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  1. Toolman

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    As requested I'm putting up my training log. Today is my last day of SD (finally!!) and I can go back to the gym again tomorrow. I'm beginning my fifth consecutive HST cycle, having only missed two workouts since my first one back in May. This wasn't my first experience with HST and had it not been for some minor setbacks I choose not to focus on, I'd be further along than I am now. That said, my progress over the last six months has been the best I've ever had and am now seriously thinking about bodybuilding competition. As of today, there are contests coming up that are 31, 39, 50, and 55 weeks out and I'm not sure yet which I'll enter. My immediate goal is to see if I can put on about ten to fifteen pounds in the next 14 weeks. If I can do that, I'll have time (about 16 weeks) to diet down for the first comp, and come in at the top of the middleweight class. This is also not my first experience with bodybuilding competition and have no doubt that I can get down to about 5% BF in that time. I just need to add some more muscle to come in at the top of the class.

    Height: 6 ft 1/2 in (really, really, tall for a middleweight, I know)
    Weight: 185
    BF: ~15%

    Depending on how things go, I'll start thinking about moving up to the light-heavies next year.

    Here is a copy of my workout card. I have been developing a rather elaborate spreadsheet on OpenOffice Calc that generates the suggested weights for each workout based either on RM's, or on the max weight used during the last cycle, and then prints the workout card.

    View attachment 1979

    One more day, and I can get to work!
  2. Toolman

    Toolman New Member

    First workout of the cycle:

    Squats (Warmup) [email protected], (Work set) 90x15
    Leg Extension 140x15!
    Calf Press 180x15↑
    Bench (Warmup) [email protected], (Test rep) 95x1 (Work set) 105x15!
    Cable Crossover [email protected]!
    Abs - Incline situps (second rung)

    Up arrows tell me that the set was a little easy and I should bump up the weight a little more next time. Exclamation points are for awesome sets.

    I never really have done squats much before, and not in a long time, so I may stick with that weight for a little while and focus on range of motion. They felt pretty good today. Leg extensions right after felt real good.

    What's amazing is how my muscles are reacting right now. I've had ten days of no training, and feel like I've picked up where I left off, even though the weights are much lighter. Feels good man. Back, shoulders, and arms tomorrow.
  3. TunnelRat

    TunnelRat Active Member

    Take your time. Learn to get your squat form right while you're still working with the lighter weights: knees out, superman chest, tight core, deep breath, etc.

    I am of the view that it helps to go at least to parallel or below. You might be amazed how many guys I see loading up the bar, but only squatting an inch or two...
  4. _tim

    _tim Well-Known Member

    COMPLETELY AGREE with TR. Take your time and learn squat form carefully. Not only will good form keep you free of injury in almost every case, it will also produce results that exceed expectations. Toolman, look online at vids of ATG squats. Yes - loads will be lighter, but as you engage your hip flexors coming out of the hole, you develop areas of your legs and core that you would likely miss doing conventional squats. I'd highly recommend considering the ATG form as you develop the lift.
  5. Toolman

    Toolman New Member

    And I completely agree with both of you, TR and Tim. Thanks for the advice! My goal for squats this cycle is simply to master them and work up to as much range of motion these creaky joints are capable of. At this point, no matter how little weight I use, my body will respond to them. Similarly, deadlifts, which I have more experience with but still haven't been in my repertoire for a long time, will take a while for me to work up to heavier weights, which brings me to today's workout:

    Deadlifts (warm up) [email protected] (work sets) [email protected]
    Nautilus Low Row 80x15!
    Barbell Press 55x15
    Nautilus Laterals 45x15!
    Tricep Extensions [email protected]
    EZBar Curl 55x15!

    Good workout. This is the end of the first two workouts of my first split routine ever using HST. Already I notice that the weights feel heavier than at the beginning of the last four cycles, but I feel like I'm making gains right out of the gate and confident that I can still hit my targets at the end of each two weeks. On a three-full-body-workout-per-week routine, I didn't start feeling like I do right now until the ten's. Let's keep it up!
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  6. Toolman

    Toolman New Member

    Week One, Workout Three

    Squats (Warmup) [email protected], (Work set) 100x15!
    Leg Extension 145x15!
    Calf Press 190x15↑
    Bench (Warmup) [email protected], (Work set) 115x15!
    Cable Crossover [email protected]!
    Abs - Incline situps (second rung)

    Great workout! Very satisfying sets on all but calves. Probably using too little weight so I'll bump it up a bit more next time. I'm really enjoying the cable crossovers. The machine at my gym has a mirror right in front of it and I get to hit a most-muscular pose with every rep and see my pecs working. Very motivating!

    Today's workout should be a bit of a challenge. While at work yesterday, my lower back went into spasms even though I wasn't doing anything heavy. This is not an uncommon occurrence and I've learned how to deal with it. Been taking aspirin ever since, and had some extra-strength Tylenol PM before bedtime. Back feels much better now, but will be very cautious doing deadlifts today. Also, something I'm apparently allergic to started pollinating yesterday and I've got a bit of a sinus infection and cough. Been taking Benedryl for that too. Not going to let this bother me, however.

    I have also been researching contests in my region and have found some from one of the natural bodybuilding organizations that I could consider entering, in addition to the NPC events I'm looking at. The earliest show I would consider is May 14th, but I think that's too soon. There are two back-to-back on June 18th and 25th which is very tempting to try, then more toward the end of October. This puts me 29 and 30 weeks out to those first contests. I'm estimating that I need to put on about 5 pounds of muscle in the next three months, then begin cutting approximately 15 pounds of fat to get to 176 @ ~5%. This puts me at the top of the middleweight class and seems very do-able at this point.
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  7. TunnelRat

    TunnelRat Active Member

    When I do calf raises, I like to use the same weight that I use for my deadlifts. That's usually the heaviest weight I use for any exercise and ensures my calve take a bit of a beating.

    I've had a lot of luck using muscle relaxers in combination with aspirin and tylenol. I use Soma, but Parafon Forte or some other might do just as well. Mine are by prescription, of course!
  8. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    What vitamins are you taking? I find that supplementing with potassium and magnesium helps with muscle spasms outside of the gym.
  9. Toolman

    Toolman New Member

    In regards to my back issues, it isn't serious enough for prescription meds. Aspirin, or Tylenol PM, and medicinal "herb" takes care of it. It really wasn't an issue today. (The sinus infection on the other hand is killing me!) In spite of it all, I had another great workout today. Back felt fine, great in fact, doing deads and low rows, then blasted shoulders with two perfect sets of barbell presses followed by laterals on the Nautilus machine. The amount of muscle definition popping out in my shoulders, chest, and arms is blowing me away! Here are the numbers:

    End of week one:
    Deadlifts (warm up) [email protected] (work sets) [email protected]
    Nautilus Low Row 100x15!
    Barbell Press [email protected]!
    Nautilus Laterals [email protected]! (Very close to failure on the last rep!)
    Tricep Extensions [email protected]
    EZBar Curl 60x15!

    Every set with the exception of deadlifts was perfect. Probably babying my back a little too much at the beginning of the workout, but don't want to risk injury and getting sidelined this early in the game. With the first contest I'm considering only about 30 weeks away, I don't have time to lose.

    By the way, the only supplements I'm taking right now are a multi-vitamin/mineral, a B-complex, and a C-complex. I also snack on Pure Protein or Clif Builder's protein bars between meals.
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  10. whistledixie

    whistledixie New Member

    Good work this week, Toolman! The weeks started flying by for me after the 1st week of 15s. I guess it was all the excitement or anticipation, but once the weight started getting heavier and I was feeling the effects on my body it has really seemed to move quick. Keep it up, bro!~
  11. Toolman

    Toolman New Member

    Thanks WD!

    Only took one day off between weeks one and two. I won't be able to train next Saturday or Sunday, so I'll finish the 15's on Friday. Not sure if it was the short weekend or this allergy I'm fighting, but today's workout seemed heavy. I was able to hit all my goals, and got a good pump working chest, but I was huffin' and puffin'. It sure took my mind off my sinuses and felt great for a while after. Chest is a little sore tonight too (probably from excessive posing yesterday).

    Squats (Warmup) [email protected], 95x5, (Work set) 105x15!
    Leg Extension 150x15↑
    Calf Press [email protected]
    Bench (Warmup) [email protected], 95x5, (Work set) 120x15!
    Cable Crossover [email protected]!
    Abs - Incline situps (second rung)
  12. Toolman

    Toolman New Member

    Today's was another great workout! Had a really nice pump after (see pic):

    Deadlifts (warm up) [email protected] (work sets) 110x15↑
    Nautilus Low Row [email protected]!↑
    Barbell Press 65x15!
    Nautilus Laterals 50x15! (Very close to failure on the last rep!)
    Tricep Extensions [email protected]
    EZBar Curl 60x16!↑

    Forgot to mention that I threw in a set of overhead triceps extensions, and some concentration curls at the end. Just f'ing around but it felt pretty good!

    View attachment 1982 View attachment 1983
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  13. Toolman

    Toolman New Member

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Just heading off to the gym for the first half of my last workout of the 15's. I'm on track to beat my best by ten pounds on every lift! Goals achieved! I'm also taking advantage of the abundance of food around the house this week and not caring how much I gain in the next few days, though I don't expect too much of it will be fat.

    Legs, chest, and abs today as usual, though I'm thinking of switching abs for biceps because I like doing bi's after chest. Back, shoulders, and arms tomorrow, then off to Indy to see my Chargers beat up on the Colts. Won't be back in the gym until Tuesday, but I don't think that extra day off will matter much. In fact the break will probably do me some good. I'll try to get some kind of workout in at the hotel gym Sunday morning if I can anyway.

    I'll post today's workout later today, maybe tomorrow. Got a lot of cooking to do today.
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  14. Toolman

    Toolman New Member

    These are the last two workouts of the 15's. Looking forward to the 10's which is when I see the most growth! Had a little trouble with Deads on Friday as I had strained it a bit earlier in the day working under a sink. I'm taking three days off from training while traveling, though I am getting in some stretching and light weight workouts in the hotel exercise/boiler room.

    Squats (Warmup) [email protected], 95x5, (Work set) 110x15!
    Leg Extension 165x15!
    Calf Press [email protected]↑↑ (Still too easy)
    Bench (Warmup) [email protected], 95x5, (Work set) 125x15!
    Cable Crossover [email protected]!
    Abs - Incline situps (second rung)

    Deadlifts (warm up) [email protected] (work sets) 115x15↑
    Nautilus Low Row [email protected]!↑
    Barbell Press (seated) 70x15 Didn't like these. Will go back to standing.
    Nautilus Laterals 50x15!
    Tricep Extensions [email protected]
    Dumbbell Curl 25x16!↑

    Back Tuesday with my first workout of the ten's.
  15. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Good luck with the hotel fitness room, those things are typically horrendously equipped. One time I managed to find myself in a hotel that actually had a smith machine, maybe you will be lucky enough. Usually all they have are few machines and a set of dumbbells that don't go up very high, along with more cardio machines than any sane weightlifter could ever need.
  16. Toolman

    Toolman New Member

    Just got back home and ready to start my favorite part of the HST workout, the Ten's! I think I may drop doing deadlifts this week as my low back has been sore since Friday. If I do I'll substitute assisted pullups as I need to get stronger on these anyway. Back is in tomorrow's workout so I'll decide then. Everything else feels fine, though I'm a little bloated from eating too many crappy foods. I think it's time to buy a scale and some skinfold calipers and start tightening up my diet.
  17. Toolman

    Toolman New Member

    Great workout after all! Not a lot of pain in my lower back so I may keep doing deadlifts tomorrow. We'll see. Great pump afterwords. Did two work sets on most exercises, except legs. Didn't want to challenge my back too much. I'll blast them next time. I kind of liked taking three days off. I had less joint pain and felt stronger. I may do that again at the end of the week, but may only find it necessary after each macro-cycle.

    Started logging food and counting macro-nutrients, and will be taking more frequent weight measurements. As soon as I find my calipers, I'll start doing skinfold measurements.

    Squats (Warmup) [email protected], 45x12, 95x5, (Work set) 115x10 (Used rest/pause on the last four reps)
    Leg Extension 200x10!
    Calf Press [email protected]!
    Bench (Warmup) [email protected], 95x10, (Work set) [email protected]!
    Cable Crossover [email protected]
    Abs - Incline situps (third rung)
  18. Toolman

    Toolman New Member

    Ten's workout 2

    Deadlifts (warm up) [email protected], 65x10, 95x10 (extra warm ups while waiting for the power rack), (work sets) [email protected]!↑
    Cable Low Row [email protected]!↑
    Barbell Press (warm up) [email protected] (work sets) [email protected]!
    Nautilus Laterals [email protected]!
    Tricep Extensions 130x10↑
    EZ Curl 65x12!↑

    Another great workout! Totally focused throughout. Back felt great so I went to town on deadlifts. Form seems to be coming along nicely and I really felt my entire back working on most reps. Starting to see thickness develop especially in upper back/shoulders. Delts looked pretty nice and pumped after standing press and laterals. Elbows were a little sore so I kept the same weight on curls as last time with the EZ bar. Still managed to bang out a good set. Now I'm looking forward to a day off!

    I've been having some minor insomnia and a little worried that this might indicate overtraining, something I've wrestled with for years, but I've found some sleep-deepening hypnosis recordings on Rhapsody and this seems to be helping. I may add an extra day off tomorrow and see if that helps.

    I've happily noticed a few things this week. For one, one of my favorite t-shirts fits a lot more tightly than it ever has, and all of my jeans are now too big in the waist. Also, I'm finding myself able to do things much more easily than I used to, like carrying the lumber for the fence I had to build yesterday. It felt much lighter than I expected! I'm definitely making progress here!!
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  19. grunt11

    grunt11 New Member

    Nice work!

    I read at the beginning of your log that you’ve already done several cycles, I’m curious if you continue the arm work like triceps extensions and curls all the way through the cycle? I’m just about to finish my 2nd week of tens and am wondering if the extra arm work is hurting my compound lifts. Just wondered how you feel about it?
  20. TunnelRat

    TunnelRat Active Member

    I've had a similar problem with T-shirts. I suspect they've been shrinking up in the laundry...
    Unfortunately, I have not had a similar problem with my jeans being too big in the waist. *sigh*

    Nice deads. I think deadlifts are the best remedy for a bad back. Not much point in going to the gym if you can't do deads.

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