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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by wungun, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. wungun

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    I thought I'd start a log on here so everyone can see what I'm doing...and doing wrong. I've been notoriously slow at putting on muscle.

    It'll become obvious to most here as well, that my push exercises are pretty lame while my pull exercises are pretty good. I blame the rock climbing:)

    I'll follow my exercises+reps and weights used, calories consumed and macros.
    This will be a bulk session. I'm targeting 1lbs weight increase per week.

    I'm currently 1 week in after an SD. Starting with 10's.

    I am doing A/B upper/lower split and aiming for 6 days a week (3days each upper and lower) to allow for a few extra isolation exercises. Fridays will typically be my off days.

    Following basic hst principals but skipping the 15's this cycle.

    Will continue to follow the controversial carb backloading protocol throughout my sessions and add additional calories preworkout (protein and fat only) and adjust postworkout macros and calories accordingly. Targeting slightly more then 1g per pound protein and the remaining to carbs... fat intake will be incidental apart from daily fish oil supps.

    Current calorie intake has been roughly 2500 a day. I'll start today at 3000 and see where that puts me by week end.
    This mornings weight is 157.6lbs (okay,so I started my 3000 calories yesterday!)

    Upper body exercises:

    2X Barbell incline press (switch to flat bench on alternating cycles)
    1X BB close grip press
    1X weighted pull up
    1X weighted chin up
    1X weighted chest dip
    2X barbell curl
    2X weighted crunches
    2X barbell bent over row
    1X barbell shrug

    Lower body exercises:

    1X barbell shoulder press
    1X barbell squat
    1X barbell deadlift
    2X lying leg curls
    1X weighted side touches
    1X cross body crunch
    1X leg raises

    Notes: I find mil presses on my upper body day really messes up with my bench presses so I separated them. Reached new PR with both exercises last cycle.

    I only started full barbell squats this week...never done them before, relying on deads and hack squats previously, so I'll be taking it slow with those.
  2. wungun

    wungun Member

    Planning on bulking from now until March, 5 months/20 weeks...so an overall gain of 20+ lbs and maintain current bf%
    I'll target a goal weight of 180lbs

    20 weeks will give me just 2 full (8 week) cycles and 8 or 9 day SD's thrown in...after which I'll start another cycle with emphasis on fat loss.
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  3. wungun

    wungun Member

    First week, Monday to Thursday...
  4. wungun

    wungun Member

    Weight in AM, 157.6lbs
    Protein 236g
    Carbs 208g
    Fats. 156g

    Beer and nacho "cheat day", because Hockey Night in Canada!!

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  5. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    I would really prefer to see you focus on fewer compounds and just give those few your all. No reason to do both pullups and chinups, then do incline bench, flat bench and dips. You should focus on two per bodypart at most and try to work on increasing those RMs primarily. You're doing too much core work also. Unless you want to permanently thicken your midsection like me, don't do that much stuff. Squats, deads, etc give your core plenty of stimulation, and then throwing in some crunches or situps should be plenty for the average joe to get sizable abs. Also, when you do core work, do it using progression just like everything else and stick to the same rep schemes.
    Don't worry that you will get imbalanced muscles by only doing one type of bench or something like that. This isn't true and even if it was, won't be noticeable until you are closer to a lean 190. If you absolutely need to, then alternate but there is no real reason to alternate until you hit the level where you are doing 2 x bodyweight in squats and at least 1x bodyweight for bench as your 5 RMs.
    Also, I don't know if that is the order you are doing your lifts in, but I would look at what works best for you in terms of exercise order. Don't get too hung up on sets either. Total reps is where it is at. Clustering or any other type of alternate rep scheme is what pretty much everyone is doing now.

    Here is what I would do, along with my recommendation for sets if you are going to continue using sets. Otherwise, I would go for 25 total reps in the 15s and 10s, tapering down to 20 reps total in the 10s, then sticking with 20 reps total the first week of 5s, going down to 15 reps total the last week of 5s - this is for each lift. For calves, instead of 25/20/15, stick with 30/25/30.

    So in summary, I would drop the alternating. Instead do two upper days and two lower days a week, or alternatively, do three lower days a week and two upper days a week if you want to get in the gym that much. However, for a guy like you (and like I used to be) you can do too much also, and sometimes it is better to only go to the gym as much as necessary and focus on rest/recovery/nutrition the other days. I will insert my personal anecdote here in that I was only lifting three days a week when I went from 140ish to 185 during my first bulk, which was probably 2-3 cycles. One of those cycles was an abbreviated cycle doing 5s and post-5s only for six weeks, skipping the 15s and 10s completely. Moral is, I would strongly recommend you only lift 3 or 4 days a week. If you do 4 days, then do something like upper mon, lower tues, weds off, upper thurs, lower fri, weekend off.

    Here is the actual routine I would use:

    Upper Day

    Flat bench (2 sets in the 15s, 2 sets in the 10s, 3 sets in the 5s)
    Bentover Row (2 sets in the 15s, 2 sets in the 10s, 3 sets in the 5s)
    Close grip bench (1 sets in the 15s, 1 sets in the 10s, 2 sets in the 5s)
    Pullups (1 sets in the 15s, 1 sets in the 10s, 2 sets in the 5s)
    Shrugs (2 sets in the 15s, 2 sets in the 10s, 3 sets in the 5s)
    Curls (1 sets in the 15s, 1 sets in the 10s, 2 sets in the 5s)
    Crunches (1 sets in the 15s, 1 sets in the 10s, 2 sets in the 5s)

    Lower Day

    Squat (2 sets in the 15s, 2 sets in the 10s, 3 sets in the 5s)
    Leg Extension (1 sets in the 15s, 1 sets in the 10s, 2 sets in the 5s)
    SLDL (2 sets in the 15s, 2 sets in the 10s, 3 sets in the 5s)
    Leg Curl (1 sets in the 15s, 1 sets in the 10s, 2 sets in the 5s)
    Seated Calves (2 sets in the 15s, 2 sets in the 10s, 3 sets in the 5s)
    Standing Calves (2 sets in the 15s, 2 sets in the 10s, 3 sets in the 5s)
    Military Press (1 sets in the 15s, 1 sets in the 10s, 2 sets in the 5s)

    Again, those set recommendations are just in there in case you are more comfortable with sets. I would honestly just go with the total reps, then use myo-reps in the 15s and move to regular clustering in the 10s and 5s. You'll notice I dropped deads because don't do those with squats. It will compromise one lift or the other in the long run. Yes, I did them in the same day too until my 5 RM for deads was 300 lbs but that was in no way optimal and my progress in both squats and deads didn't take off until I gave deads their own day. If you still want a deadlift movement, replace bentover rows with seated cable rows and replace shrugs with rack pulls in upper body day.

    Please don't worry about carb cycling and remember that you grow after lifting. I would prefer to see you getting at least 155 grams of protein a day, then roughly 25% of your total calories from fat and the rest from carbs. By my math, 2500 should be enough for you to bulk unless you are very active. If you are like I was, then you'll probably need closer to 3000. That is what I was eating during my first bulk. If you are going to go to 3000 though, I would recommend trying to up the protein a bit more, to 180 grams perhaps. So 3000 x 0.25 = 750 calories from fat or ~83 grams of fat a day, + 180grams of protein/720 calories leaves you with about 1500 calories to make up with carbs, which is ~375 grams of carbs. If you try to get that all from rice and sweet potatoes like the bros suggest, you're going to be feeling bloated all day long. So I would just it from whatever. Eating clean is for people who don't understand the digestive process. Just make sure the 83 grams of fat are mostly good fats (but make sure you get at least some saturated fats in there) and you will be okay. You're not going to get diabeetus from eating sugars when you are sub-200 lbs with very little body fat.
  6. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Don't forget to use the two weeks after the 5s to continue doing 5s and attempting to increase strength, or alternatively, drop down to triples and push for new RMs. If you don't push for new RMs at the end of each cycle, your strength gains will be considerably slower. I also had my biggest successes in strength when I included a week of max singles for the major lifts at the end of my cycle, before SD. Obviously you aren't going to try for max singles on single joint lifts like curls.
  7. wungun

    wungun Member

    Wow T! That's a lot of info! Thanks for the reply...
    You're over my head on many topics. Lol. Not surprising...

    I like 1 set of Chins and 1 set of pulls because of the different attack on my back muscles. I still workout at home so I have no access to racks or pull downs.

    My upper chest needs work, which is why I'm doing inclines. I'm not doing flat benches in the same cycle. But when I alternate after each cycle, I notice much improved strength gains. Dips can be hard on my shoulders but I love what they do for my pecs!
    My midsection is pretty svelte, it can probably stand the attention, but I might reduce ab work on upper or lower day, not both.
    I'm pretty close to BW on my benches now... 150 at 5rm is doable (for flat bench... Incline is almost 30lbs less).
    I've done a lot of mixing exercise order... What I have listed works best for quick changes into the next exercise and helping with lifts (like spreading out my deads from my calf's to so I can still grip the BB).

    Can you explain clustering a little better... Is it basically mini sets? Instead of 2 sets of 10, I'll push 8 reps with a shorter rest, then another 7,short rest then 5 reps...?
    Or going with your Rep count any way possible to reach 25 (in my 15's)
    Remember also, my splits are still basically 3 days a week, with a rest day in between each (for lower and upper body). 3 days a week is a core philosophy to HST as I understand it... And I don't find it too taxing or have trouble finding the time to hit the weights. I am concerned about recovery a bit, however. I sleep like shit because of these meds I'm on (Chantix). Perhaps 4 days, with rest day after each upper/lower. But I really want to make sure I'm getting enough volume/week.
    For adding another set in the 5's, should this still be at 5rm or a higher rep/drop-set?
    Do I really need leg extensions if I'm doing squats?
    And the calf work... That's a huge amount of volume! I can only do standing though... Maybe do 3 sets then 4 for 5rms (15 or 20 reps).

    I've been eating 2500 cal for the last couple of weeks (although my weeks totals are higher) and have had mixed weigh-ins over that time... Generally my weight has been going down, but then it'll creep back up. Chantix again I suspect... I'm nowhere 'regular' in the bathroom lately as I typically am, and feel bloated most days since being on the drug...
    Carbs and protein targets should be easy to hit, but keeping my fat down maybe harder... I like my cheeses and nuts, but it's relatively good fat.

    I've been pretty good last cycle increasing strength across the board and carried my 5's for an extra 4 weeks (6 weeks total) then back into a progressive cycle of 10's for 2 weeks before SD.
    Max singles... I might be a little Leary trying that at home by myself without a spotter. I had an incident on the bench in my 5's... Felt a pull in my left tricep during a Rep and couldn't push it out... Ended up bringing the bar down on my abs and crawling out from under it. Lol
    Left a nice bruise on my stomach!
  8. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    That is the beauty of HST and its practitioners, regardless of differing opinions on diets etc the level of detail that our experts are prepared to go to steer people in the right direction is second to none.
  9. wungun

    wungun Member

    Today's weight:
    157.6 (nil change)

    Protien: 197g
    Carbs: 335g
    Fat: 101g

    Adjusted calf raises to reflect my body weight...
    Dropped ab work on lower body day, and will add work to upper body day. (Or vice versa)


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  10. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    I'll respond when I get home from work. Just fyi, most of my progress was at home with just a power rack, bench and tons of plates.
  11. wungun

    wungun Member

    No worries....thanks
  12. wungun

    wungun Member

    SLDL?? Not single leg dead lifts....? Sounds dangerous lol
  13. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    Stiff / straight
  14. wungun

    wungun Member

    Of course... Lmao. Similar to Romanian deads ...?
  15. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    RDL keep your back straight with knees slightly bent, SLDL you round your back with legs straight, just google sldl v rdl for correct form
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  16. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Actually there's three;

    RDL - Romanian Deadlift

    SLDL - Straight Leg Deadlift

    SLDL - Stiff Leg Deadlift

    SLDL is used interchangeably between the two, which creates confusion as they're very different movements.

    The only one I would recommend anyone not advanced go near is Stiff Leg Deadlift. Just YouTube it - Jonnie Candito has done an excellent form video on this.

    Also ... leg extensions are more dangerous than deadlifts ...
  17. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Get a power rack or join a gym. Forget about "different attack on my back muscles" - that's why you do both chins and rows. You don't need to do two different kinds of pullup/chinup movements, it is a waste of time and calories. Rows and either chins or pullups is enough.

    At 155 lbs, your entire body needs works, not just your upper chest. Flat bench hits upper and lower pecs better than incline bench. All incline bench does is reduce the stimulus on the lower pecs while drastically reducing the total load you can push. You need to get away from thinking of incline bench as emphasizing upper pecs because what it is doing in reality is just reducing load on the lower pecs. Do flat bench primarily until you are big enough to have lagging muscle groups, until then - all your muscles are lagging muscles.

    Also, make sure you have good form on flat bench now while you can still change your form habits. I.e. no flaring out the elbows, keeping them tucked, using lats in the bench, etc.

    As I outlined, do it on one day, not both. Progress it just like any other lift or else you are wasting your time doing them as part of your routine.

    What is more important than bar loading is giving the relevant muscles enough rest so that you can properly do the next exercise. Space out lifts that hit the same muscle group. So if you do bench, then switch to rows before you do weighted dips, etc.

    This is explained in the ebook I wrote.

    As you probably read in the ebook, 3 days a week is not a central tenet of HST. All HST says is that chronic stimuli will cause significantly more hypertrophy than acute stimuli. Doing an upper/lower split 4 days a week results in a chronic stimulus so it satisfies the HST principles.

    Volume really isn't as important as you seem to think. The rep goals I outlined would be more than enough volume for you. Just keep in mind that more is not always better. Most of the guys here having great success with high frequency (Old and Grey, Jester, etc) are already pretty big dudes.

    It is at 5 RM. You can think about adding in metabolic work in a couple of cycles but for right now, you need to gain more strength so focus on increasing the RMs.

    Yes. I would prefer leg press paired with squat but as long as you don't do anything dumb, leg extensions are ok.

    Yep. Calves (and legs in general) need more volume than other muscle groups.

    You should be able to bulk well enough on 2500-2800 calories. Getting more fat is fine, just subtract the difference in calories from the carbs. The biggest struggle for you is going to be not getting psyched out when you gain a couple of grams of fat and stopping your bulk to start a cut.

    Don't bother with 10s after the 5s. If you are going to move to something other than 5s, go to 3s and push the loads up higher. Of course, you'll need a power rack to be able to do this safely.

    A power rack would eliminate those concerns. There really is no other sensible alternative if you are going to lift at home. Start trolling craigslist. I've had four different power racks over the years and I found all of them on craigslist. Once you get one, you will no longer need to worry about not having a spotter.

    Also, there is no reason not to do max singles on deads with no spotter. You never need a spotter on deads and they are the best lift to go max on.
  18. wungun

    wungun Member

    How do I want to do my rows? Elbows tight, like doing a chin, but from a different angle? Or Elbows out at 45 degrees or more...? I want to make sure my back muscles get good growth, not just my lats.

    Flat bench, I can't lift as much and my shoulders are strained when I pull my Elbows in more than 45 degrees or so... I always thought of that as bad form, hitting your tri's and front delts more than your pecs.

    I progress ALL my workouts, including my abs...

    My upper body exercises are ideal I think... I. E. Chest and tri's, then lats and bi's, abs then rows and bi's again, dips and tri's ... I feel this gives me maximum execution for the exercise.

    As for squats... Any pointers? Keep the weight on my heels? Down until thighs are parallel with the ground? Keep ass out, back straight?

    I weigh myself every morning and log it... If I'm trending to over 1lbs a week I'll make adjustments... Easy enough for me to do.

    The 10s after the 5's was just to keep going as I was on a cut and didn't want to SD...
    But for your suggestion, I'll definitely take deads and bench to 3rm.
    Power rack is a no go... My apartment while I go to school barely has room for my bench.
    Maybe I'll check out the gym on campus.
  19. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Introduce yourself to YouTube immediately for exercise form issues.

    Google EXRX as well.

    Your isolation exercises, if you insist on doing them should be at the end of your session. They're pretty much pointless other than causing injuries, but psychologically many people rely on them.

    Your workout should basically go like this;

    Upper Back
    Chest #2 (if doing)
    Upper Back #2 (if doing)
    Isolations if you insist on them

    Dead/squat are back exercises, though obviously legs first. So follow that with chest to let your erectors and stabilisers recover. Lats too re: deads.

    Your biggest concern right now should be eating enough, followed by increasing the weight. You're still a novice in terms of total bodyweight, strength levels and LBM mass. So lift and eat like a novice - you won't be able to do this later on, so get as much mileage out of it as you can right now.

    If you can't do certain exercises at home, then you need to join a gym. You aren't getting bigger or stronger in the long run without deads and squats/well-designed leg press. It may hurt to hear that but it is 100% the truth. The musclelature on your back forms about 75% of your upper body skeletal muscle mass by weight, and it won't come close to being near fulfilled without those exercises.

    Pectorals are tiny little muscles that really don't deserve more than 2-3 sets per workout at your level. Seriously ... compare pectorals to lats, traps or erectors and it's just embarrassing. They have a terrific physical location in terms of the body's geography re: leverage - so you can move a fair bit on bench etc. , but they're tiny little muscles that barely rate. Compare pec size to lats, glutes, quads etc.

    Focus on compounds and load on the bar. The brutal truth is that you're far too small to worry about the difference in hypertrophy of the two pectoral muscles. Keep eating and lifting and the body will follow suit.
  20. wungun

    wungun Member

    My overall goal is an athletic physique, not the biggest and heaviest I can genetically reach... Honestly, I would be perfectly happy with 160 or 165lbs LBM.
    But with that said, I realize the fundamental, core compound exercises are the best way to get there... Working those big muscles has a hormonal effect for the whole body with regards to growth...
    But I HAVE to have my bicep curls too! Lol
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