HST Equipment

Bryan, I see a lot of plan forming here. You have a choice of weight types, appearance appeal, size issues, and so forth to decide on, but the real question here is what to do about negatives. A bit of an inventor myself, I think the ideas of electromagnets, motors and all that are good in themselves, but would substantially add to the cost of the units.
I'm thinking of a way to use a weight stack (what tha hey, we're talkin' machines, right?) that would use a preselected amount of weight, add weight at the top (when you lift it there) and release the weight at the bottom. This would be done mechanically, using catches of some sort, with plates waiting at the top to be released from a top stack, suspended above the working stack. Then, at the bottom of the stroke, the bottom plate would be released to allow you to be able to press the stack back up for the next plate. You would preload the top stack with your 'loaders' before each set, and the 'dumpers' released would be at the bottom after the set. The initial problem with this system would be that the stack would be getting higher each rep.
    So, the next step in this rough draft would be to figure out how to ...waitaminnit, I've allready figured most of it all out, heheh.
That should be enough info to get some grey matter warmed up here...and I probably just gave away another good invention. Thing is...when I know what you want to build, I can design the mechanism into it to make the negs happen. You just can't do it with freeweights. And I don't need motors, airbags, or hydrogen pumps.  

Don't know if anybody gave this idea, but have you seen Dave Drapper's dungeon, now that is a cool thing to have at home, but man....7000 USD! Yakes!

it has everything though!

Here's a pic.

and the link: Dave's Dungeon
I would buy something like the draper dungeon, its well built so you know it would last a long time, treadmills and exercise bikes arnt cheap, and thats just the home models, that gym is obviously commercial quality so I think its well worth the money.
I see the first posts on this was in 2004. Is it still being considered? If so, I would be interested. I would be looking for something like Fausto posted, but I probably won't have room for it until spring or summer.
It definitely seems to me that the most popular idea is some way to do negatives without a spotter. That really appeals to me as well. I would say that is the way to go.
Dave Drapper's dungeon looks like a really good piece of equipment. The 7k price tag keeps me out of the running though. Plus i cannot find it on his website, so it may no longer be available.

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P.S. I was thinking the other day a cool HST product would be an HST notebook/log/journal. Each page would have a grid for one cycle where you can list your exercise, amount of weight, etc. It would be an effecient way to chart progress.

I like this idea too... Especially if it were something that would help me not lose my pencil, and something that i could get sweat on,
bowflex is HST friendly, well made but not cheap.
It has gotten good reviews and the resistance can go high enough for even hardcore 300lb benchers. Also the resistance isn't stabilised like on rack and pin systems.

Overall if HST gear had a squat rack one side, bench on the other and a chin bar (don't give it a lat pulldown, do proper chins) off the side that is all you need really. It's all freeweights. oh yeah and you will need the obligatory how to DVD for freeweights form.
My crazy suggestion:

A reinforced backpack specially designed for securely holding standard Olympic plates.

I've enjoyed playing with a loaded backpack for chins, dips, push-ups, squats, good mornings, lunges, walking lunges, stair-climbing...

...but you can't get enough weight out of a normal backpack filled with rocks or books, plates clang and shift too much without anything to keep them still, and standard backpack straps would probably tear right off under heavier loads.

So a cylinder to slide plates onto (maybe with enough room for three or four 45s), a collar to hold them down, a sturdy padded backplate, and three reinforced straps (also with some durable padding) could become a pretty versatile piece of simple equipment good for adding progressively adjustable resistance to almost any &quot;bodyweight&quot; exercise.

It'd probably also be a good idea to give it some sort of solid &quot;feet&quot; so you could set it down on a horizontal surface and load it before strapping in - and then return it to that surface when done. They'd only have to protrude backwards, since the weight of the plates would pull the device's center of gravity in that direction anyway.

Best of all, it would be small and light enough for economical shipping.

I have thought of that before...excellent suggestion, even for squats for crying out loud...imagine doing stairs with something like 3 x 45's awsome.

Definitelly something that should be given thought
(Fausto @ Jan. 11 2008,04:18)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">...imagine doing stairs with something like 3 x 45's...</div>
...or climbing a rope up the Cliffs of Insanity.

&quot;Well, I'm carrying three <s>people</s> plates - and he's only got himself.&quot;