2016 Log

Ab-wheel; 5-counted pauses. Will go for 6 tomorrow and continue to build.

DL; 3-200kg, 1-220kg, 240kg, 250kg, 260kg@8. 240kg, 260kg, [email protected].

SI still grumbly when I put the belt too low, whereby the physical contact irritated it.

More to do later, Soph woke up a bit early and cut off the workout.

DL; 1-200kg, 220kg, 240kg, [email protected], [email protected]. Found my groove right away, moved like a knife through butter but didn’t want to push my luck while still dealing with the SI.
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Ab-wheel; 5 paused counted. Will do six on Thursday.

DL; 1-200kg, 220kg, 240kg, [email protected]. Took one attempt at 280 but wasn’t quite there to break. Could’ve spent another 30minutes making it happen but kind of pointless.

Pull-ups; 4x5 +10kg.

Cable rows; 3x8-120kg.

DL; 1-200kg, 220kg, 240kg, [email protected], [email protected]. Felt good once more, found my groove again nice and quickly.
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DL; 3-200kg, 1-225kg, 245kg, 255kg, [email protected] 280kg erectors cramped half way up. My own fault for not driving through with enough confidence.

Seated back raises; 3x10 - 150kg.

HBBS; 5-60kg, 3x3-100kg.
DL; 3-200kg, 1-220kg, 240kg, 250kg, 260kg@8. 1-200kg, 220kg, 240kg, [email protected].

Seated back raises; 3x10-200kg.

SG deficit hypers; 6x3-100kg, EMOM.

Ab wheel might be aggravating the SI, it’s stopping me from hitting max loads still.

DL;1-200kg, 220kg, 240kg, 260@8, 280@9. Flew up. Changed belt position and it didn’t aggravate anything.
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DL; 3-200kg, 220kg, 240kg, 250kg, 260kg, [email protected], [email protected].

WG OHP; 5-60kg, 3x6-70kg.

HBBS; 3x3-100kg. Was planning on doing proper squat session but the knee did something funny on Sunday. Hopefully Thursday.

DL; 1-200kg, 220kg, 240kg, 260kg@8, [email protected].

Erectors and SI just about back to normal. The 290 felt good.
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DL; 3-200kg, 1-220kg, 240kg, 250kg, 260kg, 270kg@9, [email protected]. Speed was good, no sticking point, erector/SI just about back to normal.

OHP; 5-60kg, 70kg, 5x5-80kg@8.

Cable crunches; 2x10-40kg.
I'm having trouble finding seated back raises. What exactly are they? I'm intrigued.

Barbell in front of the end of the bench. Sit on the end, feet on floor (barbell will be under your thighs). Reach down with bent back, brace, pull using erectors/drive head to ceiling. Pull slack out etc.

Could call it a seated deadlift I suppose, but the barbell would be behind your legs, rather than in front.

May need to add mats if the bench is too low or else your ROM will be tiny.

They might be the best thing I’ve done for back from a prehab point of view as well.
Those look awesome!

They are!

I prefer feet down because I feel the stretch on the hamstring puts too much tension/potential for injury across the SI and very lower components of the lower back.

I’m also not trying to hit the hamstrings or glutes; back only.

They’re incredible, short ROM notwithstanding - but then think about it; erectors ROM is what? 6-8 inches at most anyway? So the relative ROM is fine.
Cable straight arm pull down/pullovers; 5x8-40kg. Maybe it’s lack of WD40, or lack of familiarity, but these are INTENSE on the core. Will try and keep them in the rotation.

30min recumbent.
DL; 3-200kg, 1-220kg, 240kg, 250kg, 260kg, 270kg, [email protected].

Rows; 3-150kg, 160kg, [email protected]. Gives me an idea of programming.

WG OHP; 5-60kg, 3-70kg, 75kg, 80kg, [email protected]. Forgot to do myoreps backoff set.

DL; 1-200kg, 240kg, 260kg, [email protected]. Time crunch. Took two cracks at 290kg, maybe shouldn’t have skipped the 220kg rep as performance just felt a bit strained? 280 was a breeze.

Trying to figure out what to do to support my drive off the floor. Maybe SGDL? Maybe just some carefully thrown in work sets? Erector being fine for the first time in three weeks means 300kg is back in my sights.
DL; 3-200kg, 1-220kg, 240kg, 250kg, 260kg. Couldn’t budge 280 and then 272.5 didn’t want to budge either. Was a little out of groove for the last two reps. Just not a great session unfortunately. Back is 95% though, so hopefully back to normal next week.

Woolam rows; 3-150kg, 4x3-170kg. Probably shouldn’t waste time with these. More deadlifting would have been better.

ZGM; 5-60kg, 80kg, 6x3-100kg. These felt fine, which was very welcome after all the dramas a few janky reps caused weeks back. Suspect I will be adding reps before load though.

DL; 1-200kg, 220kg, 240kg, 260kg@8, [email protected]. If fresh, would have called if 8.5-9. Practicing a new cue; “arse up”, when I initiate the pull. Seems to work better for holding position that “push the world away” etc., for me at least.
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