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    Arms do get pretty well conditioned from all the indirect work they get during a cycle (although from chins, say, they get some pretty direct work) so I tend to only add in arm work at the end of a cycle when I can use some heavy loading to continue to increase strain and through a greater ROM (pick an iso that is good for stretch). A Max Stim set for bis and tris seems like an ideal way to do this.

    If you finished up a cycle doing negative dips and chins you might find that that would be enough to keep your arms growing for a while longer without the need for any direct arm work. However, eventually, I'm pretty much convinced that you would need to do some direct work to maximise gains.
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    (MasterCFI @ Jan. 27 2009,8:58)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">I was always a powerlifter or &quot;extreme athlete&quot;, in that I would hump 12 miles with a 100 pound rucksack on my back. After having done a physical fitness test, then doing cross country land navigation through the woods, etc. Being a former infantry officer assigned to the Green Beret, I am used to pounding my body.

    When you look at the legs of Rangers and Special Forces, they tend to be beefy and built. They got that way walking and running moderate distances with heavy loads. My legs are the same way.</div>
    I much preferred to leave my 100 pound rucksack in a net attached to a helicopter. I'd get it back that evening when they brought out our hot chow (life was good in the First Cavalry Division).

    I may have been &quot;straight leg&quot; infantry, but I knew enough to get somebody else to carry my pack for me. [​IMG]

    Maybe that accounts for my weeny legs...
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    You had vehicles, and hot chow? Wow! Haha

    Seriously, fellow soldier- thanks for serving! Hooah.

    Yeah, I owe my legs to uncle Sam. The mushy brain is all mine though...

    Tunnel, do you have any experience with NOT working arms directly?
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    Hello, I don't know if this thread is still alive or not but I came across MS recently and am interested in knowing more.

    I've read through the whole 8 pages and the ebook but I must be stupid because there are some things I don't understand [​IMG]

    I'll try to be as clear as possible!

    1) 1rep per M-time right? Up to 20 reps in total, yes?

    2) 1 set per exercise?

    3) Once your eccentric time slows down significantly, add 10secs and keep going?

    4) Once your M-time is 30secs, do you quit even though you haven't reached your 20reps?

    5) Let's say I reach my 20th rep and I feel like I can do more and my M-time is only 15secs and not the 30sec. mark. Should I keep going until I reach M-time of 30secs. or stop. Should I add more weights next time?

    because I just experimented with my left arm on hammer curls. I can do 6RM of 40lbs. and 75% of that is 30lbs. I used M-time of 3secs and it eventually went up to M-time of 15 on my 20th rep. I could've went a lot longer if I had to stop at the 30sec. mark.

    6) I've noticed on the ebook that the phase caters to a 4day workout per week. I don't really have time to do that so I use the 3x per week program. Should I still be increasing my weights 5% like the 4day per wk program?

    7) Each phase is 4weeks, correct?

    Truly sorry for bothering anyone that takes the time to answer these. I would greatly appreciate your answers though. Thank you sooo much! [​IMG]
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    Let me chime in with my xperience. First, I thoroughly enjoy doing MS. I alternate between MS and HST (proper) each cycle.

    But, I found, for me, that 3 workouts a week is too much on my body and I ended up losing muscle by overtraining - on either HST or MS. I am 50 years old.

    To compensate, when doing MS or HST, I now workout every 4 days. IE: Workout, then two days off, workout, 2 days off, etc. If something comes up which makes me miss a scheduled workout day, then I simply workout the next day.

    Doing my rotation in this manner has allowed me to complete two cycles without ANY joint or body pain. And, I have gained more size than I did any of my previous cycles.

    When I started HST a little over a year ago I weighed 198 and couldn't put weight on to save my butt. I now weigh 216.

    So, for me, more rest between workouts has been a key for gaining size and enjoying less aches and pains.

    Happy lifting all!
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    You got great results doing HST &quot;proper&quot; . . . . go figure!! [​IMG]

    I have also (I normally use MS to extend), I've never understood why so many guys wanna alter it BEFORE they've even done a few HST cycles. Fine change it once you know how it's working for you, little by little, or adopt sensible options like &quot;simplfy and win&quot; if you're a vet and already know what likely works for you.
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    (MasterCFI @ Dec. 13 2009,7:20)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">
    So, for me, more rest between workouts has been a key for gaining size and enjoying less aches and pains.
    Ditto here. Reducing the frequency was the best approach for me in dealing with the injuries, as well as managing CNS fatigue (I'm 45). I've been doing a 2-day split with rest on the 3rd day. I'm now midway through the cycle, and seeing a return to size and strength gains after about a year of stalling.
    A little HST tweaking might be in order for the over-the-hill gang  [​IMG]
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    hey dan,

    long time, no speak! hope you and family are well and happy holidays to all.

    i enjoy experimentation, and i just completed a 2 month experiment using dr. mcguff's big 5 workout, training 1 time a week for 12 minutes.

    no hypertrophy results to speak of, just strength gains. physique wise, i look flat! this is especially so in the arms.

    my 53 year old joints, despite the very slow reps, are a bit tender.

    now, the real reason for my butting in.

    dan, over at t-nation, thibideau has quite the discussion going on (18 pages and counting) on the perfect rep. there is video of nate green and another BB fellow performing the perfect rep on the bench press.
    quick synopsis--
    thibs recommends total domination of the weight.
    i.e.- explode (compensatory acceleration) the concentric and also a fast eccentric.
    2-3 reps for about 8 or so sets.
    when that &quot;feeling&quot; of domination diminishes (the positive rep speed starts to diminish) the set ends.

    dan, i'm no scientist, but to me, thibs' writings appear quite similar to the max-stim workout. that's not a knock on christian. he walks the walk.

    for anyone else who has some time to check out the article and the 10 minute video, i'd be most interested in your comments regarding the similarities between maxstim and thibs' theories.

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    Yup long time no speak, my self imposed restraint from the BB writing community has left me out of touch but in all honesty I didn't invent singles, or doubles or triples. These were invented by the caveman who first had to move that heavy ass rock out of their veggie garden LOL. So it's no wonder others have capitalized on the idea and all the more power to them, seriously.

    What chinched the idea for me was when I tried my own self experimentation. Further research is still needed to see if it (intra set rest) indeed may prove beneficial or not and I am hoping that one day some young graduate student picks up on the idea and runs with it. I would love to see the results (good or bad).
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    Have you steped away for good???
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    I still read the literature but probably won't write much anymore
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    Monkey Island

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    abanger you are the quote king.
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    i haven't seen a post of his without a quote or a copy and paste :confused:.
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    Great to see you still around - Nice to be back. It's been too long. Took off 8 months from training. Diet is still pretty tight, just lost some size. Starting all over with HST and in a while will look at max-sStim. Nice to see the board still strong and some of the regulars.

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    Zoomz.......................Holy canoli, how ya been old man?
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    lol, it's been a while. It was nice to find you, Bryan and HST again. Last program was of course max-Stim and as you know I thoroughly enjoyed it and made good progress especially helping joints etc. Life kind of got in the way and a nagging right shoulder which ended my serious training.
    Had it checked last month and I can do weights but nothing very heavy until I have an MRI this Oct. Kinda like a frozen shoulder. If I had to re do my 30 years in gym, it would entail less real heavy weight. Unfortunately I did the 2-3 hour gym stuff for over 20 years when natural bodybuilding didn't exist and being small boned it caught up. Depending on the MRI and more likely operation this may be the end of competing and I'm OK with that. Anyways good to be back with you and Bryan. 'm also over at Lyles; it doesn't get better than these 2 sites.
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    Max Stim spreadsheet

    Does anyone have a copy of the Max Stim spreadsheet they could attach/link/email me please? The link referred to earlier in this thread no longer works. Many thanks -- ZAK
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