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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Greenlantern11B, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Greenlantern11B

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    Today went well... 2nd to last day of 5's.

    The weight was pretty easy for most of the lifts(minus bent over rows).. Bench was only 10lbs away from my calculated 5rm but I feel I can definently do it more than 5x.

    Did 5 sets of 5 reps on flat bench
    Did 6 sets of 6 reps on pullups
    Followed by 5 sets 5 reps of inclined bench
    5x5 bent over rows
    3x8 chinups(any suggestions on this? When should i do it during my routine? first? last?... I honestly felt like it was harder doing curls)
    I also did reverse curls with the ez bar+50lbs. Did 3x8
    tricep extensions
    weighted ab crunches
    15reps of 155lbs bench

    called it a day. I feel good.
  2. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    Last day of 5's went well

    i believe it was 210 on the bench... can definently do more. did 5x5
    then pullups(6x5)
    incline 5x5
    shrugs 5x5
    BOR 5x5
    mil press 5
    chinups 8x3(anyone have any improvement for chinups in hst?)
    reverse curls 3x10
    tricep extensions 3x10
    weighted ab crunches

    Maybe i look at my reflection too much. i notice im bigger with not much fat gain if any but it seems like water weight aswell... not just muscle.

    my gf decided she was being an idiot.... our ltc left and some asshole pog major is trying to run us to make himself look better and is making us do 12 hr shifts because "we'll appreciate it at the end even if we don't know it now." even though his ass doesnt even do 12hr shifts and even comes in at ****ing 1300 on fridays and sundays because he feels like it.... and he wants us to force the Afghan Soldiers to start doing things that he claims they were doing before we got there.... Why are we changing **** if our team is what the ****ing brigade commander is trying to model the others after? I imagine ppl burning out doing 12 our shifts for the rest of our deployment(7months left)... one shift is going to get ONE meal a day(cant go to the chow in pt because 1st cavs commander is a faggot and the mps here actually listen to his stupid rules) and you cant bring food into your room cause idiot mp's left trays in their rooms which attracted rats which attracted snakes.. just rantin dont mind me

    i ****ing hate pogs....
  3. grunt11

    grunt11 New Member

    Sorry to hear about all the BS but in a way I find solace in hearing that other units are even more F’d up than mine.

    That was one thing I liked about the Corps when I was in. No POGs ever in the in a grunt’s chain of command at least up to the division level.
  4. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    Uhh so the Marine Corps just started making POGs 1SG's for grunt companies? Because they do that now...

    The MP's aren't in my COC but they are responsible for this FOB(its not even a fob... its only like 2 company sized elements a platoon of czech republic guys, some civies/contractors, and the sfa team im on which has about 16 people.

    My brigade falls under 1st Cav Divisio... the Army deploys brigade combat teams to do the fighting then a different units Divison element to be in charge... sometimes the brigades parent division will be in charge though... like after we got back from iraq our Division element was forced to go back like 5 months later and they took 2nd brigade instead of us. We went to afghanistan and 1st cavs divison is incharge, with their brigades going to Iraq. Before we got here 101st division was incharge and they had all their brigades here under it.
  5. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    So the USMC just started putting POG 1SG's in charge of grunt companies? Because they do that now...

    The MP's aren't in my COC. They're just in charge of this FOB... its not actually a FOB. Theres 2 Companies here(MP's and HHC from our BDE Cav unit), about a plt size of Czech Republic dudes, some civies/contractors, and about 16 guys on our SFA Team.

    1st Cav guys aren't pogs, they just make stupid rules because they're CSM's and Major Generals and don't have to follow them.

    The Major here is intel... when our ltc was here he use to suggest ideas and either get told to stfu or to go back to his office lol.

    Now that we got that out of the way, our BDE CSM wanted everyone(not the guys on the line... hopefully) to take a pt test while we're out here so we did that today. By we I mean myself and 2 other Infantry SGT's who were robbed from the Lines and forced into this bs because almost everyone else is on profile...(except tthis inf SSG and some new SPC from my old battalion... they work night so they'll take it later tonight). Someones already had a heart attack and heat stroke(he was unresponsive after like 4 iv's last i heard... medevac'd to BAF) but we did it anyways.... sooooooooo:

    I did 71 pushups- 96
    71 situps-88
    15:45 2mile(dont judge me)-69

    making my pt score 253/300(180's is the Armys "standard" 270 is infantry standard... my score is kinda typical for those who actually go to the gym while deployed... im guessing line guys would be a bit lower and people who do run outside would be higher)

    No excuse for not maxing pushups/situps other than I haven't actually done any pushups/situps in about 6 months. Finished the first 60 pushups before a minute... lol... We only have a treadmill to run on here(we drove to a different base to use their HLZ) of the guys got sick off the generator fumes and started cramping up then had to stop...

    I'm not doing any pushups/situps here... they're changing the APFT. And im trying to get the SFC who graded us to count it as a record since I dont wish to take anymore while here... i have ADD when it comes to treadmills.

    Not sure if im gonna go to the gym later today or wait until tomorrow morning... kinda tired.. lower back hurts from run...
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  6. grunt11

    grunt11 New Member

    AFAIK when I was in 81-89 (well 81-85 at least when I was a grunt, I was an embassy guard for the last 4 years) a 1stSgt in the grunts had to have an 03 (grunt MOS) of some kind. We did have E8s that were POGs but they were Master Sergeants and were only in administrative not leadership billets so you would see them in admin, supply, chow hall but not in the line companies or weapons companies. Heaven knows what they are doing today since I’ve heard some horror stories from guys assigned to “Marine One” when I support them on missions.

    I’m not sure what it is but I’ve never liked Army MPs. When I was a lieutenant in the Army I was walking through the PX with a captain and noticed some MP corporal kept eyeballing me. Finally I got pissed and walked over and asked him what his problem was. He starts in with this crap, in a snotty tone of voice, that I can’t put my cap in my sleeve and lists the only authorized places like pocket, down that back of your trousers or something, and probably another place (note in the Corps we starched and blocked our covers so to keep from messing them up we put the bill in our rolled up sleeve so the cover stuck up over our shoulder and wouldn’t get wrinkled).

    Man I went off on him. I don’t remember my exact words as I was sort of channeling the Marine Corps Sergeant in me but essentially told him he better not ever cop an attitude like that with me again since even though he was an MP he didn’t have any situational authority over me at that time because he didn’t properly approach me and instead I had to approach him to find out why he was eye f**king me (ok that was total BS but he didn’t know it and by then I’d pretty much scared the crap out of him). When I dismissed him the captain I was with walked up and said that now he knew why I graduated at the top of my OCS class.

    I doubt I could do 50 pushups right now since I’ve been doing so much low rep work for so long. So what are they changing the new APFT to, have they told you yet?
  7. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    i dont remember... something like:

    1.5mile run
    some shuttle sprints
    standing long jump
    1 minute pushups(No authorized rest positions... once you stop the test is over)

    its a whole bunch of nonsense... they're trying to do the whole usmc cft thing too... maybe i've mixed some of the events together

    i know they've added some balance beam while walkng with loaded water jugs to it aswell.

    they were going to add pullups but said they wanted 1 score for both genders and females suck at pullups... so they didnt add it... seriously... thats what the creators said in the Army Times...

    Im guessing if its 1 score for everyone then the pushups gonna be LUlzeasy

    infact everything should be easy.... as of now(the current apft) they get like a perfect score for running a 16minute 2 mile.... and they pass only doing 20 pushups... its ridiculous.
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  8. grunt11

    grunt11 New Member

    Interesting. I remember at the end of the 80s when Gray was the Commandant of the Marine Corps he wanted to change the fitness test from the run, pullups, situps to something more “functional” involving an obstacle course carrying ammo cans, a dummy drag and other things geared toward “real” combat fitness rather than the standard test. Never happened AFAIK.

    That new APFT sounds like everything else in U.S. society, it’s being dumbed down to the lowest common denominator so that anyone can make the grade.
  9. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    Yeah Marines do the regular pt test and the combat fitness test

    i think the Armys new pt test would be harder if the scores were gender seperated.
    The pushups is probably going to get a bunch of people... I can do 60+ easily but I do like 40 then rest... then knock them out in sets of 10's and 5's. now you can't rest at all.

    and the shuttle run/sprint stuff .... i hate sprinting im gonna suck...

    then the standing long jump -_- wth is this? that **** doesnt matter when you have 60+lbs of gear on.

    oh yeah... my back was really sore this morning and i didnt feel like going to the gym :(

    i'll go tomorrow!
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  10. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    hmm so i went the other day... i thought i posted it... nothing really new... i did 220lbs felt like i could do it 6-7 reps instead of just 5 sets of 5 reps....

    today i did:
    225lbs on flat bench 10 sets of 3 reps. I can add more weight... I could probably do that about 5x.

    I just added 5lbs on the other lifts from 2 days ago... did 5x5 with them

    For incline I did 2 sets of 15 reps with 135lbs.
    3 sets of 6 pullups and 3 sets of 6 chinups... wasnt sure what i wanted to do really

    did 3 sets of 12 reps for reverse curls using ez bar +25lbs on each side.

    and did some weighted ab crunches and tricep extensions.

    still feeling good :D
  11. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    today i did:

    Reps: 6,5,5,4,3 BW

    Flat bench: 9x3 of 235lbs and 1x3 of 240lbs
    I feel like I can still add MOAR!!!.... and i will :D

    did incline bench 150lbs i tried for 15 reps but only got 12, waited a couple seconds, finished the other 3.

    Then did another set got to 10, waited, did 5 more.

    then 5x5 for BOR,Military Press, Shrugs

    3x12 for reverse curls using 25lbs on both sides of the ez bar

    did tricep extensions, weighed crunches

    6,5,5,4,3 BW chinups

    and i tried to do the wrist/rope chain rollup thing for your forearms. did it once(it was a makeshift one using 550... rope was too long) i ran out of time, had to shower and get chow b4 leaving the fob to go to my shift.
  12. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    found out today i may be going back to the line to be a tl. bitter sweet... wanna kill baddies but at the same time line pretty much=crappy gym and next to no gym time
  13. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    Reps: 7,6,5,5,4,3 BW( i did one more set than i was supposed to... didnt write it down, went off memory)

    Flat bench: 9x3 of 240lbs and 1x3 of 245lbs
    I think i've reached my limit lol
    great timing to cause its pct time:

    HCGenerate 3caps am/2 pm
    Clomid 50/50/25/25

    did incline bench 155lbs i tried for 10 reps, 2 sets.

    then 3x5 for BOR,Military Press, Shrugs

    3x8 for reverse curls using 25lbs on both sides of the ez bar then did some regular curls for the hell of it(only about 8)

    did tricep extensions, weighed crunches

    BW chinups, same scheme as pullups

    and i ran outta time for more ****. was gonna do the wrist stuff.
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  14. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    3rd day of pct...

    pullups: 8,7,6,6,5
    Did 185lbs On bench:
    3x8... it was actually kinda heavy(it was my 10RM but i know i can do it more than 10x now... maybe like 14-15)

    did incline 160lbs 3x8
    chinups were the same as pullups
    mil press
    ab crunches
    tricep extensions
    Everything was 3x8 using my 10rm from this cycle.
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  15. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    5th day of pct...

    pullups: 8,7,6,5,5,5
    Did 190lbs On be nch:

    did incline 165lbs 3x8
    chinups were the same as pullups
    mil press
    ab crunches
    tricep extensions
    Everything was 3x8 using my 10rm+5lbs from this cycle

    my arm/chest joint felt kinda dry.... gonna lower the formestanzol 5 pumps morning, 5 at night

    found out i dont really need clomid... so i've decided to continue with 50mg with week. and do 25/25/25 for the following.
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  16. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    7th day of pct...

    pullups: 9,7,6,6,5
    Did 195lbs On bench:

    did incline 170lbs 3x8
    chinups were the same as pullups
    mil press
    ab crunches
    tricep extensions
    Everything was 3x8 using my 10rm+10lbs from this cycle

    Three more weeks of pct. 25mg clomid for the next 3.
    Ready for SD @.@

  17. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    9th day of pct...

    pullups: 10,7,6,6,5
    Did 205lbs On bench:

    did incline 170lbs 1x8
    175lbs 2x8

    chinups were the same as pullups
    bor 160lbs 3x8
    mil press 120lbs 1x8 1x6 rest a bit then do 2 more reps, and 1x5 rest a bit, 3 more reps
    weighted ab crunches 3x15
    tricep extensions 3x8

    Joint didn't hurt as much as the past couple of days. My old 5rm was 205lbs(when i started this cycle) now, however many weeks later, im doing it for 8 reps and think i may be able to get 10, 9 definently.

    Just a lowley infantryman wanting to build a body that will make his girl proud(i lost all my awesomeness cause i got sick and was on a liquid diet and on quarters/couldnt lift for about 2 months.) then i built it back .... not as good. more fat than before but still got compliments on my awesomeness and EIB( comes and I have caused stress fractures in both my legs cause of running/ruckmarching everyday to prepare for it. I had it diagnosed about 2 months away from EIB testing

    - had to jump through hoops with this female PA... i asked for an xray not knowing any better and she just lets me get it even though i told her it was stress fractures because i've had shin splints and can run through that easy... so I get it and she calls me to tell me they've come back normal. I'm like "wtf... this cant be shin splints." so i do some research and you can't detect stress fractures with xrays most of the time. So i go back and tell her my new found info and she responds with "I know."..... "umm.... can I get a BONE SCAN?" she says yes. I go there take the radiation thing, come back like 30min later and get scanned. The scanner guy is immediately like "WTF? You're from Schofield aren't you?" "Yeah, whats wrong" he goes on to say that he's not really trained at seeing stress fractures but it was obvious that mine were serious

    ANYHOWS... I missed the run(it was like 14:00 and i missed it by 13 secs -_-.... i was mad and couldnt walk the rest of the day... i actually had to wait in my room for hrs before attempting to walk down the stairs(i got moved to brigade so nobody was really tracking me). It took like an hr to walk 3 city like blocks after i finished to get to the parking lot. Worst pain ever. Learned my lesson about running everyday

    Edit: Yes guys, you're reading that right. I ran 2miles in 14:13 with stress fractures in both of my legs. Level 4 in the left and level 1 in the right. Level 4's the highest, after that its an actual fracture(bone breaks)... No big deal *flex* :D lol Prior to getting injured i was doing 7mile runs and like 4miles in there'd be platoons doing a pt test on the straight away, starting right when Im running past and I was able to still finish the 2mile before MOST of them... I was just TOO FA! lol

    Enough ego stroking... back to the log
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  18. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    11th day of pct...

    pullups: 10,8,6,6,6
    Did 210lbs On bench:

    did incline 180lbs 1st set: 8 reps. 2nd set: 6 reps, rest a bit then 2 more 3rd set: 5 reps, rest, 3 more

    chinups did 10, 2 more, 6, 4.. rest.. 2 more, 3 rest 3 more.

    bor 165lbs 3x8
    mil press 125lbs 1x8 1x6 rest a bit then do 2 more reps, and 1x5 rest a bit, 3 more reps
    weighted ab crunches 3x15
    tricep extensions 3x8

    2 more weeks of 5 reps then SD time :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  19. grunt11

    grunt11 New Member

    So how did the “Beast” work out for you?
  20. Greenlantern11B

    Greenlantern11B New Member

    i took diesel. gonna wait a month then take beast after.

    But I got good strength gains after the 2nd week. It seemed like it lowered my body fat in the beginning. I look at myself in the mirror everyday so i cant really see any difference other than the strength gains and body fat... I had back pumps the first week. My forearms were noticeably bigger after 10x3.

    210lbs is 25lbs more than my old 10rm... and 5lbs more than my old 5rm and i did it 8x today.So yeah... the strength gains :D

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