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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by gbglifter, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. gbglifter

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    BTN: 40kgx10 50kgx8 60kgx5 65kgx5 70kgx5
    BP: 40kgx10 60kgx8 80kgx5 95kgx5
    Pendlay: 40kgx12 60kgx8 70kgx6
    Dips: bwx18 +20kgx9
  2. gbglifter

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    Weighed in at 82.5kg today.
  3. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    Lower A

    Hacks: 20kgx8. 40kgx8. 60kgx5. 80kgx9
    Legpress: 240kgx8+7
    Curl: 35reps
    Calf: skipped due too shaky legs

    Did some abs.
  4. Lol

    Lol Super Moderator Staff Member

    That must've looked funny... you skipping about with shaky legs. Probably quite a good calf w/o though. Haha :)

    Do you ever do Roman Chair Hypers or something similar for hams/adductors/glutes/spinal erectors?
  5. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    Haha...I look funny most of the time at the gym. My pushing/pulling face is a true grimace.

    I do hyperyextensions on a pilates ball sometimes. Very rarely use the roman chair tbh.
  6. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    Upper A

    BP: warmups. 100kgx5
    CGBP: 85kgx6
    BTN: warmups. 75kgx5
    Pendlay: warmups. 80kgx9
    Pullups: bwx13

    Then some cableflyes, ab crunches, plank and then 10min steady jog in treadmill.

    Will be jogging outdoors as much as I can from now on just to improve cardio a bit.
  7. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    Had a sore throat for a few days so stayed away from the gym. Went in today and did a lighter workout.


    BTN: 70kgx5
    2arm long BB row: 60kgx10+10
    BP: 70kgx20
    CGBP: 70kgx10
    DB curl: 12.5kgx15 15kgx10
    Cable flyes: just for the pump
    Cable abcrunches
  8. gbglifter

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    I decided to use the gym at the local swimming pool while Im back at my parents in scotland.
    The receptionist asked me if I have a membership card and I said no. I then had to wait half an hour until a "personal trainer" could take me through an introductionary course. I meet him and he asks me if Ive worked out before I said four times a week for the past 15 years. He looks at my pecs says "aye, Ill not waste your time. Theres the fire exit, theres the changing room. Have a good session". 10 second course!
    There was a barbell!

    BTN: pyramid up to 75kgx6
    Pendlay: pyramid up to 80kgx10
    BP: pyramid up to 85kgx15
    CGBP: 60kgx11
    Pullups: bwx12+10
    Dips: bwx20
  9. Lol

    Lol Super Moderator Staff Member

    Haha! That didn't work for me at my local Life Centre. My pecs evidently didn't speak loudly enough. I wasn't allowed to train without booking a £20 induction session when a trainer was available. Yeah, whatever. Haven't been back.

    Nice pressing.
  10. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    I just left the premises afterwards so the session was completely free ;)
  11. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    Worked up to each final set

    Hack: 80kgx8
    Legpress: 240kgx6
    Legcurl: x30 reps
    Stand calf: 80kgx12+9
  12. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member


    Worked up to:

    BP: 100kgx7
    BTN: 70kgx8. 50kgx12
    Pendlay: 80kgx8. 50kgx15
    CGBP: 80kgx10. 50kgx17
    BW Pullups x 10

    Then did some extra metabolic work on cable flyes, tricep pushdown and cable reverse flyes for reardelts.
    Some ab-work too.
  13. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member


    Worked up to:

    Squats: 90kgx5 60kgx9(slow partials)
    RDL: 60kgx10+9
    Seated calf: 35kgx20+15

    Did some abs, rotators and facepulls. Then ran for 10 mins. Havent done squats or RDLs in a good few weeks so the squats were really tough and I did lighter RDLs just to get some metabolic work in for my hams.
  14. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member


    Worked up tp:

    Chins: bw+20kgx7+5(30 secs between sets)
    BP: 100kgx6 70kgx16
    BTN: 75kgx5 50kgx13
    Pendlay: 60kgx18
    Cleans: 50kgx10
    Dips: bw+20kgx15

    Then cable flyes, ab crunches, vertical cable rows then one-handed chins-static hold.
  15. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    gbglifter, are you still cutting or is 82kgs now your ripped state?
  16. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    Still cutting :( This cut has been murder. Ive fallen ill a few times in the past few months. Hayfever has been killing me too. Took over from my boss :) AND my minds been elsewhere at times ie tracking my mitsubishi evo :) Im aiming for 80kg which will take me sub 10%bf, which is 2kg more than last year. I reckom Ive lost a bit more mass than I wanted but I am much fuller at 82kg this year compared to last.
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  17. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    Decided to an extra session today to work on my weaker exercises at the moment:

    Chins: bwx5+5+5. bw+30kgx5. Bwx13.
    Pendlays: 85kgx7. 60kgx17.
    Wide dips: bwx12
    Regular dips: bwx18
    DB flyes: 15kgx13
    DB lat raise: 12.5kgx12
    Calf stand: 85kgx12+8
    Cable bicepcurls: heavy, alternate with the "resting" arm under tension.

    Ive only been managing my A workout for the past month so Ive been missing weighted chins. I bumped the weight up today to bw+30kg. It was heavy but I managed my target of 5. My grip was shagged after the chins so I should have used grips for pendlay.
    Morning workout=no food=less energy, but I managed the level of intensity I was looking for anyway.
    Wide dips are horrible. Never did wide before and I hate them. Ill stick to narrower dips for triceps and bench and cable flyes for pecs. Even the dumbbell flyes weren't as good as cableflyes.
    Thats 5 workouts this week and Im feeling better about my overall physique now. Im on holiday now for 3 weeks so Ill maybe add squats to my upper workout so Ill get an A and a B workout each week.
  18. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    1st holday workout

    BP: W-U, 105kgx4+1. 70kgx17
    CG: 90kgx4. 60kgx11
    BTN: W-U, 75kgx4. 50kgx11
    Pendlay: 70kgx10
    Cleans: 50kgx15

    I did some abs, cable flyes and cable curls. The metabolic set for BTN was done with one rep in front then one rep behind the neck. The cleans are really just done for fun. I like the movement.
  19. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member


    Chins: W-U, bw+35kgx5+1+1
    BP: W-U, 100kgx7. 70kgx17
    BTN: W-U, 80kgx3(PR)+F
    Rubish rows: 85kgx10
    Pendlay: 60kgx11
    Dips: skipped
    Cleans: 60kgx3+3(too tired to do more, awful technique)

    Then some bw-squats, bicurls and abs.

    The BTN is a push-press. My previous PR was push-press military was 80kgx1, from last year. Im chuffed. Thats almost bodyweight for reps!
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  20. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    Did a light leg workout. Decided to do 15s for squats as I have in effect SDd my legs due to not training legs for the last couple of weeks.

    Squats: 60kgx15+14
    Good mornings: 60kgx8
    RDL: 60kgx10+8

    Just used the same weight for all exercises :)

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