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Discussion in 'General Training' started by The Rose, Oct 27, 2002.

  1. Falco

    Falco New Member

    (jvroig @ Dec. 24 2005,03:51)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Somewhere in between. Defintely more muscle than Brad Pitt, but most definitely not Arnold because it's just out of my reach without steroids. I just want to reach my genetic max and then diet down to 5%BF. Or maybe 3% [​IMG]</div>
    I have often thought that Jason Scott Lee had the best 'in between' look:


    Ripped like Bruce Lee, but with better bulk, and not so huge that he looks silly.
  2. Ryne

    Ryne New Member

    Ehhh as far as a specific look goes, who knows. I've trained since 7th grade just for the love of training. Only recently have I really decided to up my size, so I'm just looking to bump myself up about 15 pounds to maintain over 200 lbs, then I'll work from there. Probably going for more of a wrestler/UFC figher look of overall fitness, probably with a bit more bulk though.
  3. liegelord

    liegelord New Member

    Don Howorth. Almost perfect.
  4. Bishop

    Bishop New Member

    Man, I just want to be the very best I can be...

    I would have to go with either Clark Bartram &quot;look&quot;, the Roger Applewhite &quot;look&quot;, or even the Chris Benoit &quot;look&quot;:

    Here is Clark:


    Here is Roger:


    and here is Chris:


    Now if I was going to go for size...

    I would probably shoot for a Batista look or Lashley:


  5. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    I don't even know what look I'm going after anymore... I just want to be strong as hell.
  6. Joe.Muscle

    Joe.Muscle Active Member

    Clark Bartram has an awesome, asthetic symetrical physique!
  7. Rakki

    Rakki New Member

    The look I'm going for (muscle wise) would be like either Ricardo Arona or Vitor Belfort (MMA fighters)
  8. Rakki

    Rakki New Member

    Vitor Belfort
  9. Keystone

    Keystone New Member

    Rakki, Glad to see another MMA fan around here. I love the sport. Just my opinion, but they are some of the best conditioned athletes on the earth.

  10. Bishop

    Bishop New Member

    Next to football players and Rugby players...MMA are definitely in the major leagues of muscle and toughness...
  11. Rakki

    Rakki New Member

    (Keystone @ Apr. 26 2006,09:07)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Rakki, Glad to see another MMA fan around here. I love the sport. Just my opinion, but they are some of the best conditioned athletes on the earth.

    I totally agree!

    did you see Pawel Nastula against Nog?

    a world Champion Judoka who is normally fit by any standard gassed while Nog looked like he could have gone all night
  12. Keystone

    Keystone New Member

    <div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">did you see Pawel Nastula against Nog?

    I don't specifically remember the fight but I saw it for sure. I searched Sherdog to refresh my memory and see they fought in June 2005 at Pride Critical Countdown 2005. Is that the fight you are referring to? I never miss a Pride or UFC PPV. Can't wait for the Pride open weight tournament that premieres next Friday. Then we have Hughes/Gracie next month as well. [​IMG]

    Talking about conditioning. Rich Franklin is in superb shape. Matt Hughes is in this months issue of Muscle and Fitness. I also think there was an article about Rich Franklin in last months Men's Health.

    The sport is starting to explode and is starting to hit the mainstream audience. Maybe ESPN will find time to cover the sport instead of covering hot dog eating contests. [​IMG]

  13. mostlyallan

    mostlyallan New Member

    If I looked like Bobby Lashley my wife would probably divorce me (she hates his lats amoung other things).

    More Randy Orton I would have thought.
  14. Omega_man

    Omega_man New Member

    For me, the Arnold or Meztner look.
  15. Maximuscrates

    Maximuscrates New Member

    I am
    7&quot; wrist
    9&quot; ankle
    12% BF

    In november, 4 months before HST I only weight 154.

    Want to get to:
    same height of and ankle and wrist (it was just for frame size)
    175lbs 5%BF

    long way to go!
  16. scientific muscle

    scientific muscle New Member

    (Totentanz @ Apr. 22 2006,23:42)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">I don't even know what look I'm going after anymore...  I just want to be strong as hell.</div>
    Totentanz, your reply rocks...great to read in a bodybuilding forum. [​IMG]

    I would say the exact same thing with one adjustment...

    &quot;I don't even know what look I'm going for anymore... I just want to be strong as hell. AND have low bodyfat!&quot;

    After all I wouldn't want to be strong as hell with 30% bodyfat...basically a powerlifting sumo-dude! [​IMG]
  17. lcars

    lcars New Member

    my question would be is why do a hst routine when you want to be strong as hell? there are much better programs for strength!

    its all about the look,hence hypertrophy specific.i want muscles plain and simple,if i gain some strength along with it,thats great.
  18. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Why not do an HST routine? HST works great for strength when done properly.
  19. liegelord

    liegelord New Member

    I agree, nothing helps strength gains like gaining a few pounds.
  20. lcars

    lcars New Member

    dont get me wrong i didnt say you wouldnt gain strength from hst but its not designed as a strength program per say,even though you will gain strength through size its not speciffic to strength.and like i said there are better strength programs.if your goals are strength which one or two of you clearly stated in this and other threads why not use one tailored to strength?

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