12 Total Body Workouts per week!

Discussion in 'General Training' started by Kitavan, Oct 27, 2012.

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    Just for interest. I'm certainly happy with the M,W,F training frequency but if anyone says thrice weekly full body workouts is too much frequency I would refer them to the routine of Bill Hemsworth who was one of Britain's greatest bodybuilders. I trained at Bill's gym from the age of 14 through to 22. He used to do twelve full body routines a week and get into unbelievable size and condition.

    Bill didn't have the trainees at his heath studio training like this but I regularly used to watch him workout. I was always struck by the mediocrity of his training partners who matched him rep for rep pound for pound yet looked nothing like. He was just a bundle of sinews, veins and ludicrously oversized muscle. Bill Hemsworth was certainly one of the UK's great bodybuilders and was a renowned coach in his day.

    If you read the article you may be struck by the ridiculously high protein intake which was of the old school low-carb approach. I'm guessing he's consuming hundreds and hundreds of grams in what's listed there.

    Hemsworth was getting such immense size from his 12x a week routine he was clearly maximizing protein synthesis and somehow he was managing to recover from the staggering workload.
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    Re: Size - Steroids ...

    Re: Recovery - it's not that big a deal if you're doing ~ 3 sets per day over the two workouts, I've done 10-12x p/w previously and it's certainly not a problem if you manage overall volume properly
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    I've not read the link yet, but before I do it would be nice to see the proof of this accusation so I can keep things into context.
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    He's the mirror image of every 50s-70s bodybuilder who achieved 'the look' and is well documented to have taken various forms of anabolic steroids; Schwarzenegger, Ferignou, Olivia, Mentzer, Reg Park etc etc ...

    Is it possible his size and tremendous recovery ability (that's a massive volume per workout for 10-12x per week, far more than a set per exercise etc) to be achieved un-assisted ... ? Anything IS possible.

    Is it likely? Not really.
  5. Totentanz

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    Uh, proof of steroids accusation?

    Why would you need to prove that? Unless you are naive, you know that all bodybuilders use steroids.

    Seriously, go to a natural show some time and look around. The guys who are natural (and some of them aren't technically natural) are all in the sub-180 lb range. You see maybe a few genetic freaks closer to 200 lbs but nobody natural ever achieves a contest ready weight over 200 lbs unless they are freakishly tall.

    It's obvious this guy in question did steroids. That's part of the job.

    Next you'll be wanting proof that Ronnie Coleman used drugs.
  6. AderynGlas

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    Not really knowing anything about body building professional or otherwise, I guess I am naive then.
  7. Jester

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    Also, within the link there's a newspaper article that refers to the 'drug use' of the subject (and others, 'BBers') and the article is from 1981/2 (ala at the time this fella is in the spotlight).

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