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Discussion in 'Home Exercise Equipment' started by Bryan Haycock, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. Bryan Haycock

    Bryan Haycock Administrator Staff Member

    I'm considering manufacturing commercial grade exercise equipment for the home. Not some goofy rubber band or other "spring" resistance thing. HST would offer heavy gauge squat racks, benches, dip belts, straps, and whatever else would allow a guy or girl to do all they need right at home.

    Is it something you as lifters would be interested in? Yes, or No?

    Tell me what you think.

  2. Jon Stark

    Jon Stark New Member

    I would be Bryan, but I don't own my own place (yet). Until I do this option is out of the question.

    I wish you luck though!
  3. I would be insanely interested in plate loaded "leverage"-like equipment, similar to powertec's. I find that I work best with machines similar to that. Some combination machines would be really nice also, and probably make it more economical, machines like 'lat pulldown/10ยบ chest press" like Hammer Strength's

    Hope this sparks some awesome ideas Bryan!
  4. xahrx

    xahrx New Member

    I'd be interested in either basic equipment or something you don't see offerred elsewhere. For instance a well made but very compact station that has a squat rack, lat pull down and standard bech all incorporated in it, but in a very smal space. Also a station like that without the leg extention that seems to come on all such machines would be welcome by me, at least.
  5. As my home gym will hopefully be in working condidtion by the end of the year, I won't be able to profit personally from any future developments. [​IMG]

    When I see the high expectations of some other members, I wonder whether these can be fulfilled by a relatively small company. I don't mean to belittle your efforts, Bryan, but in order to come up with a line of state-of-the-art fitness equipment, a lot of research and development is needed - in other words, you will have to invest huge sums before you see any profits.

    Maybe I'm just too pessimsitic here and lack entrepreneurial spirit :confused: ;)

    However, if you offered your good name and worked together with an established company in order to create a HST-line of exercise equipment (maybe with some special gimmicks geared towards HST), I bet you could achieve a similar result with much less effort.

    Or, you restrict your selection to basic free-weight products (racks + benches) produced at a reasonable price with high quality standards. Only then I see the problem of how to gain a competitive edge - there are a lot of companies doing just that already.
  6. Bryan Haycock

    Bryan Haycock Administrator Staff Member

    Those are all valid points and issues that I would inevidably face.

    I have no intention of coming out with my own line of Hammer Strength type equipement. I was refering mostly to racks, benches, gear, etc.

    The problem I have with existing "home" exercise equipment is that it is not built like commercial equipment. Particularly the gauge of steel is always too thin and the amount of weight that the equipment is rated at is too low. If you ever see HST on a peice of equipement you will know that it is "overbuilt and proud of it".
  7. If you were to design a rack, would I be able to help you? I have a little skill in the area with a load of incentive on how to improve them.
  8. xahrx

    xahrx New Member

    I'd be nice to see a new type of safety system incorporated into a bench too.
  9. Bryan Haycock

    Bryan Haycock Administrator Staff Member

    If you bench inside of an adjustable squat rack would this address the safety issues you are concerned about?
  10. xahrx

    xahrx New Member

    Yeah, I think that could do it. Like you the thing that bothers me about most equipment available is that it seems flimsy and poorly made. I'd cough up an extra couple hundred for something of higher quality, even if it wasn't health club quality. That and also I hate leg attachments.
  11. Kama45

    Kama45 New Member

    I voted yes, but there is no way I would be able to afford any equipment right now. Plus, I like working out at a gym just to get out of the house.

    I have all the same concerns Flow does as well.

    P.S. I was thinking the other day a cool HST product would be an HST notebook/log/journal. Each page would have a grid for one cycle where you can list your exercise, amount of weight, etc. It would be an effecient way to chart progress.
  12. Kama45

    Kama45 New Member

    Oh yeah, where will the equipment be shipped from?
  13. I put in a yes vote. I'll also throw in a few comments, as I'm a windbag:

    Stronger exercise equipment isn't just for heavier weights. If you've ever tried using sub-standard equipment, you know that it feels incredibly unstable even at low weights. Sometime a cheap home bench feels rickety just from sitting on it. This discourages people from using them, and is usually bad for form and safety even if the equipment doesn't fail.

    Personally, I'm also very interested in two particular features:
    adjustability -- I'm 6'5", my wife is 5'4", and we both do HST.
    efficiency -- it can't take a lot of time to set up for the next lift before it gets to be a drag on my schedule

    Lastly, you're going to have to deal with the weight. Shipping this stuff will be very expensive compared to supps.

    All that having been said, good luck! I hope you succeed wildly.
  14. Bryan Haycock

    Bryan Haycock Administrator Staff Member

    All excellent comments! Thank you so much for your input.

    All my best,

  15. babucher

    babucher New Member

    Hey Bryan,

    It sounds like you want to compete directly with what Ironmind produces. Vulcan racks, Pillars of Power spot racks, De Rigeur Dipping Belt, etc.


    Ironmind is well known for their quality, so if you wanted to compete with them it'd probably have to be in price.

    Just a FYI,
  16. BIGBANGSingh

    BIGBANGSingh New Member

    I'd rather have you get the HST books done, and more importantly, SST! You mentioned you have interesting ideas for SST based on new research, and I'd love to hear them! [​IMG]
  17. Steve McDermott

    Steve McDermott New Member

    Being a person who trains exclusively at home with obviously "built for home" equipment, I am 100% for this idea. It would be nice to have solid equipment that you can completely trust.

    Great idea Bryan.

  18. Insane_Man

    Insane_Man New Member

    I would love to have a fully equipped home gym.

    And most gear out there isn't really up to snuff. If anyone could offer commercial gym quality equipement at an affordable price I would be interested as hell.
  19. Jon Stark

    Jon Stark New Member


    Something that might make your equipment uniquely HST-friendly would be some means to allow for safe, maybe even spotter-free negatives.
  20. Bryan Haycock

    Bryan Haycock Administrator Staff Member

    Excellent suggestion Jon...

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