HST Equipment

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Quote[/b] (Jon Stark @ Mar. 17 2004,1:40)]Bryan,
Something that might make your equipment uniquely HST-friendly would be some means to allow for safe, maybe even spotter-free negatives.
Hell yeah! That's what I was thinking when I suggested the safety idea, but you put it much better. Equipment designed to help with problems one would encounter while trying to do HST home alone, such as negatives without a spotter. Perhaps some type of tension system that's detachable on the fly, so a person could raise a heavy weight, release the supplimental tension and then just control the descent with his arms.
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Quote[/b] (xahrx @ Mar. 17 2004,2:22)]Hell yeah! That's what I was thinking when I suggested the safety idea, but you put it much better.
Ah, you probably planted the seed of the idea in my head.


Now, how to implement it...
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Quote[/b] (Jon Stark @ Mar. 20 2004,12:50)]
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Quote[/b] (xahrx @ Mar. 17 2004,2:22)]Hell yeah! That's what I was thinking when I suggested the safety idea, but you put it much better.
Ah, you probably planted the seed of the idea in my head.
Now, how to implement it...
Two options: You can have the absolute weight on the bar at all times and have an automatically engaged assist located at the bottom of the range of motion to help lift the weight and then release the full weight once it reaches the top of the range of motion.

Or, you can apply pressure of some sort on a 5RM weight and release the pressure when it hits the bottom of the range of motion so the lifter can lift the weight back to the top and repeat the motion.

Those are the only two options I can see, and both seem to be a bitch to impliment even on a lift as simple as a bench press. When you get to curls, squats, dead lifts and all, it seem sto get even harder to come up with a way of doing this.

Take a standard Power cage and put pulleys on rails on the top and bottom on both sides. On the bottom rear corner of the cage mount an electric motor. Cables from this motor leads up over the cage and down under it through the afore mentioned pulleys on both sides. Electric motors produce a lot of torque at low RPMs.

The cables have loops at their ends, you attach all four ends to the end of a barbell and you have an automatic way to apply weight to do negatives and also to assist in lifting the weight on the concentric portion of the lift. All you have to do is figure out a way to dial a range of motion into the motor so at a set point it stops applying pressure and helps lift the weight instead.
I know you aren't looking this way, but the Crossbow platinum has a built in computer for the way most people
do exercies. That is good in and of itself if you are looking for a ready made solution.

Maybe one of those rubber band companies would allow you to set up something HST wise on a similar system, that will do everything for the user. Then if they follow the routine and supplement correctly, bingo, phenominal growth. That would make any manufacturer sit up and take notice. It would also get people to work out correctly, becuase the computer could simply adjust the machine for them.

Then, you could do an infomercial with some hottie model chick and retire in Tahiti, or sell real estate, or maybe become a motivational speaker, and get a mansion somewhere. The possibilities are endless. Besides, there would be a bunch of way buff guys thinking they have hit the jackpot with HST. You might even be like, the next Weider guy, only better.

I don't think I could stand to see any of the guys in here dressed in spandex screaming at me for a half hour every Sunday morning trying to sell that thing. But it's an idea.

I think that any HST oriented equipment has to have some special HST specific hook to make the machine unique. The most desirable feature I could think of is some way to make it possible for a person to do negatives without a spotter/safeties.

One idea I was toying with was the idea of magnetic resistance, used in a unique way. Make a standard pulley machine, or semistandard anyway, but instead of a weight stack the cables wrap around an axle of some sort. The axle goes through the center of one or two electric engines, and these provide the resistance, technically in the form of torque necessary to turn the axle.

Now what you do, since all the "weight" is actually electromagnetic, is put some kind of switch in line that the exerciser can either preprogram or operate manually. The switch turns the engine on and off, and so can reduce the resistance at the bottom of the range of motion so the person can move the bar back up, and then switch the engine back on and do a negative rep. So on and so forth.

It should also work pretty good because electric motors have their highest torque output at low rpms. The only problem I can see is getting the pound/feet, or foot/pounds or whatever the measurement is of torque, as consistent as possible and equating those forces with actual, physical measures of weight.

It's fairly simple, I've been thinking of ways to modify a regular universal machine so such an engine could be mounted on it. No luck, but I'm not mechanically oriented. What do you say we go in half and half on this, Bryan?
Boy's , I own a home leverage machine multi-station. Some real thought has to go into one of this units before it is released to the public. Bryan If you are going this route email me direct I will fill you in on the design considerations. Thanks Rob.
How is the equipment that you would put out different than Hammer Strength's line of racks and benches?
I guess any equipment you produced would be shipped from the States, which would make larger items impractical for me (living in the UK).

However, one thing to consider would be finding a decent supplier/reseller over here. The comparison with IronMind has already been made; well, their equipment is available over here, but is very expensive (generally more in £ than it sells for in $ in the US - with the current exchange rates, that makes it twice as expensive over here).

Overseas obviously isn't your target market, but it's just maybe something to consider. There's something of a lack of well-built equipment over here...

As for equipment, I personally would be interested in a high quality belt for weighting dips, chins etc., and any other truly useful (i.e. non-gimmicky) "little items" of that nature.
Go For It Bryan - HST is an awesome program for guys and something like this could help boost it.

I would definitely be interested - I have been interested in the CrossBar Platinum because of it's ability to let you do easily adjust weight by 1lb increments -

This would make it VERY easy to follow HST precisely. The biggest problem I have (especially when starting off w/ low weights) is the cable and lever weights have too big of increments to do HST cycles perfectly w/ the weight adjustments. So I have to do the same weight several times.

Maybe you could have a Beginner model and an Advanced Model - - Just a thought...

BTW - If you need contacts for the infomercial etc my company has made a couple of those -
WAF - Wife Acceptancy Factor

I've been trying to convince my wife that it is a good idea to fill up our relatively small appartment with home exercise equipement. Her main concern is that our otherwise fancy appartment would be looking terrible with iron, racks etc.

To make mine (and others) convincing job easier, you should try to make the equipemnt look nice. Maby not to masculin...
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Quote[/b] (the_dark_master @ Nov. 11 2004,4:28)]Pink paint, a handbag hook, make-up mirror... That sort of thing?


Maby you should make a scandinavian version, exercise equipment in Bang&Olufsen-style.
I love the idea of equipment which enable the user to do drop sets without a spotter, because, unfortunately, I have no spotter.

Another problem is the fact I live in the UK, if this stuff is manufactured in the USA it will cost a lot to ship it over, possibly too much.

Could you tell me how much you think this sort of equipment will cost and estimate when it will be ready (I'm that keen)

Thanks in Advance

Havent seen any updates here lately! Whats the current status of your ideas? I personaly would like to see a squat rack (similar to smith squat rack) where you would not need a spotter to lift. One thing to keep in mind is using hollow square tubing. Not only for the strength but its lighter weight and should be easier on the shipping bill

This may sound somewhat uncharacteristic for the usual sweat, blood IRON INTENNNNNNSE line of thought with bodybuilding but quite frankly I think something that looks good would be a great advancement in home equipment.
I use this example: I have some plain looking bench station with a seated row at the end and adjustable "poles" that I can raise up for squatting. Overall it's a good piece of hardware. The only thing that's lacking is a pulldown which would be wonderful.
But what gets attention out of everything in my finished basement?
The WEIGHTS themselves. They're not your regular round slabs of black metal. They're octagonal CHROME. They shine, always look clean and go great with everything else in the basement. Everyone who enters that basement compliments me on how nice they look.
A Bowflex looks like a weird fan thing, while that old bench given to you by your aging uncle is rusting and has the strange permanent odor of....INTENSITY!!! ;)
I would definitely invest in a station that looked good. No one wants a tremendous eye sore in any room, even a basement, let alone those who put it in their family rooms.
Hey, Bryan, as Im sure you know< putting your name on something will definitely make it have a degree of appeal to folks simply based on the reputation you have built for yourself.
I myself workout at home so I would be very interested in a line of racks,benches,etc. that are truly designed to be able to handle the needs of someone who takes their lifting, and future development seriously. I intend to eventually reach the limits of my own potential, and am often frustruated by the sub-par construction of most home equipment. Come on guys, Ive been welding 8 years and I know decent steel is not that expensive! Most manufacturers build home equipment out of crap, and if it is sturdy enough to be even vaguely "real" it is exorbitantly expensive.
So yes I personally would love to see someone come out with a line that is "real" in terms of construction, without being priced like it was gold instead of steel.
Lastly, I think space concerns are a major factor in home equipment. I would love to see a power rack (for squats and bench) that doesnt have its own zip code. Not tiny little toy stuff but not bigger than it needs to be. The athelete is the one who is supposed to have the mass, not his stuff.lol