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Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by shakeel, Dec 15, 2005.

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    Well wait a second, I asked my questions, Johnston didn't answer. I asked again and got skirted by you, YOU then asked what specifically didn't get addressed. I asked a third time and still got no relevant answers. Instead I get a website forum is not the place to discuss these things as the true message will not be interpreted correctly. Instead we are told to go to IART forum and discuss these questions, why? What is the difference between discussing them here or there? In either case it is still an open (supposedly). Now if I recall correctly someone did go to IART and actually got banned, so I guess we can give up the idea of it being an open forum.

    Now if you or Brian would like to come to my forum and discuss these things, since I do not promote a competing product, I offer you an open invitation.

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    Plenty of other exercise systems have been discussed here. Most recently the ACIT system. The two people responsible for developing it came on, discussed their ideas, posted specific studies that they felt justified their ideas and it was discussed civily and turned out to be a worth while method for some people.

    For whatever reason you and Johnston can't or won't answer the questions put to you without a lot of evasiveness. Studies are put forward as evidence and then pulled back, and we're told not to take them as evidence. Yes science has limits, but just because something isn't known to a 99.99% certainty doesn't mean nothing is known, nor does it mean anything goes and any old weird claims (muscle lengthening, selective fiber recruitment depending on ROM...) are valid. JReps and similar systems are to scientifically supportable systems what theosophy is to actual religion. If you're not going to rely on the science as evidence there's no reason to quote it. When it is quoted, don't be surprised when someone who knows what they're talking about comes along and questions it and expects answers.
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    Hopefully he does so better than Arthur Jones, but Im not banking on it.

    Having seen commentary from Johnston on a large number of boards since Jreps was released, it shows that he is a pathetic, insecure, lawsuit happy idiot.

    I would call him more, but thats being nice on Bryans board. Maybe you can come to Lyles forum, where things are more open and discuss things without packing your bags and leaving.
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    I'd say delete it. I mean, what's the point at this point, you know?
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    I love Charlie's references.
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    J-reps meet X-reps....

    I am going to start my own reps soon. It will be called Z reps.

    You perform a full reps from top to bottom and after 1 year you will have growth.
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    x rep waste of time.but i have tried jreps .i made a lot of progress in 1 month using it
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    dear we have to start this crap all over again?

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