Pictures everyone?

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    looks like you got it all worked out. yeah ive been concentrating on the quality of carbs ive been takin in recently and it has improved things, however ive gained much better results by adding another 2litres of water a day. seems to have boosted my energy levels and i dont shift in water weight as much as i used to.
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    This is me, 31, Aussie, 6ft, 183, 89.6kg -197.1lbs Current been cutting for 10 weeks. Dont know what my bf% is, somewere around 15% as a guess. Maybe a little less, who knows!
    Lifting for a little over one year.
    Looking to pack some muscle on with HST!
  4. Bryan Haycock

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    You are less than 15%, unless you carry it all above the neck. :D
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  5. Bryan Haycock

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  6. LDU

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    ive been called fat head before, lol!

    been trying to locate somewehre that has a bod pod down here to get a more accurate bf% but cant find anything.

    You got a massive chest Bryan! decline presses maybe?!

    Thats a good resources, next fit. Although as your no longer with them im not supporting.
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  8. LDU

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    before and after pics, one cycle. Bulk

    measurements posted in my training log and also HST results section
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    Very impressive Philo. I know it takes a lot of dedication to get that lean.
  11. Philo

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    Damn right. But this time, I´m doing it again and although it´s hard, I love it:cool:
  12. mkwhite

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    My Pic

    37 yr old 91kg.
    On my first HST Routine
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    Before / After pics of hst

    I started HST shredded at 148 lbss. I gained 10 lbs by the end of the cycle. some fat, some muscle. guess my bf %?
  14. seancasey23

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    Hey guys i'm new here
    5'11 156lbs 24 years old

    I'm going for the Abercrombie Model look.I've been on a cut for about 2 months. Should i start bulking or should i continue cutting given my goals?

    Thanks, and have a successful day!

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  15. wobbles

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    You dont really have any muscle on you. So if you keep cutting your just going to look anorexic. I'd say find out what you maintenance calories are. Then eat about 20% above that while exercising correctly.
  16. seancasey23

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    that helps a lot i've just had a hard time really judging how i look in the mirror cause i see it everyday. Would you say to start eating more even if my goals were to look like an abercrombie model? cause all i see on those guys are ripped abs. not necessarily huge muscles. any replies would be greatly appreciated. thanks guys!
  17. seancasey23

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    something like this...

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  18. TunnelRat

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    Okay, that's about 8% body fat. You can do that if you like, but it will cost you a lot. A lot, that is, in terms of time, dieting, and some muscle loss. You may be wiser to start with some muscle building (hypertrophy) first, then cut.

    With more muscle you'll be able to lift heavier. That will help save your muscle when you cut back on calories. Besides, it will give you something to show off when you finally get down to 8%...
  19. Totentanz

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    You'd be better off being around 160-170 @ around 8% if you want the appropriate look. Your pecs are too small and you need more v taper which you will get from slightly bigger lats and delts. Bulk to probably around 180-190 then cut down to 170-160...
  20. grunt11

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    You make a good point about being hard to judge in the mirror especially since things change so slowly. Since you’ve already started I would keep taking pictures at regular intervals, whether you want to post them or not. It’s much easier to gauge your progress comparing before and after pictures than just looking in the mirror.

    If you’re going for the look in the picture you posted then I wouldn’t follow any of the standard HST workouts. You want to focus on building some (not a huge amount) of size in your chest, shoulders, biceps and abs but not your back, triceps, butt or legs. In other words you’d actually skip a lot of the compound “mass” building movements and focus on things like Flyes, Curls, Front, Lateral and Rear Delt Raises and abs work. You might be able to get away with some Incline Presses but you don’t want to develop big Triceps. Some Close Grip Chin Ups might also work as long as your lats don’t get too big. You do want your lats somewhat wider for that look but not thicker. Definitely stay away from heavy Squats, Deadlifts and Rows as they will make you look more like a body builder.

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