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Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by charr, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. adpowah

    adpowah Active Member

    Dude this practice sounds horrible. Eat consistently towards your goals and just have a cheat meal occasionally. If I did the above it'd jack me up particularly in my performance/mood.
  2. charr

    charr Member

    Hi Mick.

    Sounds like you had good success on the biorhythm diet. Especially if you could eat more calories than usual while not putting on weight.

    I read his article many times to understand everything and the science he talks about makes alot of sense.

    I am actually still using IF with the biorhythm diet. (a bit more loosely).

    When dieting. With me it always seems to happen the way you talked about. I go 2 weeks then drop 1 - 2 pounds over night. It's so sudden that I can feel it. Then repeat.

    Adpowah. I know it that isn't ideal but if i'm having a cheat day thats the way I do it to try and control calories.

    I'll keep you updated on my biorhythm diet experiment.
  3. wungun

    wungun Member

    About your Saturday and IF strategy....I never go much beyond noon or 1pm without some fat or protein. BCAA's or some fish oil caps or half a scoop of protein with water (basically just to try and spare muscle atrophy)
  4. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Breakfast doesn't really "kickstart" the metabolism though. Your metabolism is your metabolism. Eating specific foods or at specific times doesn't alter your metabolism. Drugs can, exercise can and not eating will obviously eventually lower it but what type of food you eat and meal timing are irrelevant so long as you are getting sufficient protein.
  5. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    @Totentanz, do you still recommend 1.5 g of protein per lb of body weight when on a cut, as neither @wungun (@ 167.5 lbs eats 140-150 g) or @charr (196 lbs - would need nearly 1200 calories from protein alone) will get anywhere near enough protein from 1500 calories
  6. charr

    charr Member

    Hi Mick. For reference I am eating about 200g of protein at 182 pounds on 2000 cals a day.
  7. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    @charr, sorry I had assumed from the post below that you were still around 196 lbs, so you have managed to shift a fair amount of weight to get down to 182, how much further will you be going?

  8. charr

    charr Member

    Hi Sorry. That should be 192 pounds. I should proof read before I post and save everybody trouble
  9. charr

    charr Member

    Regarding how far I'm going. I'm not to sure but it looks like I could lose another 20 pounds.

    I'll have to address the other problem I have of not being able to build muscle then. I could bench 100kg for 10 reps before my diet yet still don't seem to carry the muscle weight that shows it
  10. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Do you want to get bigger or leaner first?

    Pick one, or take drugs.
  11. charr

    charr Member

    I do pick one jester. I wanted to get bigger then leaner. I bulked for 4 months with HST and gained 18lb's of mostly fat. Now I am losing that weight I gained I'm no bigger than I was before I did the bulk.

    The ultimate goal is to build big muscles but I don't know where to go from here once I am lean enough
  12. wungun

    wungun Member

    The consensus here is, to properly bulk, you have to eat surplus calories, which inevitably leads to some fat gain. Get yourself at a lower fat % and start a slow bulk, more protein calories and carbs for workout strength and monitor your weight daily BUT adjust your calories only after 8 or 12 days depending on how you're trending.
    That'll be my method this fall.
  13. charr

    charr Member

    I plan to do it alot slower this time Wungun. Shoot for a pound a month maybe
  14. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    Very difficult to bulk at 1lb per month taking into account a good dump can be 2lb (well at least it is for me) plus water retention etc, my body weight fluctuates by 3 to 4 lbs during the week despite calories in (and macros) remaining fairly constant.
  15. wungun

    wungun Member

    Lol @ good dump!! Love the 2 pounders!
  16. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member


    You must have gained muscle if you could bench 100kgs for 10 reps, how much were you lifting 6 months before you achieved 100 x 10?.

    Why don't you post your current routine complete number of sets and how your progression is set up also detailing rest times etc
  17. charr

    charr Member

    Hi Mick.

    Over the 4 months I spent bulking with HST I basically got back my strength from the diet I was on before. Now I am dieting again my strength levels have gone back to where they were before the bulk.

    Regarding not having the muscle to show it. For example if we look at Leonardo on here. We are the same height but he has far more lean mass at lower strength levels (no offence man) than me so something doesn't add up. He as about 200lbs lean where I could probably get down to the 170's and I'm not skinny.

    My current routine is still the same.

    Squat * 3 or deadlift * 1
    Bench * 3
    pendlay row * 2
    standing shoulder press * 2
    wide grip pull up * 2
    dip * 1
    close grip pull up * 1
    tricep press down * 2
    barbell curl * 2

    These exercises are performed Mon/Wed/Fri apart from squat and deadlift which is alternated.

    I'm on the 5's currently so my rests are a few minutes until I'm ready to perform at the same level again.
  18. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member


    Do you do the same number of sets in all rep ranges?

    In summary

    Compound exercises
    Legs - 3 sets (3 x Squat) or 1 set (1 x deads)
    Chest - 4 sets (3 x bench / 1 x dips)
    Back - 5 sets (2 x pendlay / 2 x wide pull up / 1 x close pull down)
    Shoulder - 2 sets (2 x shoulder press)

    Isolation exercises
    Triceps have been hit with 6 sets above then you add another 2 sets directly
    Biceps have been hit with 5 sets above (6 on deadlift day) then you add another 2 sets directly

    For me too much emphasis on chest (relatively small muscle group) and I would reduce bench press to 2 sets and still keep the 1 set of dips (too good an exercise to drop TBH) and I would also increase deadlifts to at least 2 sets (are you progressing deads the same way as all other exercises as I now treat deads differently following advice from Jester) - I would also drop arm isolation exercises as they are getting plenty of work in the compound exercises.
  19. wungun

    wungun Member

    Should I take an SD in the middle of a cut?? Been doing 10's for weeks and weeks now.
    Think maybe going up to 5s instead. But then what....?
  20. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member


    During a cut you should do HST as you would normally would do it but skipping the 15's, starting at the 10's for two weeks then onto the 5's, once you have reached your 5 rm day at the end of week 4 you should either continue on with that weight for a couple of weeks (or more if you can do it) in an attempt to maintain your strength or just return back to the 10's and start the cycle all over again.

    It is not generally necessary to SD during a cut as your workouts should be designed for maintenance and therefore the volume should be lower (compound exercises should be selected rather than any isolation exercises) during this phase than when you were bulking. If you are going to take a SD because you feel you need to then then eat at maintenance and return to deficit once training starts back.

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