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  1. Pantadeas

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    Hey guys,

    I am new here so i will introduce myself briefly. 26 old year dude, just from college, working in the office. I am skinny-fat guy who want to something with himself. So my goal for now is loose fat an get little bit stronger - i will post foto probably tomorrow so i can compare my progress. Also i will set the goals for squat, deadlift and bench-press since i am weak as hell and i dont like that very much.

    I did TBT from CW last 6 weeks and i fall in love with fullbody training. That said, HST looked really fun to do after.

    I injured my knee 5 years ago and i did not proceed the surgery so i am really careful with that.

    I am 179 cm and 86 kg.

    Squat - 100 kg - 150 kg
    Deadlift - 105 kg - 165 g
    Bench - 90 kg - 110 kg

    Squat - 125 kg
    Deadlift - 140 kg
    Bench - 95 kg

    I choose six weeks program 2x12 2x8 2x4. Workout 3 times a week (monday, tuesday, friday prefered, but sometimes i have to switch it to tuesday, thursday, sunday). I have also 2 lists so i am going 1. week ABA 2. week BAB. One time in week spinning with friends if i have time and rucking in winter - goal is 2 times a week.

    Lying leg curl
    Barbell row
    Overhead Press
    Seated reversed on peck deck
    Ez-bar curl

    Hack Squat
    Incline dumbells
    Parallel pull ups
    Seated Dumbbell press
    Bench Dips
    Dumbbell hammer curl

    I have already logs from my firts two trainings i will post them later.

    Any feedback appreciated!

    Edit: Added photo before HST for later comparation.

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  2. Pantadeas

    Pantadeas Member

    First 2 trainings from monday and wednesday.

    Mo 21.11.2016

    Squat - 60kg
    Lying leg curl - 20kg
    Bench-press - 55kg
    Barbell row - 30kg
    Overhead Press - 25kg
    Seated reversed on peck deck - 24
    Dips - 40
    Ez-bar curl - Ez bar+5kg
    Calves - 40kg
    Abs - 10 reps

    Wed 23.11.2016

    Hack Squat - 10kg
    Deadlift - 65kg
    Incline dumbells - 2x16kg
    Parallel pull ups - BW-50kg
    Seated Dumbbell press - 2x14kg
    Shrugs - 2x18
    Bench Dips - BW
    Dumbbell hammer curl - 2x8kg
    Seated Calves - 20kg
    Abs - 10 reps + 5kg
  3. Pantadeas

    Pantadeas Member

    Fri 23.11.2016

    Squat - 65kg
    Lying leg curl - 25kg
    Bench-press - 60kg - 2nd set just 10 reps next workout again 60kg
    Barbell row - 35kg
    Overhead Press - 27,5kg
    Seated reversed on peck deck - 27kg
    Dips - BW-35kg
    Ez-bar curl - Ez bar+7,5kg
    Calves - 45kg
    Abs - 12 reps
  4. benben2356

    benben2356 Member

    Good luck with your first HST cycle ....

    Looks like a good selection of exercises , although you do have quite a lot to get through in each workout.

    I'd probably limit it to 6 or 7 exercises per session...

    It's fine early on ... But once you start pushing hard in the 4s and post 4s phase you may find it hard to focus on so many lifts.

    I'm in the post 5s phase of my first cycle and I'm finding that I'm having to drop some of the unnecessary assistance lifts just to get through the big compounds with adequate volume ...

    But it's all a learning curve ..... I'm still a newbie to the principles of HST myself so I'm by no means qualified to give advice.
  5. Pantadeas

    Pantadeas Member

    Thanks for reply!

    Right now i feel good about the workout i believe the regeneration is alright with this amount of exercises. I will stick with it for now but i will consider drop out 1 or 2 later on if i will feel that i cant renegerate well.
  6. Browner

    Browner Well-Known Member

    Looks like a good set up to get you going, and a nice balance between push and pull. When you get to the 4s you might want to think about dropping some of the assistance stuff, but increase the volume on the bigger compound lifts to 3 sets rather than 2. But all in all it looks good. Get the food and sleep in between sessions and you'll be seeing some gains in no time.
  7. Pantadeas

    Pantadeas Member

    Hi, ok i will consider that. Thanks :) I am kinda curious about that weeks with 4 reps. It looks like it will be pretty hard.
  8. Pantadeas

    Pantadeas Member

    Mon 28.11.2016

    Hack Squat - 15kg
    Deadlift - 70kg
    Incline dumbells - 2x18kg
    Parallel pull ups - BW-45kg
    Seated Dumbbell press - 2x16kg
    Shrugs - 2x18
    Bench Dips - BW+2,5
    Dumbbell hammer curl - 2x10kg
    Seated Calves - 25kg
    Abs - 12 reps + 5kg
  9. benben2356

    benben2356 Member

    Yeah the last 5s phase ... (4s in your case)
    Really sneaks up on you ...

    I found the 15s and 10s were a breeze... Then on the second week of 5s things really started getting tough ...

    However if you keep pushing hard and manipulate the volume a little you'll find yourself hitting PRs in the final post 4s weeks...

    just make sure you eat like crazy when things start to get tough ...

    As soon as I found myself starting to struggle in the later part of the 5s I added an extra meal to my daily intake and I added extra carbs to my pre workout snack ... Ive found that's given me the extra energy I need to get through these tough sessions
  10. Pantadeas

    Pantadeas Member

    Tue 29.11.2016

    Rucking 1:10 - 11,5 kg
  11. Pantadeas

    Pantadeas Member

    I see. I will try to prepare also some extra regeneration procedures for that weeks.
  12. Browner

    Browner Well-Known Member

    Jaffa cakes and jelly babies in the gym work also helps get through that volume!
  13. Pantadeas

    Pantadeas Member

    Thanks for the tip.

    Also which of the exercises would you drop later direct arm work and abs, or shrugs/calves? I don't want to drop any compoud exercise. Thanks!
  14. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    Personally I would drop direct arm work before I would drop shrugs or calves, abs you could just do some exercises at home at any time.
  15. Browner

    Browner Well-Known Member

    You're welcome.

    Personally I would consider dropping everything you have mentioned (arms, shrugs, calves and abs). Your arms will still get a lot of stimulus from the Rows and pull ups, Your traps will get plenty of stimulus from the deadlift, and your abs (providing you are bracing your core correctly) will get plenty of stimulus from all the compound movements. Then you could increase the volume of the bigger compound lifts to 3 or 4 sets

    Hope this helps. This is just my personal view, you'll find others will agree and some others will disagree, and overtime you'll learn what works best for you. Hope this helps.
  16. Pantadeas

    Pantadeas Member

    Wed 30.11.2016

    12 reps
    Squat - 70kg
    Lying leg curl - 30kg
    Bench-press - 60kg
    Barbell row - 40kg
    Overhead Press - 30kg
    Seated reversed on peck deck - 30kg
    Dips - BW-30kg
    Ez-bar curl - Ez bar+10kg
    Calves - 50kg
    Abs - 14 reps
  17. Pantadeas

    Pantadeas Member

    Fri 2.12.2016

    Hack Squat - 20kg
    Deadlift - 75kg
    Incline dumbells - 2x20kg
    Parallel pull ups - BW-40kg
    Seated Dumbbell press - 2x18kg
    Shrugs - 2x22
    Bench Dips - BW+5
    Dumbbell hammer curl - 2x10kg
    Seated Calves - 30kg
    Abs - 14 reps + 5kg

    So that was my last workout with 12 reps. Next week i am going to 8 reps! So far so good!

    Today i wanted do some rucking but i feel little bit ill and there is cold outside so i will stay home and take a rest, do not want to risk flu or some other shit.
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  18. Pantadeas

    Pantadeas Member

    Mon 5.12.2016

    8 reps
    Squat - 70kg
    Lying leg curl - 30kg
    Bench-press - 60kg
    Barbell row - 40kg
    Overhead Press - 30kg
    Seated reversed on peck deck - 30kg
    Dips - BW-25kg
    Ez-bar curl - Ez bar+10kg
    Calves - 50kg
    Abs - 12 reps

    Wed 7.12.2016

    8 reps
    Hack Squat - 25kg
    Deadlift - 75kg
    Incline dumbells - 2x20kg
    Parallel pull ups - BW-35kg
    Seated Dumbbell press - 2x18kg
    Shrugs - 2x22
    Bench Dips - BW+10
    Dumbbell hammer curl - 2x10kg
    Seated Calves - 30kg
    Abs - 10 reps + 10kg
  19. Pantadeas

    Pantadeas Member

    Both workouts for 8 reps was pretty easy. Today we have christmas party with my co-workers and i am afraid that i will drink too much and i will be blasted tomorrow. Beer is by far my biggest weakness, i love beer, i brew beer myslef and love to taste new styles and brands from craft breweries. It is not good i know but, it is really love of my life. I am trying to don't drink too much but it is so hard!

    On the other hand, after TBT i observe some changes and results and i believe that HST will delivery too. I feel good on workouts and weight on the bars are going slowly but surely up.
  20. Pantadeas

    Pantadeas Member

    Well, no workout today, obviously... Do you think guys i should go on sunday and then on monday or donĀ“t go?

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