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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Browner, Jun 27, 2017.

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    @Browner - this.
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    I’d leave the opener where it is and see how the second lift goes. Confidence is as much as part of this as one’s physical state.
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    Next comp after this one is 21st July

    Plan post meet;

    week beginning
    • 16/04/2018 DELOAD
    • 23/04/2018 conjugate wave 1
    • 30/04/2018 conjugate wave 2
    • 07/05/2018 conjugate wave 3
    • 14/05/2018 conjugate wave 4
    • 21/05/2018 conjugate wave 5
    • 28/05/2018 conjugate wave 6
    • 04/06/2018 DELOAD
    • 11/06/2018 Bulgarian
    • 18/06/2018 Bulgarian
    • 25/06/2018 Bulgarian
    • 02/07/2018 Bulgarian
    • 09/07/2018 Bulgarian
    • 16/07/2018 Comp Week/TAPER

    Conjugate will be massthetics style and in a nutshell will look something like

    Mon -ME Lower
    Tue - ME Upper
    Thur - DE/Volume Upper
    Fri - DE/Volume Lower

    ME Structure;
    Work up to heavy single, double or triple
    Back off sets 3x5 at 80% of e1rm

    DE/Volume Structure
    Use Pendulum wave (w1 75% 10x2, w2 80% 8x2, W3 85% 6x2 then carry on or reset depending on barspeed)
    Variation 5x5 @70-80%

    Then will give Bulgarian a proper shot going into the next comp.
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    Looks sick.
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    Good luck for the weekend bro! Stay relaxed, focused, and give it your all :)
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  6. Browner

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    So meet recap...

    Weighed in at 8:00am at 101kg, then had to sit around trying not to get to nervous, worked up etc... and my flight was due to start at 13:30!

    Squat warm ups felt great, no signs of the back/hip problem that had been bugging me for the past 6 weeks!

    • Opener - 192.5 kg. Hit this easily, three white lights, felt like I could have banged out about 4 or 5 reps, probably an RPE 6
    • 2nd Attempt - Jumped up to 205kg, this moved ok and was hoping this would set me up for a planned 212.5kg attempt on my 3rd but had 3 red lights for depth. Looking at the video this seemed a bit harsh (felt deeper than my first attempt) but Im not one to complain and the judging was consistent throughout the day so cant complain to much.
    • 3rd Attempt - Re took 205kg but made sure I buried it, but this made me loose tension and had to really grind it out but she went up which was the main thing.

    Bench - There was a 2 hour wait between squats and bench, so trying to stay properly fueled/hydrated etc... was tough! Warm ups moved fine no problems at all!

    • Opener - 142.5kg - Again moved easily, like I could do a set of 5!
    • 2nd attempt - 150kg - Moved well, and bar speed was fast but felt like a little bit of a fight
    • 3rd attempt - 155kg - Made what I thought was a conservative jump, have done this so many times in training, and lifetime PR is 160 so though this was a banker! Came off the chest fast and I thought I had it, but then just felt like I was pushing against a brick wall! Going to do some more close grip bench and maybe bench against bands next training block to improve my lockout and strengthen the triceps
    Deadlifts - Was then another 2 hour wait until deadlifts came around and by this point id been at the venue for 10 hours, starting to feel mentally and physically drained, headache had set in, but by the time I got through the warm ups I felt ok but was anxious to get the openner up.

    • Opener - 230kg - Flew up, about an rpe 6!
    • 2nd attempt - 240kg - again flew up no problems
    • 3rd attempt - 250kg (comp PR) - No prblems at all, probably about RPE 8.5
    Left a few Kilos on the platform with the deadlift, but after the long day, dissapointment of squat and bench I wanted to finish the day with a win, and wanted to go 3/3 on deadlifts and set a comp PR.

    Finished with a total of 605kg (20kg short of the qualifying total for brits) and 5th place out of 18 in my weight category.

    So deload this week and then will work on;

    Squats - Speed out of the hole and quad strength (thinking front squats/pause squats and or band work)
    Bench - Lockout and tricep strength
    Deadlift - Feels pretty solid so just get stronger in general (easy right ;))
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    Nice stuff!

    General question;

    What sort of rep count per session do you do for each lift? Not including taper or reload weeks etc.
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    Jester Well-Known Member

    Also, for me, front squats work the back/torso/mythical “core”, and barely do anything for the quads. The load is just too light by comparison.

    I’d try pin squats and high bar.
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    Just watched the lifts - attempt 2 I would have white lighted, and red lighted the third as it looked like a dip. Maybe they just appreciated the effort? Haha.

    Good job all around though.
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  10. Browner

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    Thanks pal, I've had a lot of people saying the 2nd should have been white lighted... but what can you do. Played on my mind and end up going far deeper than I needed to on the 3rd and just lost all tension but somehow managed to grind it up! Annoyed as I felt 210 - 215 was there even though the 205 2nd was quite slow.

    Below is from my RTS training log over the last 12 weeks. Basically the warmer the colour the more work was done in that rep range

    I'll take your advice regarding the squat variants. Wave 1-3 of my conjugate style going to run high bar squats, then wave 4-6 pin squats. Might throw on some bands too
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    S, is that showing total reps per session, or average reps per set?
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    Well done mate, again I know nothing much about PL comps, but sounds like you did really good and felt good most the time. And awesome you were able to evaluate and learn from it, comps are great for that reason :)

    That'd be so brutal waiting that long between lifts haha... what do you do when you're coming up to your lifts to warm yourself up or even psychologically prepare? Some people try to relax as much as possible and some try to hype themselves up, just curious what your approach was :). Have got some martial arts tournaments this year, I think I'm the sort of person that needs to try relax more prior hehe, whereas some benefit more from ramping up the energy to get out feeling slothful.

    Then again every type of comp is different, still need physical prep and getting blood flow goin, joints mobile etc..

    Congrats, 5th is freakin' awesome mate :D
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    Average reps per set.

    Yeah its a pretty good log to use, its free and gives you loads of information.
  14. Browner

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    Thanks man!!

    I just try and stay as relaxed as possible (but its not easy as im normally nervous/anxious af), eat some food, stay hydrated listen to a bit of John Mayer on the mp3 player then when it comes time to warm up thats when I try and get mys self amped up. about 20 minute warm up; Dynamic stretch/movement maybe foam roll anything thats particualry tight then just go through my warm up sets. Usually;
    • empy bar 8- 10 reps
    • 20% of opener 5-8 reps
    • 50% of opener 3-5 reps
    • 60% of opener 2 reps
    • 75% of opener 1 rep
    • 85 % of opener 1 rep
    • 90% of opener 1 rep

    Although more inwardly amp myself up rather than outwardly. I'm not one for screaming and back slapping etc. If I do that all technique and proper queing goes out the window... more positive thoughts, visualization and a quick sniff of smelling slats before i go out and take the lift.

    There is a really good video by Mike Tuscherrer about how personality can affect the way you should train. I know its not competition day specific but the principles are interesting.

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  16. _Simon_

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    Awesome, thanks mate appreciate the detailed response. Yeah I like your approach, stay as relaxed as possible (I find if I start jumping around a bit too early I just drain my energy too much when it's time), and coming closer to it to get the body ready physically and also mentally get amped up.

    And cool will check out the vid, thanks :)
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  17. Jester

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    So how many work reps would you say you do per lift, per session?
  18. Browner

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    around 3-4 sets of 3-6 reps on average for the main movements. So min of 9 reps, max 24
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    More load, less volume.

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