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Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by shakeel, Dec 15, 2005.

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    Taken from the forum where the spilt beans were found. Sound familiar to anyone? And please, save the copyright infringement BS this quote could start for someone who doesn't know better.
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    I hate to have to even make this point, but you do realize that in the history of bodybuilding, approximately 29387592579827598275982 people have made outrageous claims or anecdotes about how <insert newfangled miracle> adds miraculous inches to <some body part>, right?
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    if only there were that many people total in the history of mankind!! [​IMG]
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    As I was trying to keep this JRep thread serious. That was what I meant. Due the attacks it has gotten - and continues to get - I thought that was the best way for me to show the validity of them.[/QUOTE]
    JReps received genuine questions . . . met with a child-like response... THEN the attacks started.

    By the way . . . is anyone else more than a little amused that he refers to his forum as the Round Table ...? I don't recall King Arthur making attempts to eviscerate his colleagues when they wondered how the plan worked...(Lancelot and the pwning of his wife aside)...
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    funny that...the forums at the Hardgainer site are called the "Round Table"...maybe another law suit possibility against J-reps!
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    OK, fair enough...I think you may have become an innocent victim here, but here me out

    You need to provide us with information so we can determine if maybe this will work for us, or maybe it won't. To come here and say "this is the greatest thing since sliced bread" but not provide any details comes off as nothing more than marketing, intentional or not and regardless of your link or non-link with the JRep "founder". I can name probably a dozen methods of training -but- I can also provide a link where you can go and check it out in verbose detail - for free!

    Tell us in detail what you were doing before (exercises, reps, sets, how many days per week etc...)

    Then tell us about what you are doing now in some sort of detail. (exercises, reps, sets, how many days per week etc...)

    There's a million different ways to work out, and not everything works for everybody. Alot of us have found things that work well for US. I think everyone is looking to be better in some way, shape or form, but we are also a pretty open group and share volumes of information. You're pretty new here, but there are lots of people who came here and learned a great deal from this site (and many other sites as well). We'd like to think tht if you found something that works well for you, you'll come back and tell us...and not try to charge us for the priveledge.

    so throw us a bone here...if you want to be taken seriously, try talking to us and giving us some details...and lets get an intelligent discussion going
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    Where have 'we' said that jreps dont work?

    There is a difference between questioning the proposed additional efficacy, the proposed physiology behind them and what they actually are; than actually saying they have no function at all.
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    xtreme, the reason I have a hard time taking your claims seriously is mainly due to the fact that you said you did a few cycles of HST and never gained ANY weight AT ALL. This suggests that you haven't yet figured out how to eat and/or train properly, so any claims of size gains from you have to be taken with a grain of salt, since if you did make any size gains, obviously it's just water retention, since it is quite clear that you haven't figured out yet that you have to eat over maintenance if you want to grow.

    Personally, water isn't what I'm looking to gain, it's muscle.
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    I couldn've said this better. [​IMG]
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    Well, that's a good least we vaguely know what you used to do...but then you launched into alot of fluff about how great jreps are - then the second post was just way more fluff.

    A well respected name in the fitness exercise industry made a post on another site that pretty much states what we have been saying here all along... I'll provide a few quotes (I hope it's OK to post these quotes - if not I'll remove them)

    It's amusing to see that after someone actually tries to post any specifics, the creator comes in and says something like "oh, no, that's not it at all".
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    Please post some before and after pics with a sign that says HST on the current pics. It would help support your case a lot, especially since it is impossible to work only one part of the muscle, so your muscle shape cannot be changing due to training.
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    Well, you sorta of are on came here and made some pretty bold statements with little or nothing to back them up other than your personal, it's only a waste of time if you aren't willing to discuss it...if you are simply going to blow smoke up our proverbial dresses, then the point is moot.

    Personally? I'd love to hear more about it, but I'm guessing there are too many copyright/lawsuit issues to get any details without shelling out cash, of which I don't have much extra laying around I'm afraid. I guess if this stuff really is the "shiznit", we'll all start hearing about it on the open market soon, so time will ultimately tell...shame really...but alas, money talks at the moment.
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    My Views

    From all the crapola I have read so far...I still don't see a set of principals by which the so called Jreps work, this is what we "preach" here at HST. :D

    Also, Bryan has made it rather obvious that we need to treat each other fairly, however I would support some of our HST guys views as the pooo flinging did not start with them [​IMG]

    I picked on a link that has some explanation of what Jreps are all about, and seriously, we use that type of techniques already.

    I am not surprised that neither Bryan nor Vicious got involved here, as they know full well that it is nothing new, it just has a "catchy name".

    At the end of the day and as Dan, Mickey, Mathey, Aaaron and a few others said, we share information for free on this site in order to create the most effective methods of training [​IMG]

    So if you came around here and talk about a so called effective method that creates results we would like to disect it, analyze it, remove any BS from it if there is, and then make it available to all who want to try it.

    As you can see there are other methods of training in the site such as SST etc, but obviously their authors or guardians or whatever you may call them, are not worried about it being discussed and analysed aas they probably benefit from it and they obviously have other much more sound sources of income rather than pathetic idea-guarding and round table issues [​IMG]

    Real Body building and strength traing coaches such as Poliquin, Dave Drapper etc, etc, discuss training techniques by the dozen with anyone interested and have no qualms about it!

    'nough said [​IMG]
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    1. You can't change the length of your muscle fibers. You CAN change the circumference (hypertropy) - and hence shape and size, but not lenth.

    2. What's so unremarkable about a request for evidence of a change...? EVERY training website uses pics as the last say on results. Numbers and stats are nice, but are taken subjectively and still don't provide a very good account of overall body change. It's like me telling you the dimensions of a shopping plaza before and after renovations&extensions...yes, I CAN give you the numbers . . . or I can show you the pics.

    3. If you don't have to prove you're doing something that works to anyone, then why this:

    Why are you telling us how great it is if you don't want to prove it..? Lack of conviction?'re bothering a lot for someone who isn't aiming to prove anything.

    So when "normal" sets have worked have worked for lifters since Grimek and Ross...what you're actually telling us is that they don't work...?

    This is why BDJ and followers/proponents are regarded as a laughing stock on dozens of acclaimed forums. No scientific basis, no ability to defend (hell, even describe) the method, and a cry-then-sue reflex that rivals George Lucas and Lars Ulrich's.

    If you want acknowledgement, or even just to be listened to without bias, then don't refer to "logic" - refer to a well constructed, well supported contention and argument.

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