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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Browner, Jun 27, 2017.

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    Week 6, Day 2

    Deadlift w/belt
    245kg x1 @9rpe
    180kg x5x6 @5-6rpe

    2ct Pause Bench
    125kg x5x3 @8-9rpe

    Lat Pull Down
    60kg x12x3

    Although I'm only 6 weeks into this program I'm going to take next week as a deload. Yesterday my squat felt terrible, and today my deadlift felt and moved like sh*t. So next week will be at about 50% intensity and about 50% of my usual volume, then I should be well recovered to start a 9 week prep block for my powerlifting meet in October. Set up my peaking block like this;


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  2. Browner

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  3. Browner

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    Week 6 Day 4

    Beltless Pause Deadlifts
    190kg x2 @7rpe
    180kg x4x3 @8-8.5rpe

    Touch 'n' Go Bench
    140kg x4x3 @8-8.5rpe

    Tomorrow will be a GPP day which will look like;
    • Chin ups or Some sort of Row - AMRAP in 7 minutes done in submaximal sets
    • Isometric Ab work for 7 minutes
    • 20 minutes LISS cardio
    • Might throw in some bro bicep girls and delt raises
    Then deload next week which will be

    Squat - 60% x3x3
    Bench - 60% x3x3
    OHP - 70% x4x2

    Deadlift - 60% x2x3
    Face pulls - x10x3

    GPP (similar to what I listed above)

    Then fatigue should all be gone and i'll be fresh ready to start 9 week prep for a powerlifting meet.
  4. Browner

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    Sorry I haven't posted anything for a while. Basically my appendix ruptured on Monday so had a emergency appendectomy, then was out of hospital on Wednesday.

    Needless to say I will not be competing in October as previously planned.

    Gutted is an understatement, as was on course for some big PRs at the meet.

    At the moment still feel like I've been hit by a truck! Once I can do body weight squats pain free I'll return to the gym and start VERY light
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    Hope your recovery period is not too long
  6. Browner

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    Thanks! Me too!

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