Where'd you get your username?

Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by Bryan Haycock, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. Phynn_Boi

    Phynn_Boi New Member

    For a while me and my girlfriend (now wife) had a large collection of Betta fish. Males of the species are known for their large, vibrantly colored fins, so we took to calling them "fin boys." However, we say it kind of goofy-like, so it comes out more like "pheeyn bowies." My username is a further corruption of that.
  2. Calkid

    Calkid New Member

    omg, you're back! where have you been?!?
  3. chunky34

    chunky34 New Member

    I got myself when I was in my rookie season in a basketball practise. One vet told me I was pretty tough inside (Im a center) and he couldn't push me at all. So they call me chunky because of the ad of chunky's soup. I dont know if you saw this , since I live in quebec, but in the ad it said : Chunky's soup, 20% more beef. It is a strong argument.
    Now, when we are playing home, every body know how he's chunky ;)
  4. XRoader

    XRoader New Member

    Mine was a totally "on-the-spot" decision.
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  5. Bob Evans

    Bob Evans Member

    Bob Evans was the father of my college roommate. When I signed up for the forum 3 years ago I wanted an innocuous name. I was still a little skeptical of having my name on the internet. So what is an more innocuous than Bob Evans. The real Bob Evans is a proctologist in New Jersey. So that’s it. Nothing to do with sausages.

    aufweiderschreiben, Ford -- aka Bob
  6. robefc

    robefc New Member

    The first part is pretty obvious - the second part simply stands for everton football club

    Those of you from the US might not have heard of them (Liverpool's better and blue half, Paul McCartney's favourite team, where Wayne Rooney started, Joe Max Moore played there for a bit...ringing any bells?!) - and incidentally that would be soccer club to you guys!

    Those of you from the UK may just feel sorry for me! [​IMG]
  7. capitolcitykid

    capitolcitykid New Member

    I got my name from my pops who owned 2 gyms here in California. The name is Capitol City Health Club. Born and raised in a gym and dad was a bodybuilder 25 years ago...he was a monster...as you can guess also my idol [​IMG]
  8. Norman

    Norman New Member

    Øh, Im a nordmann. ;)
  9. corydallas

    corydallas New Member

    Who I am... and where I'm from
  10. it was given to me by an alocholic austrailian i used to work with..

    used to call me stevo the devo..

    asked him what a devo was
    "dunno,.......a devient i guess"
    that was it...the devient was conjured up
  11. noobie

    noobie New Member

    noobie. once a noobie, always a noobie :)
  12. Esperantistino

    Esperantistino New Member

    I speak Esperanto, the int'l language of peace & friendship.
    In Esperanto, someone who speaks the language is an "Esperantisto". Female version : Esperantistino.

    Don't know why I ignored the forum for such a long time..while I didn't post much here, I've kept devoted to HST style training with quite a lot of adaptations, but all the time it had HST-style as a core element.... 1st post since last one ages ago!
  13. dont know if people still read this thread but dyhp is a acronym for one of my favorite homer simpson quotes. "Don't you hate pants". I have used dontyouhatepants for ever now and I just recently graduated to the more mature dyhp :D
  14. McDee

    McDee New Member

    its a short version of me fine Irish last name [​IMG] , and has NOTHING to do with McDonalds. I hate McDonalds food, utter crap.
    vent over :)
  15. combat_action

    combat_action New Member

    Mine's obvious. Something I'm very proud of. I came back from combat in Iraq (with the Marine Corps, infantry, 0311) I weighed in at 170->loss of 25 pounds! Now after almost 2 years I'm set at 245 lbs. Muscle memory is a beautiful thing. I'm new to this training and anxious to start!
  16. silaren

    silaren New Member

    I made mine up years ago as a unique name to use on systems where all the usual names were taken. It has worked really well for that, with only one problem: I am told that, in Finnish (I think), it means "the heroin addict". I don't even like using legal drugs....
    (Also: it is partly from Tolkien's Elvish, which I suppose says something else about me.)
  17. chiefhog

    chiefhog New Member

    I've used my handle for years. I am from Arkansas (insert inbreeding joke here), so I am a BIG Razorback(aka Hog) fan. The Chief comes from my favorite NFL team, the KC Chiefs. And now you know, and knowing is half the balttle. YO JOE!
  18. Bryan Haycock

    Bryan Haycock Administrator Staff Member

    HAHA I love this thread! :D

    Welcome chiefhog! We're glad to have you regardless of how few branches there might be on your family tree. [​IMG] :D
  19. zoomz

    zoomz New Member

    Yes amusing thread. :) Mine if from a mazda commercial, I drive an MX6. ;)
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