New Log for Infantry Deployment

internets been down for a couple days. I did my last day of 5's(ill try to continue)
I'm really sick right now too...

Did pullups first cause stupid terps were hogging bench

Pullups: BW 6x5
Flat Bench: 5x5 230lbs I think i can maybe add 5lbs more... will find out today
Incline Bench: 3x5, 1x4, 2x3 205lbs The last set was really hard
Chinups: BW 6x5
BOR: 5x5 170lbs
Shrugs: 5x5 235lbs
Military Press: 5x5 135lbs. was harder than the previous session
lateral raises(side and front) 1x5 12.5lbs 2x5 15lbs
weighted ab crunches. 1x20, 1x15, 1x15 progressively increasing weight
machine curls: 3x10(i'm at the bottom of the rack so i'm unable to increase the weight)

wrist curls with the 10lbs 1x regular, 2x reverse
Flat Bench: 5x5 235lbs I think i can fo 240 lol... I'll probably do 10x3 for the remainder that i'm on the beast

Incline Bench: 3x5 210lbs
BOR: 5x5 175lbs
Shrugs: 5x5 240lbs
Military Press: 3x5 140lbs
lateral raises(side and front)3x5 15lbs
weighted ab crunches. 1x20, 2x15 added weight
Pullups: BW did 30 reps total
Chinups: BW 30 reps total
machine curls: 3x10

wrist curls with the 10lbs 2x regular, 2x reverse

gonna look back in the log to see what i did after 5's on diesel and copy it here.
Flat Bench: 4x5 240lbs, 1x5 245lbs
Incline Bench: 2x3 210lbs 1x5 215(i accidentally did 210... i checked after i was done)
BOR: 3x5 180lbs
Shrugs: 3x5 245lbs
Military Press: 3x3 145lbs
lateral raises(side and front)3x5 20lbs
weighted ab crunches. 1x20, 2x15 added weight
Pullups: BW did 30 reps total
Chinups: BW 30 reps total
machine curls: 3x10

wrist curls with the 10lbs 2x regular, 2x reverse

Not sure what to do for exercises that i cant increase the weight on....
You are well on your way to a 300 lb Bench! Your really progressing well. Any idea what your current BW is?
I wouldnt worry about that, because with the muscle you've added you will look pretty jacked when you finish your cut and in the end that's all that matters right ;) . I am definitely due for a cut myself but waiting till after the holidays
Flat Bench: 1x5 250lbs... not sure why but controlling the decent KILLED my triceps/arms... I still felt it even after racking the weight. I didnt think I could do 4 more sets of 5 reps so i did 8 sets of 3 and 1 set of 2 reps.
^-It affected the rest of my workout...
I pretty much went back to my 2nd day of 10's and did 4 sets of everything. Except pullups/chinups... I couldnt do 1 pullup and didnt try chinups
Try reducing the number of exercises to bare minimums and just focus on pushing for heavier weights each session. You might find it more productive and easier to focus on 3 lifts rather than 8 or 10. Your arms are gonna get plenty of work assisting with the heavier poundages. Below is a real condensed plan that you can do 5x5 or 3x5 or whatever you feel like, but I found my strength shot up better this way.

weighted Chin/ weighted Pullup/BOR (Choose 1)
Military Press
I did as you said... I lost my ****ing workout paper somehow.... the only lift i really remembered off the top of my head is bench

so i did:
Bench 1x5, 1x4.. wait a couple seconds 1x1, 1x5 255lbs
BOR: 1x5 165lbs, 1x5 170lbs, 1x5 175lbs
Mil Press: 1x5 135lbs, 2x5 140lbs

i threw in shrugs and curls... couldnt help it >.>

shrugs: 3x5 225lbs

Gonna look through the log to find my old 5rm's
wow your bench is getting up there. Keep on adding that weight till you stall then give yourself a well deserved SD. Lookin good man
well i stalled :(

today I did:

flat bench: 260lbs 1x4(couldnt get 5) then rested a couple seconds and did 1x2. then 3x3
BOR: 3x5 180lbs
mil press: 3x5 145lbs
Shrugs: 3x5 250lbs

I have 1 more week of about 4 more workouts
Try rolling with 260 for the remainder of your workouts and do sets of 3 till you can complete 5 sets with that weight. Don't go to failure on any set. If you can get 5 sets before the end of the cycle then you can add 5 lbs. 260 is a nice lift no frowny face on that! I would be printing out shirts that said 260 on them myself :)
Ok, 5 sets of 3 reps. I was gonna shoot for 10 reps but i forgot how long I was resting when i was doing 10x3.

And i needa figure out what i did to find out the weights to use for my 3x8 and 3x5 cycles during my maintenance phase so i'll ressurect an old topic and see if someone can tune in and help :D
If you feel you can handle more than 5 sets of 3 by all means go for it. rest as long as it takes to recover. 3 minutes is usually enough, but don't stress about it if it takes longer. You may even consider nixing military press for the remainder of the cycle to ensure you recover enough between workouts. Your chest/delt/tri's are getting hammered as it is with the benching. 1 push 1 pull per workout may be ideal to maximize your efforts. I would advise trying to keep the volume the same for the push and pull because they are equally impotant. Good luck
I've decided that I hate my thighs(i didnt work them out lol) so i'll be cutting starting this week using RFL.

Which according to totentaz, is just eat atleast 300g of protein a day as little carbs/fat as possible then carb reup in 12 days.

i only have 4 workouts left from when i would've originally started so i'll try to continue this heavy lifting then next week do it only m,w,f and lift for maintanence using my 8rm(3 sets) and 5rm(4 sets) cycle setup... like a baws
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I would choose either to continue heavy lifting and eating above maintenance or to cut and start your pct training but not a mix of the 2. There is no way you will recover from the heavy sessions on such a calorie restricted diet even for a week. You would more than likely run yourself down and end up getting sick from a weakened immune system and that would really throw you off schedule. nothing wrong with choosing to cut now if thats what you want to do. Good luck either way, oh and train those legs man! :)
I kinda want to continue heavy though @.@

Its only 4 more workouts and only 3-4 lifts(gonna do shrugs and MAYBE mil press. Whats the worse than could happen?

I should have enough glycogen stored. M I Rite? i know i'm hard headed
Nope. I'll SD in January lol. I'll be in the states for 2weeks at my ex's house... so I wont go to the gym til she starts back work. I may even propose if this stupid ring gets here b4 i leave afghaniland -_-(woulda mailed to her house but shes pcs'ing to someone new and wont know her address til december)