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    Wow that sounds awful! Never heard of that before. At least the docs have caught it relatively early so you can start rehabing the affected muscles.

    I hope the recovery from that goes well! What about something like yoga to help relieve the tightness etc? maybe that could help.
  2. Browner

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    Training 05/09/17

    150kg x5x3

    120kg x5x3

    Sumo Deadlift
    170kg x5

    Going to stick with sumo deadlift for a while as conventional still causes discomfort following the surgery. Give me a chance to work on some mobility and a different dead lift variation. Might even make the permanent switch if I can progress the technique and strength with it well enough.
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    Ah thanks heaps. Yeah it's not a well recognised thing, and the pain has gotten pretty severe at times. The thing is one of the doctors (in my 5th emergency visit haha) mentioned that maybe looking into the pelvic floor and a clinic for that might be a good option, then immediately one of the other surgeons said "nah I don't think that would be very effective, we really need to look through from a urological view", so it's very quickly dismissed...

    Yeah will definitely be doing stretching and exercises the pelvic pain physio has recommended, but unfortunately it's deeper than just stretching.. It's similar to why alot of people get headaches due to upper trap tightness and shrugging up in response to stress, my reaction is to tense within the pelvis, so it's become an unconscious habit. So I've already been letting go of alot of anxiety stuff over the years but this is really forcing me to go deeper, which is good haha. Stretching and deep breathing, pelvic exercises etc will help relieve the tension, but yeah it's really a neurological thing too, nervous system overdrive, so I'll be addressing that through more inner work and looking at unconscious beliefs I'm still holding onto.

    Am gonna do some light training still, but nothing that will cause excessive tension.

    Thanks for the support :), have fun with training!
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  5. Browner

    Browner Well-Known Member

    Thursday 7th Sept

    GPP Day

    • Pendlay Rows (Supine Grip) - 80kg AMRAP in 10 minutes (done in submaximal sets)
    • Bicep Curls (EZ Bar) - 30kg AMRAP in 10 minutes (done in submaximal sets)
    • DB Lateral Raises - 10kg db's - AMRAP in 7 minutes (done in submaixmal sets)
    • 10 minutes LISS Cardio - Cross Trainer
    • Mobility work - 15 minutes. Focusing on hip mobility in particular getting my hips open to get into a better position for the sumo deadlift.
  6. _Simon_

    _Simon_ Active Member

    Just wondering about the AMRAP approach, is that something you heard about or was recommended to you? It sounds like a fun way to train actually.. set up a block of time and do as much work in there as possible. Would you usually do any sort of progression for this (incr weights, total reps, decrease rest etc)?
  7. Browner

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    I first heard about it from Mike Tuscherer, an elite level powerlifter and coach who also set up Reactive Training Systems. From time to time I sign up to their online coaching and programming (well worth a look as his knowledge is superb, just be aware that the focus is purely powerlifitng)

    GPP stands for 'General Physical Preparedness'. Being a powerlifter nearly all of my training is centered around the big three lifts, or variations of them. This means that some things like rows, can get neglected in day to day programming.

    Izzy from Powerlifting To Win (a guy who really knows his stuff for all things powerlifting) explains the concept of it really well here;

    I try and do 1-2 GPP days a week in order to address some of the muscles that otherwise would get neglected, and also increase fitness levels as this can improve recovery times and help to disapate fatigue. Also I find hi volume bicep work helps prevent bicep/forearm tendonitis when my deadlift volume and intenisity increases.

    The way in which Mike recommends doing the AMRAP is to pick a weight that you can do comfortably do 8-15 reps with and basically just do as many reps as you can in that 7-10 minutes. Its a way to get a lot of volume in a short space of time, and also ensures that you are not using a load so heavy that will affect your recovery capabilities for the main lifts during the rest of the week. It also gives a bit of an aerobic capacity to it and is a nice way to break up the stress of constant heavy barbell work.

    As for progression, I'm not to worried, and I dont really keep track of how many sets/reps I did in the 10 minutes, but I do try and increase the load from week to week if I can.

    Hope that helps explain it a bit. I've attached a PDF that I got from Mike when I last ran one of his programs. It also has some other interesting things on it.

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  8. _Simon_

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    Ah that's awesome, thanks for that, very informative, will look into that! I'm not a powerlifter, but that sounds like an interesting method which I'm sure could be used in a hypertrophy model, I guess similar to EDT. Cheers :)
  9. Browner

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    Saturday 9th September

    - 160kg x5x3
    Bench Press - 122.5kg x5x3
    Deadlift (sumo) - 180kg x5, 200kg x 3 (I probably would be ok to revert back to conventional now, but I'm going to stick with sumo for the next few training cycles just to see how it develops. Probably wont be competing now until April so gives me a bit of a window to experiment)

    Monday 11th September

    - 162.5kg x5x3
    Bench Press (comp pause) - 115kg x5x3
    Deadlift (sumo) - 185kg x5

    Since I have been back to training I have still been rating my lifts with RPE so I can gauge progress of my e1rm, and to get an idea as to when to move away from novice Linear progression, and switch to a more undulating style of programming. Bench is already starting to plateau as is deadlift so I think in the next week or two I'll go back to a more advanced style of programming.

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    Recovery from your op is going well then, how far are you off your maxes before the operation?
  13. Browner

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    Cheers @mickc1965! Yeah its going well so far. I think the benefit of having good baseline strength and fitness levels as really helped my recovery be quicker!

    Squat - my previous 1rm was 210kg current e1rm 200kg )-
    Bench - Previous 1rm was 155kg, current e1rm is 145kg
    Deadlift - Previous 1rm was 255kg current e1rm is 235kg. (however I am now deadlifting sumo as being more upright helps avoid pain/discomfort.
    **Current e1rm's are based of RPE ratings**

    I haven't done anything less than 5 reps as of yet though, still done have the confidence in really pushing to see what my 1rm's are yet as it still only 5 weeks post op.
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    14th Sep

    • OHP - 72.5kg x5x3
    • Lat Pull Down - 50kg AMRAP in 10 minutes
    • DB Hammer Curls - 12.5kg db's AMRAP in 10 minutes
    • DB Lateral Raise 15kg x10 x4 x4 x4 x3 (Myo Reps)
    • Planks 5x1 minute holds
    • LISS Cardio 15 minutes
  15. Browner

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    Haven't posted for a few weeks, Im guessing the site was infected or something as I couldn't get on, just re directed me to a page that said "page not located"

    Anyway, I feel like I have fully recovered from the appendectomy now 7 or 8 weeks ago although strength is still down. I have signed up for a small power lifting meet in 6 weeks time with the aim of having fun and going 9/9 rather than push any new PR's if they are there on the day then of course i'll go for it.

    6 Weeks Out

    Squat w/belt

    175kg x1 @7rpe
    155kg x6 @7.5rpe
    150kg x6 @7rpe
    150kg x6 @7rpe

    Comp Bench
    130kg x1 @7rpe
    117.5kg x5 @9rpe
    112.5kg x5 @7rpe
    112.5kg x5 @7rpe

    60kg x8x4 - @7-8RPe

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  17. Browner

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    GPP Day

    • Barbell Row 60kg AMRAP in 10 mins (76 total reps)
    • DB Hammer Curls 15kg dbs AMRAP in 10 mins (60 total reps)
    • Banded Face Pulls 3x20
    • LISS Cardio - Exercise bike 10 mins
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  19. Jester

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    Re: 215kg deadlift instagram - I feel like your arms aren't straight down, or is that just the angle? Might be leaking some ROM there?
  20. Browner

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    5 Weeks Out Day 1

    Last few days managed to get some kind of stomach bug, so have hardly eaten or drank anything last 48 hours. Still managed to hit todays target weights and heaviest squat and bench since surgery.


    180kg x1 @7rpe
    167.5kg x5 @9rpe
    155kg x5 @7rpe
    155kg x5 @7rpe

    Comp. Bench
    140kg x1 @7rpe
    130kg x4 @8rpe
    122.5kg x4 @7rpe
    122.5kg x4 @7rpe

    60kg x 10 (x3)

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