how big is everyone?

Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by TonyE, Apr 9, 2002.

  1. Xposer

    Xposer New Member

    I'm 6'3", 242, at around 20-22% BF.
  2. Scott S

    Scott S New Member

    I'm 5'8" and 146 lbs @ 12%ish. (Obviously, I have a bulk or two in my future. :D)
  3. Laurent

    Laurent New Member

    I'm 6' and 154lbs. No idea about my bodyfat...
  4. mntnbiker

    mntnbiker New Member

    just joined this forum,am excited about what i have read of the hst training programme,will begin putting it into practice in 2 currently about 176lbs at 5'11".the atttached pic is last christmas and about 8 pounds lighter than current.
  5. Jellotree

    Jellotree New Member

    Into my first week of 5s.

    6'1" 188lbs. 6% bodyfat (I think all the calories go to my big fat head.)

    waist 32"
    chest 46"
    That's all I've measured.
  6. Kiharan

    Kiharan New Member

    I'm 5' 9" and 149 at about 10% BF. Serious ectomorphic tendencies.

    That's at almost 50 years of age. When I was 30, I was about 160 at 7%. Still a runt compared to most of you, but I still had a noticeable weight-trained look.

    BTW, I had dropped to less than 140, and HST seems to be helping bring back the "young me." After 2 cycles, I've gained some significant upper body mass--having trouble fitting in to some of the sport coats I bought a couple years ago.

    Now if I can work around these stressed out knees, and bring the lower body along. If it can be done, I'm betting HST will be the way...
  7. Gladiator

    Gladiator New Member

    I'm 5'10 and weigh 85kg (187lbs)
  8. rookie88

    rookie88 New Member

    Current body weight is at 217 @ 6'1". Bodyfat is at about 17%. I hope to weigh in at around 222 by the end of my current HST cycle.

  9. Prodius

    Prodius New Member

    16 years
    10% body fat

    7% body fat
  10. Scythe

    Scythe New Member

    5' 11" / 170lbs. Haven't measured BF in a while. Starting HST next week, if all goes well.
  11. Dread

    Dread New Member

    I'm 5' 9'', 204 lbs, at around 17% with a cheap electronic fat caliper. I gain 10 lbs, a mix of fat and muscle, in my first cycle.
    I will begin my second cycle in a week and I will try to eat better foods. So, I will try to get my body fat lower without doind a diet hypocaloric.
  12. shouit

    shouit New Member

    I am not in nearly as good as shape as you guys, but am going to try to get into it. [​IMG]

    My best..
    265 lbs
    18 % BF

    Now, after two injuries...
    320 lbs
    ?? % BF (BAD)

    I am working on trying to get back into shape. Some friends are on this program and suggested it. I have no problem with dieting, the problem is time at the gym. I am in a very time intensive job, that takes 55-70 hours on average. I have just started getting my maxes and start this next week..
  13. 6'2"
    4 cycles HST
    bodyfat = too high, but falling, have been "eating clean" since 1-1-04.
  14. JimmyC

    JimmyC New Member

    Im 5'9", 157.5 lbs. 5%BF

    my long term goal is 170 lbs 5%BF

    i just finished my 2nd week of 10s in my first HST cycle.
    I started at 152, now im at 157.5, thats 5.5lbs in 4wks.

    i am satisfied with my HSTing so far

  15. Vaymigade

    Vaymigade New Member

    5'11, 155lbs, 8 percent bodyfat. Started lifting 2-3 months ago and have gained 5 pounds of muscle.
  16. powerhouse21054

    powerhouse21054 New Member

    6 foot 235 lbs and getting ready to go on my first HST cycle. Looking forward to it.
  17. Lil-BIG-Man

    Lil-BIG-Man New Member

    Just of guys that are giving measurements, where do you measure your quads from? Do you go with the biggest part or do you measure at a certain amount of inches above the knee?

    I'm 23 yrs old, 5'5, 180 lbs, don't know bf% but it's around 20-25%....just started my 10s on my first HST cycle. :)
  18. oracle

    oracle New Member

    37 here.. 1.86m and weighs about 112kg. fat is 25%.. LOL.
    arm peak is 19". now starting on my first week of HST of 15s.
  19. majutsu

    majutsu New Member

    5'10" 215lbs 9.6%BF (usu 7.9 but I'm bulking so don't harass me :) ) Like to compete. Don't let people tell you HST doesn't build big bodies . . . I got a couple of tons of friends who compete to prove them wrong.
  20. Ripper

    Ripper New Member

    I'm 6'3 and 219.5lbs. At 23% Body Fat! [​IMG]

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