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Discussion in 'General Training' started by thaiboxer, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. thaiboxer

    thaiboxer New Member

    hi guys im new to this forum and i thinks this hst program is very good but i got only one problem and that is that i dont get the desired results for my arms especialy my triceps.
    i want to add some mass i trained for 14 months and the last 6 weeks i did hst this was my last week and especialy the bigger muscle groups are developing very good. my arms are 37 cm before and after hst they didnt grow at all. and even with other training styles my arms didnt grow that much but i just added strenght every time instead of mass my training buddy is 10 kg heavier than me and 15 cm longer than me and training for a longer time he looks much more bigger and muscular but our strenght is the same even if we do the same training he is adding mass and i just adding strenght.
    can someone help me with this so many people gave me advice about this and now i am just confused and not progressing so any help would be apreciated
  2. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    What's your workout like? I just started my 5's. I added in some triceps extensions during my 10s and have gained noticeable size in my triceps. Have you added in any isolations or anything to target your triceps?

    Also, how much are you eating?
  3. stan

    stan New Member

    Diet could be also the problem.. muscles can't grow without fuel to burn..

    This is what's so fun about BBing.. finding out you're not doing things in an optimum way, trying to find the problem, solving the problem and seeing the result.. great hobby..

  4. hey thai..

    good choice to ask here.

    I just can reccomend you do to what jules wanted me to do
    read this thread carefully and you'll know

    good luck

    especially the incline-curl with a just awsome and you really know what strain is after/during perfoming it!

  5. thaiboxer

    thaiboxer New Member

    a couple of months ago i did alot isolations and now since everybody tels me to do compound exercises i only do compound and i eat alot good foods i even have a little belly now they say i eat too much but i do everything to get my arms growing and they arent so food isnt the problem and i dont think isolations are gona help since its more for toning than mass
  6. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    It is acceptable to do isolations as well as compounds. What I do is stick to the compounds for the 15s, then once I hit the 10s, I add in my isolations. As I understand it, that's what the a lot of people around here do.
  7. CardTopper

    CardTopper New Member

    Well, is it mass or toning?

    If it is mass, then follow the HST principles and add some iso for the triceps.

    If it is toning, then you need to lose the fat around the muscle.
  8. thaiboxer

    thaiboxer New Member

    i need mass i want bigger arms and i do alot of compound
  9. You need to carefully read all the articles on this site about HST training.  If you follow the HST carefully, and eat like a horse you'll gain like a big dog.
    The forums are great for refining your workout and discussing your exercises of choice.
    I was a hard-gainer and still gained appx 18 pounds in 1 month on HST, applying to my diet Whey protein, L-Glutamine, Phosphagen HP (creatine), and fish oil.
    Dont' try to re-invent the HST rolls good already. [​IMG]
  10. thaiboxer

    thaiboxer New Member

    i didnt say i not making any progress at all i said my arms are not growing compared to the rest of my body.
    my arms are 37 cm and stayed 37 cm for the last 3 months so the only thing that doesnt grow right now is my arms the rest of my muscles are growing as they suposed to because i eat alot and train good and heavy
  11. thaiboxer

    thaiboxer New Member

    i dont now if it is possible but i think that because i do thaiboxing i have very good endurance so maybe the amount of arms training with the hst protocol might be not enough for me, could this be the problem why my arms are not growing ?
    because my arms dont even feel sore like my other muscles
  12. RSS

    RSS New Member

    Everyone is different in terms of which muscles grow easily, and which require a lot of work to see even minimal results. Many people can get away with just doing compound movements and never training their arms driectly, but others, like myself need plently of direct arm work in order to see results.

    You need to forget the concept that isolation exercises are for toning rather than mass - there really is no such thing as 'toning' a muscle. When people talk about toning, what they really mean is losing body fat, and it is not possible to exercise in a way to lose the body fat around a specific muscle.

    Personally, I find that my chest and back tend to grow very easily, with very little work (so much so that I now only do 1 set every 9-10 days for my chest to avoid it growing too big), but I have to work like crazy for my arms and delts to respond. For arms, this means lots of sets of curls and lying triceps extensions.

    So go ahead and add some extra direct arm work into your routine. The fact that your arms never feel sore like your other muscles suggests that they are not getting enough work.

    I hope this helps,

  13. I'm going to speculate a bit here, OK.

    The reason the thighs and calves are so hard to build up is because they are used so much and they carry bodyweight all day. In other words, if you want to increase the size and strength of the muscles below your waist you have to really work those muscles hard, if you want growth.

    I think the same thing might apply to your arms, because you are using them so much in a way that requires a great deal of strength and stamina. You aren't allowing enough time between workouts on those muscles for your arms to adapt and increase muscle size.

    I mentioned the HST articles, which are difficult to understand, but probably have the answers for you concealed between the lines so to speak.

    You may have to back of the boxing long enough to let give your arms a chance to adapt for growth, or you're going to work your arms VERY HARD.
  14. vicious

    vicious New Member

    Could be a number of things.

    1) You may be getting inadequate glycogen replenishment in your arms.

    2) Thai boxing has a constant training effect on them, and so you have to start at a higher load (probably close to 5s) in order to create palpable strain effect with them. You may have unusual flexibility in that area, which could possibly skew the tension-load disruption curve (though I'm skeptical about this one.)

    3) Finally . . . did you SD completely for at least 2 weeks?

    Easy answer would be to start at a higher load (say, start mid-10s) for the upper torso movements, and then switch to negatives (and still progressively load) while the rest of the body finishes the entire HST cycle.

  15. thaiboxer

    thaiboxer New Member

    the part that i like the most of hst is the 5 rep week because i like going heavy and that is what i always do even before hst.
    Before hst i always begin a exercise with 60% of 1rm and the second set i go streight to 90% 1rm and third to 100% 1rm.

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