how big is everyone?

Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by TonyE, Apr 9, 2002.

  1. 1.86m.........106 kg
    arms...........48,5 cm

  2. mstoppa

    mstoppa New Member

    235 lbs
    12% BF
    arms 18.5" (cold)
  3. BArtyC

    BArtyC New Member

    189 cm (6'3)
    105 kg
    Arms 17 1/2 inches
    thighs 31"
  4. job561

    job561 New Member

    5'-11" 200lbs, body fat is somewhere in the lower 20's (a guess)

    My goal is to get to 200lbs at 10% bf, so I have quite a ways to go.

  5. Dlions328

    Dlions328 New Member

    I am 6'4 and currently 235. I reached 255 last year and am back on the "gain muscle" track. Hopefully, I can get to 250 by Christmas.
    In the photo, I am the guy on the right.
  6. Michel

    Michel New Member

    6'-1", 160 lbs. 5.3% bf
    waist <28"
    arms 15.2"
  7. boldones

    boldones New Member

    Gotta love the question.. [​IMG]

    I am 175 at about 24% bf. Was 237 at about 40% in March. Obviously I will be using HST to keep the muscle I do have as I continue to lose the fat (just beginning first cycle). I have managed to retain the majority of my LBM in this process so far, even gained 1.4lbs during my last cycle (per the hydrostatic dunk test). :)

  8. cilius

    cilius New Member

    190cm (6'2")
    100kg (220pounds)
    Bf 14% (app.)
  9. willie838

    willie838 New Member

    look at the size of cutler in that picture......those guys are superhuman...sheeeshsus.
  10. thedon

    thedon New Member

    <span =''>
    Hey look it's kurt russel :)
    Holly crap cutler must be soo big if your 235!!!
  11. thedon

    thedon New Member

    Current 5'8 80kg
    Goal 6' 95kg.
    Doh can't gain height can i ?

    goal 5'8 and a very fit 87kg.
    I wanna start playing rugby leage as a 5/8 , need to be very fit and somewhat buff :)
    Although i'd rather be jay cutler or ronnie coleman on the football feild and baulder anyone in my path out the way :)
  12. Paul Brewer-Jensen

    Paul Brewer-Jensen New Member

    6'4&quot; and 225#.
    chest 48&quot; with lungs full of air,
    waist 34&quot; sucked in,
    thighs 26&quot;
    calves 17&quot;
    upper arms 15&quot;
    I have yet to do a HST cycle but I've been dabbling with weights since I was a teenager. The only sport I have done competatively is swimming. I was always too big to be really good but was still called a skinny swimmer faggot by bodybuilding friends. Such are the trials and tribulations of life.
  13. Brixtonian

    Brixtonian Active Member


    I'm new to this forum, and new to HST - just starting my first week of 10s.

    Currently, I'm 31yrs, 6' and 270lb, with bodyfat of 23%.

    I've been training, almost exclusively with HIT/Superslow for last 10yrs, broken up from time to time with endurance training for martial arts comps., in the mid nineties.
    But, as age creeps up on me, I can't handle the fatigue and burn-out of HIT anymore, hence, hoping that HST will be more productive now.

    My training has always been strict, but I let myself down with the nutrition side of it all; often not eating enough calories/protein, and too much reliance on worthless supplementation!
  14. Current:

    220 Pound


    220 Pound Lean [add 5% bodyfat] for a total of 231 Pounds
  15. Rocco

    Rocco New Member

    I am 5'9&quot; 170 .BF 6 % .
    arms 15
    chest 45
    waist 32
    thighs 23
    calfs 16
    I am 53 years old .
    I was as much as 255 that was from the age of 30 to 45 . Came down to 170 7 years ago and stay there now .
    Now want to be lean .
  16. jessejr

    jessejr New Member

    The following are my stats:

    Weight: 193lbs
    Arms: 16.5
    forearm: 13.5
    Chest: 44
    Waist: 32 1/8
    Thigh: 23 1/8
    Calf: 16 1/4

    millardjb is looking good. I say we give him first place.

    I want to grow up to look like millardjb.

    Good job millardjb. We all have something to look forward to. You demonstrate in spades that HST works.


  17. CoolColJ

    CoolColJ New Member

    192-196 lbs
    Lifetime natural trainer
    Power Athlete rather than Bodybuilder - Sprinting, BBall

    Pic taken 2 weeks ago - 6 months of proper training
    legs almost 27 inches now [​IMG]
  18. littlebear

    littlebear New Member

    5' 11&quot; - 6' tall
    some where around a 10% body fat.
    dieted down for summer and ready to eat this winter. middle of the ten repetition phase of my first HST cycle. working hard to eat and gain some muscle weight back.
  19. Kate

    Kate New Member

    I'm 5' 6&quot;, 197 pounds and 21% BF. Drug-free, old (47) and stubborn and passionate about my lifting.

    I'm happy with the way my arms and legs look, but time, hormones and margaritas have me a lot softer around the waist than I'd like. HST allows me to continue making slow, steady composition changes without intense cardio and restrictive dietary changes.

    Okay, just measured... end of first week of HST after nearly three weeks SD. Everything looks great but the d*** waist measurement. Where's the spot reducing when you really need it?

    All measurements flexed, cold:
    Calf 17&quot;
    Thigh 27&quot;
    Waist 35&quot; [​IMG]
    Chest 45 1/2&quot;
    Shoulders 47&quot;
    Upper arm 14 3/8&quot;

    Well, I'd better get serious about some CKD and trim this down a bit so I can enjoy the upcoming holiday season. Of course, girls are supposed to be softer than boys...

    Just call me the queen of rationalization...
  20. restless

    restless New Member


    197 pounds at 5'6&quot;? You're one big girl! You weight as much as I do and I'm 5'11&quot;. I'm a bit leaner though. That's impressive.

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