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  1. <div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">I am half lebanese/half italian</div>

    That's why those ab pictures of yours are covered in a thick layer of fur, eh? [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    (etothepii @ Apr. 19 2007,13:23)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE"> <div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">I am half lebanese/half italian</div>

    That's why  those ab pictures of yours are covered in a thick layer of fur, eh? [​IMG]  [​IMG]  [​IMG]</div>
    LOL, yes! fortunately, I have no hair on my back!
  3. Instead of chicken soup when your feeling down try this:

    a big plate of carpaccio with thinly sliced mushrooms
    a big tomato salad with red onions, garlic cloves, olives and some parmesan.
    1 liter of water
    a shot of Averna
    Then go to bed and wake the next day feeling rejuvinated.
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    Does anybody here remember Cova? [​IMG]
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    <div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Does anybody here remember Cova?  </div>
    I get your drift.  

    But I have been wondering what happened to him.  I hope he didn't get scared off.  He just needed to learn some more and be  more circumspect in his postings. Of course, teenagers in general think they know everything.   [​IMG]
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    sounds like we eat quite similary! And you are right about it making you feel so rejuvinated. When I was younger, I ate the typical &quot;american&quot; diet and it never left me feeling very energized.

    These days, despite being an old man (just kiddin 32 isnt that old lol) I am feeling far better then ever eating the raw food then I have ever felt.


    lol I am not attacking vegetarians. The unfortunate result however is that most vegetarians are extreme carb and low fat eaters. This has the unfortunate result of causing huge rises and drops in blood sugar levels. If you do some research on Insulin and the results of such an issue you will see that this does indeed in most people cause moodiness and irritability (which in many also leads to aggression).

    Also, many vegetarians eat high quantities of fruit. Frutcose has been proven to cause insulin resistance. Hence, again over time the swings get bigger and bigger leading to more highs and lows of mood.

    The highs and lows can better be controlled by making sure to get plenty of raw fat with meals. Avocados and coconuts are a great source for vegetarians.

    So, I am not attacking vegetarians, just making some statements based on blood chemistry and the study of peoples reaction from it. (There are lots of studies you can look up on this) If you are one of those that doesnt have swings and thrive on your diet, by all means do what works for you. [​IMG]

    God Bless,
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    Why you wildman, you troublemaker, you agitator you!

    I lived on a commune for a year with half of them vegetarians, and let me tell ya, they're a wimpy lot! But that was because of that 'alternative' lifestyle and thinking. So were most of the 'meaties'. They thought I was a redneck. They were right.
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    (wisslewj @ Apr. 19 2007,16:59)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Also, many vegetarians eat high quantities of fruit.  Frutcose has been proven to cause insulin resistance.  Hence, again over time the swings get bigger and bigger leading to more highs and lows of mood.</div>



    No it hasn't. Over indulgenge in High Fructose Corn Syrup has but that is very different than eating fruit.

    Now again I'm not really trying to get invovled in this but so far I have seen you cite all types of studies without putting forth one. So I have to begin to wonder on just where it is you are getting your information.

    Incidentally higher fruit and vegetable has been shown via large sample size observational studies to reduce the occurance of NIDDM, not inversely.

    Also there are several papers showing increased red meat intake increases the risk of NIDDM in both men and women.

    The main culprit is obesity whether you are eating fruit and vegiies or meat, the incidence of NIDDM is much higher if you eat too much of any of it.

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  9. Ruthenian

    Ruthenian New Member


    Can you understand our frustration with your arguments?  Lots of general assertions, but few hard facts.  Now Dan, he is a citation machine!

    Never-the-less, I also wish you do as well with your diet as I have on mine.  Just be open to taking a reality check.  It is easy to get in the groove of essentialy reading the same self-supporting literature on dietary issues when everybody else can see that it is crazy.  I tried raw foods (vegetarian, of course) for about six months once.  Felt great, but turned into a pipe cleaner -- not a great hypertrophy diet!  Good luck.
  10. wisslewj

    wisslewj New Member

    Heyya Dan and Ruth,

    I do understand the frustration that you have. In fact I was frustrated searching out all the info for so many years. I had to read chemistry books, medical books and learn biology etc so as to actually learn if the studies done followed actual body systems and not just fluff.

    Many gurus, raw, vegetarian, meat and otherwise promote crap. However it often sounds logical and so the people that dont know how the body works think its right.

    That said I have seen studies that support alot of fruit and studies that clearly do not. (I actually know people being healed of diabetes by cutting out most carbs.)

    While the sciecne in my opinion shows that excess fruit is bad, I tested it myself. Needless to say it did NOT improve my health. (In fact it did quite the oppisette) In general people that are dominated by their PSN generally dont fair well on alot of carbs period. When my wife eats alot of fruit or carbs she gets huge blood sugar swings and gets quite moody. WHen she eats low carbs she is very steady and can go long periods without eating if she so desires.

    As for posting studies, I stated in another place that I read alot of books every week. And while I do hunt down many studies from those book to read them, I dont recall right off the name of the studies to point someone to. (most I read are from journals and books and I have no idea where they are online) I remember the data because that was what I needed.

    But there are lots of studies out there that support what I am saying (since it wasnt my idea and I am not making it up lol) if one looks for them. However, since it isnt my purpose to make converts but to offfer some insight to those who want to listen, I figure that people that are genually interested can email me and ask for help finding more specific data. I dont have time though to hunt down the studies again for those people like Margow (sp?) that just want to fight and dont really care to learn about it

    I hope that makes sense. For those that genuinly do want to read studies because it is something they may want to do or are honestly seeking to understand if raw meat is beneficial, I will be happy to help. However, I gotta say that to really appreciate why raw meats and low carb is healthy, there is alot of science to understand, just like with HST.

    God Bless
  11. scientific muscle

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    Research has shown that raw meat will make testicles grow from your forehead....sorry, I can't find the studies right now, but trust me I am a genius in science and I have read 300,000,000 books about this stuff and soon testicles will definitely grow from your forehead if you eat too much....
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    (wisslewj @ Apr. 19 2007,20:47)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">However, I gotta say that to really appreciate why raw meats and low carb is healthy, there is alot of science to understand, just like with HST.</div>
    The HUGE difference being that HST actually cites the studies that support it's science!

    Where are your mystery studies? I can't seem to find them on pubmed.
  13. wisslewj

    wisslewj New Member


    And there are , as I have said, tons of studies that support what I am saying. But I am not taking the time to compile a list for you. Look if you are interested, dont if you are not. Its that simple.

    Also, quoting pubmed as some divine source is quite laughable to me. There are literally hundreds of doctors doing pioneering work with mountains of evidence to support their research that things like pub med and other places refuse to publish. Its not for lack of support and evidence. Most of the research cuts across the grain of Big Pharma and their lobying power is such that most will not cross them.

    I am sure that you will have a smart alec remark about that, but that is plain and simple truth. Why you trust one research doctor simply because pub med says something and not someone other doctor with remarkable evidence is beyond me. But its those reasons why one must understand the science themselves so they can make educated decisions about what is right or not. I suppose we would still be hanging out on a flat earth had not someone fought and showed that it was wrong.

    There is so much eveidence out there that things like cancer, diabetes etc could be almost all but elimnated, but the methods are not money makers. They are not drugs. And so they will never be embraced by the Pharm.

    If one does even the most basic research they will find that its the Pharm industry that supports and funds most medical schools. Most doctors receive about 5 hours of nutritional training total. And you would site them as knowledgeable?

    One decent video a buddy gave me the other day was &quot;Prescription for Disaster&quot; (It had some doctors in it and some famous news guy. I think you can get it online) It did a good job of showing the conflict of interest in th e medical community with drugs. Since its these people that control the journals (they pay millions in ad fees) a journal is never gonna print something that says drugs are bad as the financial backers would simply stop backing them.

    So, yes the evidence is plenty and its highly scientific. Dr. Naessons up in Canada is a pioneering genius. If you want to know, you will search. The fact that you just belly ache as opposed seeking out the info demonstartes you dont really care about knowing.

    I could never post enough studies or tell you enough to even have you honestly think about it as your tone is quite evident. As for anyone that really wants to know more, I said before I will take the time out to help. But as this is just a chat forum I am not going to write a scientific disertation and hunt down all the studies.

    So, since it is just pointless to get pissy as it serves no purpose. If ya dont like it, dont do it. Simple as that.


    I did tell ya I would search out that one study for ya if I could and I still will if you genuinely care. If you dont though please say so so that I dont have to waste my time looking.

    Thanks and God bless [​IMG]
  14. bgates1654

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    I have read hundreds of studies that say you are wrong... whats up now?
  15. I really hope this is actually an elaborate attempt at trolling...perhaps one of the pros from Lyle`s board, they would definitely posess the skill to do it [​IMG] If it`s not, wisslewj(since I`m not as educated as you I can actually quote someone`s name without misspelling it), please, PLEASE, don`t mate and don`t reproduce. Thanks in advance!
  16. Aaron_F

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    (wisslewj @ Apr. 19 2007,12:00)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE"> Dr. Weston Price is one such researcher. </div>

    hahahahahahahah Price hahahahah researcher ahhahahaahahahahaha

    this is a top quality troll
  17. <div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">..perhaps one of the pros from Lyle`s board, they would definitely posess the skill to do it</div>

    Lyle's board can be downright scarey. And I meant that in a good way.
  18. dkm1987

    dkm1987 New Member

    Ahhhh Come on Aaron, I saw you at the Fellon and Enig book signings [​IMG]
  19. wisslewj

    wisslewj New Member

    Quick question,

    Since I have been said to be from &quot;lyles&quot; board a few times now I assume that he must be a raw food eater that has a diet similar to mine?

    I am confused as to why any person would waste time &quot;trolling&quot; just to get people to agree with them. I mean seriously, what does someone gain by a stranger saying, &quot;you are right.&quot; Personally I see trolling and taking time to insult people etc all as wasted time pursued because of pride.

    In any event, I am intrigued as to who this Lye is. Since his diet seems similar, I would like to read what he has to say. Can someone tell me what his website is please? (at least that way I can officially say I have read what he writes lol)

  20. dkm1987

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    Troll or not, I don't know and don't care.

    But if you have never been to Lyle's forum and promoted your diet philosophy and would like to do so, go to http://www.bodyrecomposition.com/forums/. I am sure you will find the experience, enjoyable [​IMG]

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