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Discussion in 'General Training' started by abanger, Jul 16, 2009.

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    (Bulldog @ Sep. 21 2009,6:36)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">That may be true Quad, but I see ANY increase in GH or T as a positive thing.</div>
    Totally agreed, but from what I've read, the spike off of a workout is like an extra cherry in your ice cream. Some places I see people talking about it like it's going to make them into Jay Cutler.
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    Well I bombed out with 335lbs on squats 2 weeks ago. I did 335x7+2+2 one workout, it felt easy, then next one I did 335x8+2+2+2+2, then 335x6 on the next one....

    Overtrained! I got a sore throat 2 days later, and a flu...
    rested 6 days and then did a deload session with 255x8+3+3+3. Sub-maximal off course

    then rested 5 days. Felt really good during the week, my legs and hips felt real light, loose and snappy/strong.
    And today I got 255x17+3+3+3+3   [​IMG]

    damn, it looks like my squat has gone up 30-40lbs since deloading!
    You would I think I have plenty of strength to powerclean 255 really easy   [​IMG]
    And 275lbs with a high catch. Pretty sure my goal of 275x15 is in the bag.

    255x17 = 455lbs, 255x18 = 480lbs on the rep calculator I use, which has been accurate for me so far. So my goal of 275x15, 455lbs has been achieved. On paper I should be able to do 405x5...
    Seeing as I hit my goal so easily and quickly, why stop here?!
    315x15+ and 525lbs is my next goal
    Anything after that is a bonus. Then lean down to at least 180lbs or under, pretty close to triple bodyweight....

    The interesting this is that I put 0.5 inch on my glutes/hips and 0.25 inch on my upper thigh measurments after the deload workout . Might be why I got so much stronger   [​IMG]


    It looks like linear progression is no longer viable for me due to my strength levels and resulting fatigue generating every time I train. So My new setup is like this

    4-5 days rest between sessions

    1) 1x13-15 +3
    2) 1x10-12 +3
    3) 1x8+3+3 sub-maximal with say 60%
    4) 1x7-9 +2 , backoff set 1x12-17
    5) deload 60% x 5 or something

    repeat until a deload block is needed

    something like that anyway
    For my other exercises, things will be less rigid, mostly go by feel and will switch in exercises as needed.

    based on my current estimated strength levels (when fresh)

    1) 255x15+3+3+3
    2) 295x12+3+3
    3) 255x8+3+3
    4) 335x9+2+2+2, 275x14
    5) 255x5

    bumping up loads 5-10lbs each time around as my strength increases dictate, and letting the reps on the initial set fall where they may be

    That's what i had planned at the start of the week, except I did more than 15 reps with 255lbs  [​IMG]
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    yes - it's working!  [​IMG]
    315x11 +2+2+2+2 while still fatigued from the 255x17 +4+4+4+4  four days ago

    So after those 2 workouts I put 0.25 inch of size on my hips and thighs, and 1/8 inch on my calves this morning. Calf raise numbers also went up between those 2 workouts. No change in waist size, and a small increase in bodyweight, just under 1lb, probably all muscle  [​IMG]

    I deload next workout, and I expect a big jump in strength the workout after that with the extra muscle mass and decrease in fatigue!
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    results of the mini-cycle I created

    2 weeks ago I hit

    355x7+1+1, rest 5 mins, 275x12+3

    rested 6 days

    365x7+1+1, rest 6 mins, 295x12+3
    295lb set not shown

    I put on 0.25 inch of muscle on my hips between the workouts. Bigger butt = stronger squat  [​IMG]

    Quite pleased, but unfortunately I have to stop squatting for a while, to really let my old left knee medial meniscus tear heal fully, so I can jump again without pain, which is my main goal I'm training for.
    Sucks, as I was moving up to my 525lb calculated 1RM goal quite easily.
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    Cheers abanger. Blade is a dude! I'll look forward to reading through this and hopefully picking up a few extra pointers on nutrient timing. Just hope the Norwegian translator works reasonably well enough. Bounced @ss eh?  [​IMG]
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    diet? WTF is that?

    feel hungry --> I eat eggs/meat/fruit/veges

    damn who is the chick in the article? [​IMG]
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    I made it 3/4 of the way through it...readjusting, guessing, formatting and cogitizing those untranslated words began to make my eyes just kruglefleuutten.

    Anyways, I doubt I'd last long on that low carb mess anyway - too carb addicted.
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    (CoolColJ @ Nov. 26 2009,2:48)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">diet? WTF is that?

    feel hungry --> I eat eggs/meat/fruit/veges

    damn who is the chick in the article?  [​IMG]</div>
    That's essentially Blade's Health &amp; Fitness Concept.
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    Anyone know what Bryan thinks of Myo_Reps? Seems that Borge has chosen 2x per week per bodypart as his chosen frequency as per how he interprets Wernbom's paper.

    Also, he no longer seems to have the view that gene expression, theoretically optimized (more so) with a 3x per week schedule with HST, is the only consideration.

    Seems that Wernbom's paper, or rather his interpretation of it, has &quot;moved&quot; him away from HST proper. I don't know if that is necessarily wise. While that paper is great and looks at hypertrophy specifically, its more of a &quot;what's been done&quot; and &quot;how that worked&quot; thing, so to speak. Bryan looks at the gene expression that is going on &quot;under&quot; the observations made in Wernbom's metanalysis and comes to HST as the rational outworking of this research.

    Borge has moved to more of Lyle's ideas it seems.
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    Since this weak I try to implement Myo-reps in my HST programma.
    I found this example, see below and I am wondering if this a good example to start with Myo-reps or can you stick on th regulair programma like 15,10,5? I am wondering what most of you do.

    Week 1-2: 50-55%, 20-25 +15 (20-25 +5+5+5)
    Week 3-4: 60-65%, 15-20 +16 (15-20 +4+4+4+4)
    Week 5-6: 70%, 12-15 +15 (12-15 +3+3+3+3+3)
    Week 7-9: 75%, 10-12 +15 (10-12 +3+3+3+2+2+2)
    Week 10-12: 80%, 8-10 +14 (8-10 +2+2+2+2+2+2+2)
    Week 13-14: 80-85%, 6-8 +4,
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    The Myo-Reps method is much like HST: progressive high frequent loading. You will do fine on the vanilla Myo-Reps routine.
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    You mean with vanilla routie the programme what I am trying to do?
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    Somewhat like what you posted, yes.

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