how big is everyone?

Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by TonyE, Apr 9, 2002.

  1. CoolColJ

    CoolColJ New Member

    Ouch, my legs are pretty big for someone like me with a small frame and all at 5'9", your huge Kate with 27 inch thighs!
  2. Kate

    Kate New Member

    :D thanks, guys. One Hyooge grrl indeed. And thanks to HST I plan to keep getting huger! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Somedays I do scare myself when I look in the mirror, but mostly I like it. And in street clothes, I don't look quite so freaky as I do when I'm squatting.

    I love lifting. I love wearing muscle. I sure am glad a friend reminded me about this site. Thank you, Dan! [​IMG]

    Happy hypertrophy!
  3. marc999

    marc999 New Member

    1.83 m and 80 kg , my goal is to weigh at least 90 kg.
    hopefully HST will take there.
  4. tripleM

    tripleM New Member

    6'1'', 181 lbs @ 13% bf
    For those of you preferring the metric system: :D
    1.86 m, 82.5 kg @ 13% bf
  5. VinDeesel

    VinDeesel New Member

    I'm 5'8" and 176 lbs w/ about 8% bf. Arms are 16 1/4" (flexed and cold). Goal to be 180 w/ 6% bf, so a little more to go.
  6. Claudio

    Claudio New Member

    Thought I'd add my contribution to this. I have been dieting down from 210lbs at 13% and am now a puny 7% at 183lbs. Height is 6'1 and I am natural...for now:)
  7. mj0llnir

    mj0llnir New Member

    5'11" 285lbs at approx. 30% bodyfat. I'd like to be around 240-250lbs at a 12-15% bodyfat.
  8. Louise

    Louise New Member

    174 cm, 84 kilos; upper chest 113 cm, waist 81 cm, hip 105 cm, thigh 70 cm, upper arms 36 cm. Sorry, I'm a metric nerd :)
    BF% approx. 16.
  9. Eike

    Eike New Member

    190 cm, 100 KG, ~12-13% bf, natural as it is meant in germany:
    no steroids
    no prohormons
    no prosteroids
    no use of hormons in ANY form
    no diuretica
    no ... you got the point ;)

    Just using ordinary food and some protein-powder for easier handling on the run.
  10. ttboyy2k

    ttboyy2k New Member

    Tommy Rogers 26yr old
    Currently on 14 day SD now. Start first HST cycle on Monday March 3, 2003.
    Goal for first 2 cycles is to reduce body fat from 13% to somewhere between 7 and 10%. Then start the bulking process while staying in single digit fat range. Currently using NHE eating plan (CKD diet) in conjucntion with the O blood type diet. Using no steriods just a vitamin supplement, coral calcium, protein powder, 5g. of omega 3's, and androgel. Also using a diet aid called Betadrene (contains ephedra).
    height 5'10"
    weight 170lbs
    waist 35" across naval
    right and left bicep flexed 14.5"
    chest 43.5"
  11. i'm 178cm, 66.1kg and 12.5%bf
  12. Tonny_Juhl

    Tonny_Juhl New Member

  13. I feels good to update this. . .
    I'm now 233 lb. at 6'5" (106 Kg, 1.95m) at the same % bf. I'm happy with the progress, given that I took many months off last year. I'm focusing more on fat loss now.
  14. Steve McDermott

    Steve McDermott New Member

    Good idea E!!

    I'm still 5'8" but I'm now 205lbs and 13-14% bf. I'm once again trying to shed the winter fat and get down to 7-8%bf for the summer. I did manage to reach 10% at 192ish last summer, so we'll see how this cutting cycle goes. I started at 212 and around 17%bf
  15. Howard Roark

    Howard Roark New Member

    6 ft., 220 lbs. at around 16%. Just started 10's in my first HST cycle, which I decided would be for bulk and my 2nd one would be for cutting. I started at 213.5 with the same % reading, so we'll see if I can keep it there during the 10's and 5's, although i'm not striving to do that.
  16. summa

    summa New Member

    6 feet 245lbs.
    Chest 49"
    Waist 37"
    Calves 18"
    Arms 16.5"
    Legs 28"
    I have really let my body fat go up in the past 6 months.
    I should be 220lbs. My suits are getting tight.
    My dang arms have always sucked.
  17. lifter

    lifter New Member

    Hello everone. I'm BACK! Ok, here's my stats...


    Hoping to reach 250 this year (through HST of course).

    I would like to mention that HST is responsible for 3kg (6.6lbs of that). And the way things stand for more as I plan to remain with HST indefinitely! After 26 years (next Tuesday) I know when something is valid. Bryan knows his stuff, he's done his homework, and I still can't believe he gives it all away for free! What a guy!!! [​IMG] :) :)
  18. Madd-X

    Madd-X New Member

    5'9" 190lbs
    Hoping to get to get to 210-215 with less body fat [​IMG]
  19. ChuckGrill

    ChuckGrill New Member

    5'9" at 197 lbs. 15-16% BF. Chest is 43", arms are 16", waist is 34". Age - 41. I want to be around 200 - 210 lbs with about 12% BF.....just so I can look that much more defined. I'm hoping to reach that by summer.
  20. bobbyboulders

    bobbyboulders New Member

    6'2" currently 245 @ 12% BF, mostly trained HIT style, but stumbled on to HST, havent grown in years, but after reading the science behind HST I am excited to see what happens ;)

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