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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Greenlantern11B, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    I have no way of weighing myself. I tried ordering a scale off amazon but they wont ship it here... if anyone would like to donate that or TWO 2.5lbs plates i'd be grateful. PM for addressy :eek:

    I decided to skip the first week of 15's on Monday... I had wrist pain while benching but finished the workout.

    Today, Wednesday, I said screw the 15's and went to the 2nd day of 10's lol... NO WRIST PAIN!!! At all!

    Accidentally did the wrong weight for shrugs... did my 2nd day of 5's somehow... but I did it 10 times... it sucked enough for me to check the paper after the 2 sets were over...

    My routine is:
    Pullups(doing the russian routine in the pullup article on this site)
    flat benchpress
    incline benchpress
    chinups(same as pullups)
    Bent Over Row
    Military Press
    Barbell Curl(then i superset with lighter weights for reverse curl)
    Tricep extension
    Weighted Ab Crunches

    and I throw in 1 set of pulldowns, 1 of reverse pulldown and call it a day

    For breakfast:
    egg whites+cheese+turkey. Turkey sausage, and plain oatmeal with raisins and strawberries.

    In about 30 minutes i'm gonna eat a handful of almonds and a protein shake

    I have no way of measuring myself and no way of knowing how many calories I'm getting.

    Prohormones start next week :D

    9 months left!
  2. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    today went grrrrrrrrrrrreat!

    I go to the big base in a couple days so i'll try to snag some 2.5lbs weights. if not im gonna get someone to mail me some... working on a scale aswell...

    Hardest part was chinups... I decided to save these for last today.... I did like one then had to use the assistance machine for the rest.

    Still no wrist pain :)

    Can't wait til next weeK!!! dieselbolan=)

    Edit: I got the 2.5lbs'
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  3. TheSeeker07

    TheSeeker07 New Member

    Lol. So, you're saying you have no way of knowing if you're eating enough calories which means you could be eating under the necessary amount to grow...? Do you live in America? Because it's mandated that there are nutrition facts on food items. You mentioned you have no way to measure yourself? How is it that you don't have a scale? You don't know of a place where you can go to weigh yourself or buy one? I find that very unlikely. Why don't you use M.O.N.E.Y. to buy some weights? You get paid, correct?

    If you're getting wrist pain then it's likely that you aren't placing the bar correctly. Grab "Starting Strength" by Mark Rippetoe, he describes proper hand placement along with numerous of exercises in great detail.

    I wouldn't do chin ups and pull ups if you're essentially doing the russian method, it's pretty much like doing the same thing. Why do you do pulldowns? That's a waste of time, you already hit the same muscles. Do deadlift instead... Why don't you do either squat or deadlift?
  4. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Dude, you know he is deployed, right? Like, in the military? Some stuff is pretty scarce over there...
  5. grunt11

    grunt11 New Member

    Hey seeker there’s a thing called context which one should understand before ripping on someone, and even then it’s wise to think twice.

    This forum allows infinite editing, you might want to change your post.

    As for buying weights many places don’t ship to APO or FPO addresses (look it up if you don’t know what those are).
  6. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    It's alright guys. I Lol'd reading his post... yeah i'm deployed. Tried ordering a scale off Amazon, they don't ship certain items here, scales being one of them.

    No I have no way of measuring myself or knowing how many calories i'm getting... Whats wrong with chinups and pullups? I want to be able to do 20+ dead hang by the time i go back... i plan on going to aasslt school and they love pullups. Wouldn't chinups work Biceps more? I do pulldowns cause i want lat development.

    No deadlift/squat because I want chicken legs :D
    Besides... heavy squatting will make my 2mile decrease. And deadlifting gives you bloated belly syndrome eventually.

    And I haven't had wrist pains since my first workout.
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  7. grunt11

    grunt11 New Member

    You are joking right?

    Unless you are a terrible runner to start with I don’t see either Squats or Deadlifts pushing you above 13 minutes for the 2 mile. At my heaviest in the Corps (I was doing lots of leg and back work due to being the number 2 on my units Rugby team) I could still run sub 16 minute 3 miles.

    OTOH if you do a lot of running to stay in shape or lots of foot patrolling then heavy leg workouts could suck.

    Also, Deadlifting will not give you a bloated belly. Power lifters with big bellies are just fat, which some don’t care about in the heaviest classes because all that matters is lifting more weight and since cutting doesn’t make you stronger. . . .
  8. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    I got the bloated belly look and kept it for a long time but lately I've done a lot more cardio (by lately, I mean this year...) and lyle's stubborn fat protocol, and the bloated belly went away which leads me to believe it is mostly due to excessive visceral fat...
  9. tdawg_33

    tdawg_33 New Member

    You may find that pullups and chins and pulldowns are a bit much to recover from. I would be sore for a week lol. Try just doing the wide pullups if lat width is your goal as undergrip chins can burn your bi's out before your lats. Nothing wrong with alternating grips, widths etc. to change it up. Just listen to your body cause for some less is more. Thanks to all members of the military! And I agree that Deads don't give you a belly, food usually does lol.
  10. TheSeeker07

    TheSeeker07 New Member

    I thought he was on a base in America o_O
    I didn't know he was deployed, I thought he was preparing for deployment.
    Sorry about getting all crazy on ya. I thought you were preparing to be deployed, maybe I missed the part where you're actually deployed.

    Pullups/Chinups work lats primarily also. Grunt actually described to me why I should do just chin ups instead of pull ups in my thread, here's what he said "I consider Chin Ups and Rows superior to Pull ups. Chins Ups allow you to do more weight than Pull Ups and also allow a greater range of motion. Both of which are better for hypertrophy. Chin Ups are primarily a lat exercise, especially if you focus on using the lats for pulling. As the weight gets heavier you can’t keep the Biceps out of the equation however that’s not because they are taking anything away from the lat involvement but actually assisting them in lifting more weight. So as the weight get very heavy the Biceps do more work but the lats still do the same as if you were doing Pull Ups. I’m not saying that Pull Ups aren’t effective just that IMO you get more out of Chin Ups.". I would do deadlifts since that's just an excellent body building exercise.

    Again, sorry for freaking out. I thought you were still in the states ):
  11. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    I want to be able to do a bunch of pullups though. And i'm not using weights for either atm. I only had problems finishing the chinups cause they were the last thing I did. 16 minutes 3 miles...? -_- You were running miles a little over 5minutes?
  12. grunt11

    grunt11 New Member

    Actually my best time for record was 15:25 for the 3 mile run. Despite that one of our Gunnys brought his 16 year old son out one day to run the PT test with the company. Little bastard smoke me by over 20 seconds, running it in about 15:03 or something. The only other person who beat me head-to-head was a captain who came out to do one of our semi-annual inspection when I was stationed as an embassy guard in Freetown Sierra Leone. He saw my run time for a Max-PFT contest and didn’t believe it so specifically requested our inspection so he could come out and run against me. He beat me my about 2 seconds.

    My last year just for the hell of it another Marine and I stationed in Freetown did the Max-PFT for Marine Security Guard Battalion (about 800 Marines at the time, though only the most fit participated) I ended up beating everyone else with a 15:25 3 mile run, 40 Pull Ups (no kip), and 122 sit ups in 2 minutes.
  13. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    wow thats great... how'd you get so fast?

    Today went okay... just remembered that i ****ing forgot to do chinups... I was tired at the end though...
    No pain on the bench.... started dieselbolan today... chinups WILL be done today.

    had egg whites+turkey and turkey links + plain oatmeal and raisins for breafast(0700)

    had a weight gainer at 0900

    its 0935...

    Someones still working on the scale.
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  14. grunt11

    grunt11 New Member

    Back then I only weighed about 125 lbs. and had already been running religiously for 14 years. Plus I’m hyper competitive with myself, always trying to outdo whatever I’ve done before. One of the main reasons I stopped running and started lifting again was that I just plain ran out of interesting (not totally insane) running challenges here in the Phoenix area.

    I’m interested in hearing how the Beastdrol works for you.
  15. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    today didn't go well... I did pullups then bench... on bench i only got 9 reps. i did one more, waited 2 min then did 8... i did the rest of my workout then waited 5 min and tried again... 7... usually i do like 2 sets of pullups then bench then finish pullups today i did all six sets of pullups. I was thinking about trying again to hit 10 this afternoon.

    Any suggestions on why this may have happened? Everything else went fine.

    One tuesday I started having forearm pumps... they're still here today along with upper back/neck pumps. They feel good :)

    wait... now that i think of it... the back soreness might be because I was doing squats yesterday lol but the forearms... thats new.. maybe the diesel?
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  16. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    Today was Meh... So i've decided to drop some exercises new exercises are:

    Flat bench
    Incline bench
    Bent over Rows
    Military Press
    Chinups(at the end so I use the assisted machine)
    Barbell Curls supersetted with ez bar curls(enough weight to do 10-15 reps)
    Tricep Extensions
    Weights ab curls

    So pretty much only dropped the lat pulldown's

    Anyways, today didn't go well... I tried 185lbs on the bench today(5lbs more than what i tried on wednesday when I only completed 9 reps). Today I was only able to complete 9 reps aswell... I think i'm able to do 10 but I had to use a different bench today cause some asshole ltc took my favorite bench. The new one was an adjustable incline bench and it was kinda weird because I could feel the seperation between my butt and lower back where the bench adjusts.... Anyways i'm confident that I can do 10reps of 185lbs...

    I dont feel the diselbolan working in the way I hoped. It's supposed to bulk you up, but I've only noticed fat loss... Today is my 5th day on it... 23 more to go.

    I did pullups after bench today... I've been increasing the pullups by once after each cycle is complete.... so today it was 6 sets of 7 pullups. I believe i'm on my 3rd cycle.
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  17. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    today was the first day of 5's. Uhh light weight was light? I did 6 sets of 4 pullups as i should've according to the cycle. 4 sets of the compound lifts: bench, bent over rows, shrugs, and military press. Finished pretty fast. Still no difference from the diesel other than the little fat loss. Today is my week marker on it. I've spoken to people who are fans of it and they say they dont notice anything until the 2nd week. Hopefully it works.

    Every other lift was done for 3 sets.

    Barbell and reverse curls were supersetted
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  18. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    Today was 2nd day of 5's... Was still light

    Did flat bench first, 4 sets
    Did 6x5 pullups
    4 sets of incline
    4 sets bent over rows
    4 sets military press
    4 sets shrugs
    3 sets barbell curls supersetted with reverse curls(went to 10 reps with reverse curls)
    did tricep extensions for 3 sets
    weighted assisted chinups 3 sets of 10
    then 15 reps of 135 on the flat bench.
    some weighted ab crunches and called it a day

    I feel fine.Pullups are getting a little harder... Maybe i'm gaining weight? Still only noticing fat loss from the diesel...

    Got some drama going on in my life... its ridiculous... girl thinks im cheating on her with a friend over here... just cause i added her on facebook. I love her too much to do that... Oh well she claims we're done. Imma keep trying cause i care about her alot. She has relationship ptsd... :D
  19. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    3rd day of 5's.

    did flat bench... noticeable heavier than the last sessio. 4 sets. didn't struggle... only 10lbs away from my 10rm though... i thought it was weird that it was so heavy

    then incline... easy 4 sets.

    six sets of 8 reps for pullups

    4 sets BOR
    4 sets Shrugs
    4 Sets mil press
    3 sets curls
    3 sets reverse curls(8 reps)
    tricep extensions 2 sets of 5 reps and 1 set of 10
    weighted ab crunches. the rope pulldown was missing so i used the seated one... don't really feel it as much doing these

    had a weight gainer after

    showered and rushed to get some chow and go to the ana building...

    for breakfast i had scrambeled eggs with cheese, chicken breast, and oatmeal with raisins.

    Don't notice anything from the diesel. Epistane next time maybe?

    And the problems with my appearant ex continue... She wont even respond to me, but she left for an exercise in Japan...
    I think im going to give up on her. Shes letting her past dictate her future. smh...

    little things are starting to get to me... this LTC is putting on a dog and pony show for the bde cmdr.... seeing as how i use to wrk directly for the bde cmdr for the last year I just facepalm at all the stupid **** he does to impress the bde cmd group... I want to punch him in the dick.
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  20. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    yesterday went ok i guess. did 5 sets of 5 reps for all the compound lifts... i think im going to substitute chinups for barbell curls then dp rev curls at the end.

    i wish i had a scale to weigh myself.

    another lift day tomorrow.

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