how big is everyone?

Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by TonyE, Apr 9, 2002.

  1. Steve McDermott

    Steve McDermott New Member

    Nice to see you back Lifter. :D
  2. hey everybody..i'm 39 ,5'11", 195 lbs., waist 32" . have been following the max-ot training for a while... like it a LOT but want to give hst another try.
  3. starting first HST cycle in conjuction with 8 week precontest diet.
    6'1" 280lbs
    19.5" arms
    31" thighs
    19" calves
    52" chest
    38" waist.

    Goal. I want to be around 245-250 @ 4-5% BF. Pics will hopefuly follow at the conclusion of the diet (Memorial Day)
  4. GLAlexander

    GLAlexander New Member

    310 lbs
    20% BF
    19" arms
    56" chest
    40" waist
  5. 5'8" 210 ~11% BF
    Chest 48" Neck 18"
    Arms 18" Legs 25.5" Calves 17"
    Starting first cycle next week after reading about HST for a year. Will try to post before and after pics.
  6. LABoy

    LABoy New Member

    I just dropped 10 lbs of fat in two weeks on a keto diet so I"m down to 167 lbs @ <10% BF. Now the challenge is to put those 10 lbs back on, but this time make it lean muscle. Im 5'9" so I'd like to get up to 185 lbs by year end and keep the BF under 10%.
  7. scot

    scot New Member

    Guess I am the small guy here. 5'11, but only about 158lbs. BF is around 14-15%.

    Have 2 more workouts at 10s before I switch to the 5s of my first HST set. So far I am doing really well, started out at 14%bf and 148lbs just a few weeks ago, so 10lbs and only a small amount of fat.
  8. ChuckGrill

    ChuckGrill New Member

    Ok! I'm currently into my 4th session of HST and my stats are this: Height - 5'9", weight - 210 lbs. (hit my first target!), Chest is now 44" (up an inch) and my arms are now a whopping 17" (also up an inch!). Oh yeah, and I dropped like 2% in BF w/o even trying! Totally amazed with myself. Still kept the 34" waist, too. I'm totally psych!
  9. Randy

    Randy New Member

    I'm in my first HST cycle. 47 yrs old. I hit another plateau with my previous routine. When I stopped with it, upper arms = 15 in, chest = 45 in, waist = 33 in, wt = 186 lbs, ht = 6 ft.

  10. mellon

    mellon New Member

    hey guys - im new to this forum, and I am excited about it. Im 6'3 and 203, not too big yet but ill get there. I dont use steroids.
  11. belly

    belly New Member

    5'9,210lbs.16 arms,45 chest,26 thighs,36 waist.When I saw Blades picture I thought he was Lee Priest's long lost brother! I guess Lee follows my nutrional plan off season 'if it don't bite back eat it' [​IMG]
  12. GoldynChyld

    GoldynChyld New Member

    Hey people I'm 6'1 151
  13. MasterBlaster

    MasterBlaster New Member


    I'm 6' 2". I'm about 205lbs right now, 7-8% BF. Finished my first show in April, and will finish my second week of 5s tomorrow.

  14. Krister

    Krister New Member

    My very first post here.. I haven't started my first cycle yet but I will do so in about two weeks. For now I'm trying to find my 15, 10 and 5 rm and I am very curious to see where I'll be in some months. I will commit myself for two cycles and decide then wether to go on or not.

    How do a look now: 185 cm (6') and 83 kg (182 lbs) and I can see my abs when I'm flexing. Have no idea how much bodyfat.. maybe 12% or something around that but have never measured. I want to be 90 kg or more :)

    Cheer for me!!
  15. SirLancelotX

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  16. Singleton

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  17. MrClean

    MrClean New Member

    I am 5'8" 201 lbs. @ 12.2% body fat. I just finished my finding my rep maxes last week doing SD now but I get to and get to start my 15's on Monday. WOOHOO!!!! I have been reading around here for about a year, and a half but something would happen every time I tried to get my maxes lined out, and never got to do the program. I have turnied it all on for this cycle of HST to see what I can do. Been training low volume for 1, and 1/2 years now. Will post all measurements, from pre, and post HST cycle on completion Try to get the wife to take some shots tomorrow so I have photo comparisons as well. My goal is to lean up, and keep mass, but LBM gain would be nice!! :D
  18. Bryan Haycock

    Bryan Haycock Administrator Staff Member

    Good luck MrClean! I look forward to hearing your results. [​IMG]
  19. I'm 6'5, 240 pounds at around 15% BF.(19 yrs old)
  20. Captain Wacky

    Captain Wacky New Member

    5'8 200lbs 12-13%BF 21Years old.

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