New Log for Infantry Deployment

if you do decide to cut and stay heavy, sleep like it's your job if at all possible(naps or whatever it takes). When you get up that close to your 1RM it takes a big toll on the CNS. Most trainees need an additional 2 hrs of sleep each to day to help recover during these type sessions. I know it's only for a week , but being at such a calorie deficit is gonna hamper your recovery. Good luck on lifting and the possible engagement :D
yeah i'm sucking lol... impossible for me to get extra sleep. I could take 2 days off....

3 workouts left... i didnt really feel like finishing today:

I did:

flat bench: 5 setx 3 reps 260lbs
BOR: 3x5 185lbs
mil press: 3x5 150lbs
shrugs: 3x5 260lbs

i also did 1x6 of flat bench at 205lbs at the end.
flat bench: 3x3 reps 265lbs 1x8 185lbs Really slow, pausing right above my chest for about 2 seconds
BOR: 3x5 190lbs
mil press: 3x3 155lbs
shrugs: 3x5 265lbs
today I did:

flat: 3x3 270lbs 1x8 195lbs
BOR: 3x5 195lbs 1x12 145lbs
Mil Press: 3x3 160lbs
Shrugs: 1x5 265lbs(did this accidentally) 2x5 270lbs 1x12 225lbs
flat: 1x2 275lbs(it felt like the first time I lifted 245lbs... made the rest of my workout pretty hard and tri's hurt for a while after reracking) 1x1<-7 times so i'd get 9 reps total. Then 1x8 175lbs

BOR: 3x12 145lbs

Mil Press: 3x5 135lbs

Shrugs: 3x5 275lbs 1x12 185lbs

Not sure if I said earlier, but im cutting. Decided to just do CKD. I'll carb up next friday.

I've been eating Eggs, cheese, turkey bacon, turkey sausage, bacon with 2 ketchup packets(breakfast)

if they have it i'll take 3 boiled eggs, mayo and mustard for a couple hrs later

then whatevers for lunch... sometimes Only i'll take that with mayo + mustard

then dinner and tuna+cheese/mayo/mustard for later.

I've also been eating beef jerkey even though it has 3g carbs per serving :\

waiting on some zero carb protein powder
flat: 2x8 210lbs... 1x7(failed the 8th rep... ) waited about 30 seconds and did the last one
BOR: 3x8 145lbs
Mil Press: 3x8 110lbs
Shrugs: 3x8 220lbs

Did pullups 2x8, 1x6 waited about a minute and did 2 more
3x5 chinups

Need carb up for str @.@
flat: 2x8 215lbs... 1x7(failed the 8th rep... ) waited about 30 seconds and did the last one
BOR: 3x8 150lbs
Mil Press: 3x8 115lbs
Shrugs: 3x8 225lbs

Did pullups 2x8, 1x6 waited about a minute and did 2 more
3x5 chinups

had oatmeal+eggs+turkey sausage for breakfast

then worked out and had chicken parm+veggies

shower/slept had some bcaa pills+a bagel n cream cheese and now(11pm) im eating more chicken parm and veggies.

After this back to no direct carbs for another 2 weeks
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flat: 1x8 220lbs... 1x7(felt I wouldve failed the 8th rep) waited about 30 seconds and did the last one
1x6(i failed the 7th)
BOR: 3x8 155lbs
Mil Press: 3x8 120lbs(these are pretty hard too)
Shrugs: 3x8 230lbs

Did pullups 1x8, 1x6 waited about 30 secs did 2 more(grip slipped), 1x8
3x5 chinups

As you can see im sucking at the benchpress and mil press.
2 more 8rm workouts. I was only 10lbs away from my old 8rm.
I don't think it's still my 8rm though.
This SNCO wants me to take ANOTHER pt test...
Only 5 of us took one the first time... everyone else(higher ranks) are either on profile or said "**** a pt test"

The 1 SSG, 3 SGTs(one failed), 1 SPC( failed)

Everybody keeps asking me if I can still run(cause ive gotten a lot bigger apparently). Then our SNCO says he wanted us to take a pt test. The one SSG said he isn't taking it, I told them I was gonna walk it. I just started cutting about 2 weeks ago(going on leave next month) and im on a no-low carb diet so my str, energy, and attention is ****ed. I refuse to compromise my diet when I already passed a test 3 months ago and asked for it to be record days before taking it. So they decided they aren't going to make me take it until the 18th of Dec(i'll still be cutting/dieting).

The 2 that failed before took it yesterday
The Other Sgt who was supposed to take it... they made up some 'well you scored the highest last time so you dont have to take it' rule... he scored like 10 points more than me -_-
The SSG isn't taking it

So i'm the only one who passed the first time that has to take it again? I say **** that, especially when the guy giving them hasnt even taken one.


S/n: I cut alot of fat :D

I can see my abs but theres like a layer of fat inbetween my abs(the line down the middle that seperates the left and right side of abs)...
its weird -.-

I really hope i can lose that before i go home. When im flexin in the mirror of the latrines i look sexy though :D

Cant wait to see the end results.
thanks :D

flat: 1x8 225lbs... 1x7 (waited about 30 seconds and did the last one)
1x5(waited about a minute and did 3 more)
BOR: 3x8 160lbs
Mil Press: 1x8 125lbs 1x7(waited 30 secs, did 1 more)
1x5(waited a minute again and did 3 more)

Shrugs: 3x8 235lbs

Did pullups 2x8, 1x5, 1x3
3x5 chinups

Just may be able to get 230 8x wooooooooooooooooo
Last day completely sucked... i appearantly did it on a thursday... which means i didn't take the weekend off last time so i'll be taking friday, saturday, and sunday off. Will start my 5's on monday. I'll be working out M,W,F

anyways, the last session:

flat: 1x5 230lbs... waited a little while like 1 min, did 3 more... waited 3 minutes did 1x4... waited a minute 1x4

pretty much did this for 3 sets so 24reps total...i forgot how many reps i did for the most part after not making 8 reps the first time.

1x5(waited about a minute and did 3 more)

BOR: 3x8 165lbs....
Mil Press: 1x6 waited, 1x2 130lbs 1x4, 1x4(waited 30 secs, did 1 more) 1x5 waited... 1x3
1x5(waited a minute again and did 3 more)

Shrugs: 3x8 240lbs

Did pullups 1x8, 1x6 waited about 20 secs and did 2 more, 1x8

REALLY crappy session. I carb up next(this upcoming friday... its saturday in Afghanistan today)

Not too bad of a str loss but if i hit 8 reps 5lbs less than what i did this session then im assuming its because I have no glycogen in my muscles when i did this session... :(

Anyways... losing fat... :D

Yesterday i was sitting around and my left leg cramped and my left abs cramped. It kinda popped out like it was gonna explode outwards... it hurt ALOT. I've noticed good fatloss in my arms this morning... just need the thighs to kick into gear -.-
flat: 3x5 1x3, waited a minute and 1x3 230lbs
BOR: 4x5 155lbs....
Mil Press: 4x5 120lbs
Shrugs: 4x5 240lbs

Did pullups 1x10, 1x9, 1x8

255lbs WAS my 5RM... this no carb stuff is kicking my ass. I dont think i'll be able to lift much more than 230lbs.
flat: I did 3 reps... didnt feel like i could get 4
rested 3 minutes then did 4 reps but struggled on the 4th one and some asshat came over (even though I told him i got it and not to touch the bar) and i could feel him helping me lift it up -_-... rested 30 seconds and did 2 more.
rested about 4 minutes and did 4 by myself, rested 30 secs and did 1 more
then 3x, rested, 2x. 235lbs.....

Since i can't do 5 reps anymore im just gonna make sure i do 20 reps total

BOR: 4x5 160lbs....
Mil Press: 4x5 125lbs
Shrugs: 4x5 245lbs

Did pullups 3x8 and throughout my lifts i felt the urge to do random amounts of pullups... probably about 40-50 today.

And did 3x5 chinups

Carbing up TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gonna have a bagel with cream cheese as soon as it hits midnight! Maybe a PB&J Sandwich too :D
Oatmeal for breakfast. I hope they have french toast or french toast sticks......
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay omg.... last carb up i only had 2 bagels, and a cup of oatmeal...

I'm way too weak now :(
flat: 1x4 240lbs. rested 30 seconds and did 1 more.
then 1x3, rested about a minute did 2 more
^ did that two more times, totaling 20 reps.

BOR: 4x5 165lbs....
Mil Press: 4x5 130lbs
Shrugs: 4x5 250lbs

Did pullups 4x8
And did 3x6 chinups

for carbs(started at midnight):
2 bagels with cream cheese(one blueberry the other cinnamon/raisin)
2 pb&j sandwiches with wheat bread
2 small circular waffles
a cup of plain oatmeal but i added strawberries and raisins
protein shake with milk(2x)
and 2 bananas with peanut butter :D

No carbs for another 2 weeks @.@
I'm not noticing anymore fatloss really... I'm gonna start treadmill HIIT instead of running at a constant pace for 30 min...

20 min hiit... i figure run for 1 min, walk 1 min til i get tired then slowly increase walk time. Too cold and too lazy to be running outside @.@
Then 10min on a cardio bike.

Hopefully this carb up will start it back up.

I can see my abs. From far away(looking into a mirror about 15' away) and straight on it looks nice. But if u get closer u see that theres still a layer of fat that goes down the middle dividing the left and right side of the abs. AND i still have that lower ab fat(nothing that looks bad). I still have that V shape thing though...
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flat: 245lbs

1x3 waited a minute and did 2 more
1x3( felt like i coulda did 1 more but it would've been failure)
waited a minute and did 2 more
1x2 waited 3 minutes and did 3 more
1x2 waited 3 minutes and did 3 more

BOR: 4x5 170lbs....
Mil Press: 4x5 135lbs
Shrugs: 4x5 255lbs

Did pullups 2x9 1x7 waited about 1 minute and did 2 more.

And did 3x6 chinups


Ok this Keto Diet is Kicking my ass:

I tried 250lbs on the bench yesterday and only got 1 rep... 2 days ago I was able to do 245 3 reps.

I've also started HIIT running on non-lifting days... and i only carb up every 2 weeks :\

I ended up dropping down to 225(which i can only do 4 reps now) and did 3 sets of that

BOR, Mil Press, and shrugs were done for 6 reps, 3 sets. Using the weight I used the first day when I started my 5 rep cycle...

I also did 3 sets of 9 pullups 3 sets of 6 chinups.

I feel extremly weak