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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by thegentleman1981, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. thegentleman1981

    thegentleman1981 New Member

    5th session of 10th

    Bench: 70x10/6/4
    Cable Row: 60x10/10
    Dumbbell shoulder Press: 25x10/8/2
    Pulldown: 62.5x10/10
    Cable Curl: 47.5x10/5/5
    Pushdown: 65x10/10
    Leg Press feet high: 85x10/10
    Leg Curl: 25x10/10
    Ball crunch 3xmax

    -This session sucked. Pulling exercises went ok but pressing not at all. On the shoulder press i used the same weight as the session before and needed to cluster it up. Also Bench felt really heavy and needed to be clustered too.

    -I know it doesn´t matter as long as the load increases. Nevertheless the weight which is supposed to feel light feels unfimilar heavy and "cold". Thats were you notice that HST is not strength specific and you "loose" the ability to lift heavy. That sucks motiviational wise.

    - I think how to proceed on the 5´s regarding drop sets. I don´t want to overdo it but I also think its a good to include them for the joints. Perhaps one day back off sets for pulls and the second day for pushes?

    Running sushi time.
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  2. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    In HST, you should not be losing the ability to lift heavy. Sounds like you either had a crappy day or you aren't eating enough. By the 5th session of the 10s, where you still won't be using your 10 RM, you should be feeling full and strong, unless you aren't eating enough.
  3. thegentleman1981

    thegentleman1981 New Member

    thanks tot. Maybe I had a bad day. I am eating plenty (3500kcal per day).

    The other point which can hold true, is that the zig zag last too long and the volume on those low days is too low and provide some "detraining".
    When I look back I did Bill starrs 5x5 beginner routine 2 years ago and I got weaker. With the intermediate version i tried afterwards I got stronger again. The volume on 5x5 beginner is really low.
    Could be an explanation though.
  4. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    There is no rational reason that you would detrain from zigzag unless you are starting below 70% of your RM.
  5. thegentleman1981

    thegentleman1981 New Member

    Then we hope it was a bad day.
  6. Lol

    Lol Super Moderator Staff Member

    Are these lifts around 95% of your 10RM loads?

    If 70kg was ~95% of your 10RM then your 10RM would be ~74kg, which in turn would set your 1RM at ~99kg.

    For your 1st set, 10 reps with 95% or your 10RM should mean that you have a rep or two left in the tank at the completion of the set (what I call RPE 8.5 or 9).

    Then, for your second set, you only managed 6 reps with the same load. If that load has temporarily become your 6RM (assuming you stopped because you knew you wouldn't make another rep) then your 1RM has temporarily decreased by 18% to ~81kg! That's rather a lot.

    Are you taking enough rest between sets?

    Creatine can help with higher rep sets. Are you taking any?
  7. thegentleman1981

    thegentleman1981 New Member

    Hi lol,
    thank you very much for your in depth analysis. Well my 1rpm is low and always was.
    My bench max for this cycle was 65 15 rpm,75 10rpm and 80 5rpm
    My 1rpm would be between 85 and 90kg max.

    In the past integrating low reps improved my neurological efficency and this seemed to diminish this cycle
    cause of the lighter weights involved.

    No creatine.after first set rest periods are 3min. If i nevertheless don't get all in the second i rest pause
    them afterwards with 1min rest and no failure.
  8. Lol

    Lol Super Moderator Staff Member

    Any reason why no creatine? Most people are responders but I have read of those who seem to get no benefit from taking it. I definitely feel some benefit during higher-rep sets. The extra water retention alone can improve muscle efficiency slightly due to the small changes in angles of force across joints.
  9. Sci

    Sci Well-Known Member

    3 minutes is enough for most people, but not all. Try increasing your rest time between sets to 4 minutes, and see if any performance increase on your second set.
  10. I know that HST isn't "STRENGTH" specific training, but you definitely shouldn't lose the ability to lift heavy. My experience has been the exact opposite; i'm lifting heavier now than I EVER was before HST. That said, some days are better than others given the variables of sleep, amount of food, stress, timing of workout, hormone levels, quality of food, etc, etc, etc.

    I think it's important to look big-picture and not at each individual workout. Though there may be peaks and valleys along the way, your overall progress should be upwardly moving. Don't get too worried about one bad workout, i'm guessing that your next workout will be better!!
  11. thegentleman1981

    thegentleman1981 New Member

    Thank you for the idea! I did a cycle some years ago. I didn´t gain any weight on it (although drinking 5 liters per day). My training partner followed the same protocoll and blewed up. Responser and Non-responser.
  12. thegentleman1981

    thegentleman1981 New Member

    ok thanks I will try it next session
  13. thegentleman1981

    thegentleman1981 New Member

    Thank you for the encouraging words. But if i don´t get stronger at least during the 5´s i am pissed;)
  14. As long as you're eating and sleeping enough and not exhausting yourself with too much cardio, you'll most definitely get stronger and bigger!!
  15. thegentleman1981

    thegentleman1981 New Member

    I am currently sick and having a cold. That sucks. So no training this week for me.
  16. Lol

    Lol Super Moderator Staff Member

    Colds suck! I'm doing my best to avoid the horrid viruses currently infecting several of my friends. Hope you're dosing up on lots of good food and sleep. Get well soon, mate.
  17. thegentleman1981

    thegentleman1981 New Member

  18. thegentleman1981

    thegentleman1981 New Member

    NAh. feeling better again and think of hitting the gym on tuesday. I already paused a week. Longer and i can start from the beginning (SD).

    I thought how to proceed and think of starting with the 5´s. I only had the last session of 10´s left. Out of the fact that my 10´s and 5´s are so close together the first week of 5´s will be quite easy. So i think thats a good point to start instead of itching the last heavy session of 10´s in after the cold.

    Also I think about back off sets. I really think that some metabolic amount of work (within reason) is helpful.
    So I thought about only ONE back off set with 80% of the weight used for the 5´s and repping till it burns. Not to failure.
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  19. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Just do the program as normal. You are nowhere near developed or conditioned enough to benefit from advanced training techniques. The 5's are the most effective portion of HST, just do the program as it's laid out and stop over-complicating things.
  20. thegentleman1981

    thegentleman1981 New Member

    ok. I thought it might help joint health too.

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