t using HST yet.

    2. HST is misrepresented.

    Many people only hear about HST through second hand misrepresentations. This causes many people to dismiss HST as just another workout like the hundreds of workouts they see in muscle mags every month.

    3. HST is misunderstood.

    This happens with many people who consider themselves experts. Many times they only skim the HST material and draw conclusions prematurely without fully engaging themselves in the research behind the method. Its like the 3 blind men who were all touching an elephant, yet thought they were touching something different, none of which was an elephant, because they failed to see the whole elephant. They drew their conclusions on only a small portion of what information was available and therefore mislead themselves as to what it was they had encountered.

    4. HST is understood, yet tradition and pride prevent acceptance of new information

    This occurs most often with people who have a great deal of training experience. These are people who are trainers or writers for bodybuilding/weightlifting magazines. They will read and mostly understand HST, but because accepting it would require that they change their own practices and recommendations in full view of their readers and clients, they chose not to openly endorse HST. It is unnecessarily perceived that doing so would attest to some of their former advice as being incorrect, which would in their mind damage their credibility. Still, the influence of HST is being felt and is even being subtly incorporated into existing training methods with a few minor changes just to keep it their own.

    Accepting new research-based information never damages anybody’s credibility of course. In fact, all HST does with respect to their previous advice and practices is explain “why” those things that they taught and practiced that actually worked, worked.

    5. Some are intimidated and/or turned-off by science

    There are many guys who’s motto is “Shut up and lift!” They intentionally avoid scientific discussion because it isn’t something they feel comfortable with it. There are relatively few people who are academically qualified to have a scientific discussion based solely on the research that lead to HST. Not everyone can be expected to follow the same academic path through college and grad school, and this is the way it should be. The problem is that people sometimes assume that discussing HST requires a bunch of scientific discussion. This is far from the truth. The principles of muscle growth and the methods employed to take advantage of these, are easy to understand and require no background in science or physiology.

    6. HST not necessary for some

    Finally, and there are perhaps other reasons, but there are many who have reached their goals without using HST. For various reasons, whether it be low physique requirements, or the use of steroids, or simply having been at it for so long, there are many who don’t see the need to change the way they do things to have what they more or less already have. There is of course nothing wrong with that, and it certainly doesn’t make them ignorant, or stubborn. They simply get by without feeling the need to change their routine for improved results.
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